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So it was a while back but I've only just managed to sort and upload all the photos I took at Starfury Ultimates.

Teasers : Official photograph of the guests with the exception of Hayley who had not arrived yet (They should have taken this in the morning when she was there! )
Just look at Nick & Iain!

Marvel Guest list: Hayley Atwell,Iain De Caestecker, Brett Dalton, Nick Blood, Enver Gjokaj & Bridget Regan   DC Guests: Matt Ryan, Paul Blackthorne, Manu Bennett, Drew Powell, Camren Bicondova & Robin Lord Taylor.

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Just got back after a long drive (oh A1 you are awful) from Blackpool.  First con in a while and it was good fun. Have so many photos to sort, it was the new camera so I'll see how it (and more importantly me) performed.

Will come back later with some photos and Con tales.
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So I actually booked for a Convention this year. Problem is, I left it too late following a big announcement which I failed to notice on twitter and had to go with regular ticket as all the Golds had gone.

I was enticed by Starfury's Ultimates in June.  Hayley Atwell and Enver Gjokaj were announced and I thought what the hell.  May be a bit of a punt to get Hayley's auto & photoshoot as she is only there two days but it will be a good opportunity for the new camera to show me what that zoom can do, and in low light as the lighting at those events isn't the kindest to photographers. Plus  I'll be a way back from the stage as a normal punter.  Brett Dalton, B J Britt, Bridget Regan  and Dichen Lachman from Agents of SHIELD/Carter are all booked to appear too. I've had the pleasure of meeting Enver & Dichen before but not the others. Starfury sometimes have surprise guests too so it would be cool if they were more Marvel ones.  Should be fun.

Oh and it's at the Norbreck in Blackpool. I went to my very first Convention (Which happened to be Starfury's End of Days for Angel the Series) there in 2003. Ah happy memories.

Now I need to break out the art materials to do some portraits for autographs.
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Hey, weren't those first two episodes spiffy? I'd forgotten just how talented Enver is, and how much I love the character of Peggy Carter. I think I am going to like this show,  a lot.

I spotted a fair few Brits in there which is always good. So I made a thing. I may no doubt make some icons too when I get some nice sharp caps.

It's a slightly revised version of my journal header

Sizes available     1280   1680    1920

And I just realized that I made two Thor :The Dark World Wallpapers which I never posted here so I will get those up very soon.
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1280    1680   1920

Lookie!  - It's been a while since I posted any art.

I can't wait to see how Ward's story pans out in Season Two.  I will most likely make some more over the next month or so ... Deathlok, Raina et al.  Also Agent Carter really deserves some art, but mine will have to do.
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So it took about a week to recover from Captain America : The Winter Soldier - and I really thought seeing 1.17 Agents of *mumble* would help answer questions, but dammit all those churning thoughts and theories are back and the show has really got to me - like the old days of the whedonverse.  Pain and betrayal.

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OMG show. What are you trying to do to me? I was all angsty after Capt America : The Winter Soldier, now I'm just all nervous and stuff.

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This was the last regular character wallpaper to make - it took me a fair while to actually get around to it, and then I forget to post it here.   Click thumbnail for the 1280 resolution wall



Also as I am so out of touch with this sort of thing and tablet etc what size/ format wallpapers should I be looking to make these days. The ones I do are for wide screen pc etc but I just don't consider laptops and tablets.
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So that latest episode was pretty epic.

I am just loving the whole team right now, but my goodness how awesome and seriously badass is Melinda May?  Another wait before the next episode though. How do they maintain viewing figures with this constant interruption.
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So according to Channel 4's twitter - their Gods of Scheduling (I suspect they are Asgardian and actually Gods of Mischief) have not yet decided on a slot for Marvel's  Agents of SHIELD's return in 2014.

And they wonder why ratings get hit.  Call me jumpy, but I haven't forgotten what a hatchet job they did back in the day on Angel the Series.

We're on a bloody cliffhanger dammit!
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Which TV show did you start watching in 2013?
Breaking Bad, Agents of Shield, Sleepy Hollow, Doctor Who, Orphan Black

Which TV show did you let go of in 2013?
Once Upon a Time & Orphan Black

TV shows which ended anyway which meant their mixed quality last seasons didn't make me drop them:
Can you repeat the question?

Which TV show did you mean to get into but didn't in 2013? Why?
Availability issues with Breaking Bad meant I only got as far as S2 Ep2 but what we've seen so far will probably mean adding it to the rental list rather than scrapping for D/loads. I mean it's gripping and it's like watching a train wreck but you can't help yourself.

Which TV show do you intend to check out in 2014?
Sherlock and Doctor Who.  There may be some others. I try hard to watch broadcast stuff these days rather than d/loads.

Which TV show impressed you least in 2013?
Once Upon  A Time - Admittedly I only saw a couple in S3 and couldn't be arsed to d/load the new eps. There is even a possibility we won't get it on Terrestrial in the UK anyway now that C5 has dropped it from it's schedule.  I appreciated the acting in Orphan Black but I couldn't give a damn about the characters so that one went south very quickly.

Which TV show did you enjoy the most in 2013?
Clearly Agents of SHIELD - for pure entertainment value and some potentially awesome characters. Usually there's one character in a new show that I could easily bear to see 'offed' but not this group. I'm actually loving them all for their funny quirky ways. I get pissed at all the bleating around the show and the 'disappointment' from a vocal section of the Whedon fans. I really don't know what they were expecting with a Marvel/Whedonesque show aimed at family viewing but what we're getting is just fine by me. 
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New icons - Just Coulson, May, Ward and Skye.  I'll do some Fitz/Simmons soon. My icon making is really rusty and I feel a bit meh about some of these. Feel free to snag if you like.

wardtorch may1 may2

wardtorch may3 may4

skye1 skye3 skye4

ward2 coulson4 coulson1
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- Bold all of the following TV shows of which you've seen 3 or more episodes.
- Italicize a show if you're positive you've seen every episode.
- Asterisk * if you have at least one full season on tape or DVD
- If you want, add up to 3 additional shows (keep the list in alphabetical order).

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1280 1680 or 1920

Credit screencaps from

So we've had 3 episodes of A.o.S in the UK now.  I've seen a bit of criticism and praise too, but I am loving the show. It's not 100% whedonesque but I never expected that. This is primarily a Marvel show and is aimed at family audience. As such I'm finding that it's a lot of fun and highly entertaining.   Not everything has to be/ or should be dark/deep/disturbing. I have a whole list of shows that already fill that quota and this makes a refreshing change.

We all watch it together on Friday night and it's a good reason to make a huge bowl of popcorn and have a glass or three to celebrate the start of the weekend. It's a great way to do that. Ellie thinks Melinda May is beyond awesome too.

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So Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D hits the UK airwaves tonight and I am so excited.

I love the idea of having a new  Whedonverse show to relax and watch on a Friday night - like heralding the beginning of the weekend. I've done my prep by watching all the MCU films (Hulk excluded) beginning with Iron Man right through to IM3 on Wednesday. Not that I need much of an excuse to watch them you understand.  I've also made a few character based wallpapers (they're not that exciting) for AoS which unbelievably I haven't posted here yet.  I've still got to do ones for Fitz & Simmons but I am hoping to get more to work with once I've seen the pilot.


1280 1680 and 1920

1280 1680 and 1920

1280   1680 and 1920


1280   1680 and 1920

And once the screencap machine gets going I'll do some icons.

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