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 When the pc went kaput I transferred some art files to the laptop and started on some wallpapers - I think not being able to 'create' anything made me want to do it more than ever. 

So I bring you 3 Firefly Wallpapers - This time we have Jayne, Kaylee and Wash - I'll do River, Book, Simon next. Then perhaps new Mal, Zoe and Inara ones last.  Older Zoe and Inara walls are here if you're curious.  I think these have turned out quite nicely.

Cropped 1024   or 1280 or 1680 

Cropped 1024   or 1280  or 1680 

and finally Wash

1280 and 1680

Comments appreciated - resources as per my website here

Oh and happy Birthday to Adam Baldwin for the 27th February - a mighty fine 49! 
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Here's that awesome sketch by Georges Jeanty (S8 Artist)   from the Saturday. He uses a couple of A4 reference sheets covered in screencaps of the character in various facial positions/expressions. It was great just to watch him work away at the strokes getting the lines so right, brilliant opportunity although mostly you shut up and watch rather than ask questions so as not to break his concentration.

On Saturday I'd had photoshoots with Summer, Adam and Tom (I'd actually missed my previous chances to get a photo with Tom at earlier cons so I had to go for it this time)  All the guests looked great - hee! Denis the Menace jumper Tom, I've scanned the pics here.

It's always tough to get up early for photo shoots especially with parties and such.(I was being good and avoiding red wine all weekend in favour of vodka).   It get's tougher every con. Needless to say Zach, Dichen, Miracle and Felicia all looked bright and sparkly.
Sunday Morning Service ... ) Dollhouse ladies take the stage... )

Chuck V The Sandwich  )
You can't take the sky from me..... )

Parting is such sweet sorrow )

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Phew lots of photos to sort through.  And muddled brain to rack - acrazywench took shorthand notes of the Q&A 's but I tried to remember things from the Meet and Greet & autograph sessions.

Awesome group shot from Starfury - love the 'whodunnit ' montage. Especially Summer and Felicia's poses.  To see all the photos click on the Guests names to go to the page in the text under the cut.

Day One - Opening ceremony and the Meet and Greet  )

Day Two - Q&A's Q&A's and autograph sessions. )

ETA : All the photos are up you have to click through the links on the site

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I was going to start vidding tomorrow honest! - I've projects to do, but I've just seen the updated guest list at Collectormania signing at the end of September.

I knew about Adam Baldwin (I'm seeing him again at T1 Convention next April) but look who they've just announced:

Amber Benson (woo! I've met Amber briefly once so I really want to see her again)
Morena Baccarin
Jamie Bamber (now known as ' small but perfectly formed' after Serenity Complete)
Mercedes McNab (wootwoot! the only member of Angel 'regular' cast I haven't met so I've just got to see her - completist much?)

Hoping  [info]acrazywench   can be convinced to join me (Jamie Bamber ! - you know you want to...)


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So I'm back from the holiday across the pond.  TStorm Fay did just about everything she could to make us feel well at home with the torrential rain and high winds. Bit like being on a Cornish beach in August. We were lucky though much of Florida was flooded.  But on a serious note I see that Gustav is threatening New Orleans area and my thoughts are with all my flist that may be affected, I was freaked with all the news and tracking predictions for Fay so I cannot imagine how you must be all feeling with a Hurricane on it's way.

Big Damn Heroes. - I miss my shows.  Dr Horrible made me want to sing (eek!) Perhaps Dollhouse will make me want to sketch/paint more. Here's hoping.

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Well if you want to see some more pics of the awesome Adam Baldwin, the small but perfectly formed Jamie Bamber and all the other shiny guests  then you need go no further than to click here 

I'm hoping that[info]acrazywench  may have a little time to transcribe the teeline notes she took in the Q&A's at some juncture, to go with the pics (you're a star!)

  I know the wonderful[info]mara_sho  also made notes but who knows if she'll be corresponding with me other than telling me to frak off after posting this or this.  In mitigation copious quantities of vodka were consumed and to be fair I will also post this so she is not alone in her jedi-ness. 
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The eventual guest list was

From Firefly/Serenity
Adam Baldwin (jayne)
Ron Glass  (Book)
Richard Brooks (Jubal Early)
Mark Sheppard ( Badger Also BSG Romo Lampkin)
By Association
W Morgan Sheppard (Mark's talented Father )

From BSG
Kandyse McClure (Dee)
Nicky Cline (Callie)
Leah Cairns (Racetrack)
Michelle Forbes (Admiral Cain)
Jamie Bamber (Apollo)

Short notice cancellation from Alan Tudyk - but it sounds as if it was for work so, great for Alan.  This is the final Serenity/Firefly Convention for Starfury (in the UK - but no mention made of future LA events)

The incredibly awesome [ profile] acrazywench foolishly admitted that she did shorthand so there hopefully will be some transcripts at a later stage of the Q&A's and the ever lovely [ profile] mara_sho (jedi apprentice) took notes too so here's hoping.
So I've just flicked quickly through all the photos and have picked some for each Guest - First our BDH Adam Baldwin. 

Not  many silent moments in the Q&A's this time, so opportunities to get good shots without  the microphone in the way were few, but I think these aren't too bad. . 

More pictures this way... )
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So Book and Badger are done. I am quite pleased with Book, he looked so stern in the painting I did last time. Ron is not due to appear but I am being optimistic. Super optimism will hopefully give me time to do Gina before the weekend. I'd also like to do another Mal, just because he is so pretty.

Book )

Normally conventions are far better for meeting whedonverse actors than signings but Collectormania 10 is shaping up to be sooo exciting. I have just seen that Elisabeth Rohm has been announced, so I am doing the 'dance of joy'. Along with 'Kate' we will also have 'Holland' Sam Anderson, 'Tara' Amber Benson, 'Jayne' (woot) Adam Baldwin, 'Maggie Walsh' Lindsay Crouse, 'Patience' from Serenity- Firefly and finally 'Drusilla' Juliet Landau. I have only met Juliet so that is a great line up (cross fingers no cancellations).

And finally

My thoughts are with all the people who lost relatives and friends in 9/11. We won't forget.

New Vid

Nov. 6th, 2005 03:34 pm
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Just a bit of silliness - New Vid

15.4mB WMV - Jayne and his hat(s).  Any feedback appreciated as usual.


ETA : New link here where you can download or watch stream

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