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So it was a while back but I've only just managed to sort and upload all the photos I took at Starfury Ultimates.

Teasers : Official photograph of the guests with the exception of Hayley who had not arrived yet (They should have taken this in the morning when she was there! )
Just look at Nick & Iain!

Marvel Guest list: Hayley Atwell,Iain De Caestecker, Brett Dalton, Nick Blood, Enver Gjokaj & Bridget Regan   DC Guests: Matt Ryan, Paul Blackthorne, Manu Bennett, Drew Powell, Camren Bicondova & Robin Lord Taylor.

All the other photos are here

Although I dont' watch either Gotham or Arrow - I have to admit that's a pretty impressive line up for Sean's first Starfury Ultimates Convention. I hadn't attended any cons since 2013 as I really didn't see any new guests whose appearance compelled me to buy a ticket.  This time I missed Hayley's appearance announcment and ended up with a regular ticket, so the seating location in the hall was much further back than I was used to & missed the opportunity for a meet & greet. For some reason they decided to have round tables (a la parties) for the Q&A's which was very strange and meant we were all spread everywhere. I did allow some of us to creep in between tables to try to get closer for photographs.  Hayley was jet lagged so did not arrive until Saturday, but she signed, posed and did one group Q&A so we all got a chance to see her. I'd had the pleasure to meet Dichen & Enver before but all the others were very friendly and the atmosphere at this convention was fun.

There is no disguising the Norbreck as an extremely tatty hotel though. Stuck at the very end of the Queens  promenade (not actually Blackpool) there was no choice for other food outlets unless you trammed into Blackpool proper. I went to my 1st Con here in 2003 (but stayed elsewhere)  and I swear it was bad then and is even shabbier now with piles of rubble & litter in the carparks , sticky carpets and buckets in hall ways to catch the drips. It is a big location and probably cheap,  so I can see why the Con was back there again. Whilst I would normally stay somewhere nicer, the convenience of being in the same hotel as the Con is overwhelming.   God knows what the guests must have thought.  I hope the booze in the green room flowed freely in compensation.

Some excellent cosplay as you might expect, I need to know the collective noun for Peggy Carters.  Unfortunately I missed half of the Agent Carter Q&A with Hayley, so did not get the opportunity to sneak around taking closer photos as I did with the other Q&A's.  Brett, Iain & Nick were hilarious, kind of working the bro-mance angle. And Iain says he has asked for a holographic monkey to do research for him on the show.  Spent a shed load on photo ops - some of which I can even bear to look at for a change.  The new camera performed better than I did. These are taken with full 300mm zoom in very low light. I haven't mastered all the settings yet but the old camera would have never even focused in those conditions. This may account for why I took so many photos. Plus the guests are so photogenic.

Nick Blood was announced on the day before the Convention as B J Britt had work commitments, I managed to draw a portrait for him in a day, probably the fastest I have worked. No time to do one of Bridget as Dottie, although I started on Wednesday night but shelved it in favour of doing Regular cast. Everyone signed their portraits being extremely complimentary. Iain, whose autograph session was not too busy looked through the whole 'Marvel' folder at them all, whilst we chatted.

I will post the other portraits in a few days.
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