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Not sure if there is much call for these anymore but I made some anyway & just forgot to post here on LJ .  Help yourself etc

More under the cut.More icons this way )
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Title: Golden Boy
Fandom: Thor, Avengers & Thor: The Dark World (MCU)
Music: Golden Boy by Natalie Merchant
Length: 4:04 mins
Description:  Thor & their relationship as seen through the eyes of his 'brother' Loki. I know my place, Stick to my lines, Stay in your shadow, Don't block your light
Edited October 2014
Downloads Tiny WMV 14.7mB     Med AVI 98mB      mp4 119mB    HQ AVI 164mB

Embed of stream and brief notes under the cut So you can shine, Divine )
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Title Counting Stars
Fandom: Avengers & Iron Man trilogy (MCU)
Music: Counting Stars by One Republic
Length: 4:25 mins
Description Tony, like the Mk 42 is falling apart. Pepper is the one thing he can't live without. Pepper/Tony vid Song performed by One Republic
Edited June 2014
Downloads Tiny WMV     Med AVI 82mB      mp4 166mB    HQ AVI 169mB

Embed of stream and brief notes under the cutHouse party protocol this way )
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I couldn't get online on Friday and Saturday as I had events and most of my family taking over the whole place for a Mexican- Chilli/taco night  (and the whole place I mean only the Kitchen and the bathroom did not have anyone sleeping in them overnight).

After they had all eaten their way through a zillion pancakes on Sunday morning they departed (bless 'em) and I was left to catch up on Panels and stuff going down over at SDCC.

BLOODY HELL. So this happened in Hall H  Talk about an entrance.


This isn't the full speech but it's easy to find more vids on Youtube.

In summary - I'm going to have to medicate heavily for the Coriolanus gig because, boy does the dude love the stage (and it loves him right back too)

I also had a groovy time watching Nathan and Alan at a NerdHQ conversation and there's tons more to enjoy over the next few days.
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Black Widow 'Monsters and Magic'

1024 cropped       1280    1680    1920  

Resource credits as per my site here

And a tutorial rec here - I'm going definitely have a crack at the wonderful tutorial  [ profile] whiskyinmind posted earlier. Looks brilliant.

Iron Man 3

May. 2nd, 2013 10:01 am
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Mrs spamalot posting today.  Just a quick WOOT!! to say Iron Man 3 kicked all kinds of butt. Seriously epic. Awesome, funny, mind blowing. Saw it last Saturday and I'm taking myself to see it again in 2D this afternoon.

I will add that I only saw the very first trailer for it ages ago and didn't watch the others with serious spoiler avoidance - so glad that I did. Everything was new and a pleasant/unpleasant surprise. Handful of the audience stayed for a really great post credit scene.

Going to try really hard to do the same with Thor : The Dark World.  I don't even want to be misdirected by these things.

Iron Man 3

Mar. 19th, 2013 05:40 pm
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I'm feeling a bit pleased with myself about avoiding all but the first Iron Man 3 trailers.  That one was enough to scare me crapless,  so I thought it may be best.   I've booked the cinema for the following Saturday of the release here in the UK - and they've just announced the UK Premiere for the 17th April. I figure that if I was 20 years younger I'd haul my butt down to scream at RDJ Tony Stark when he turns up for it.  Wonder if they'll invite Tom?   Also Thor 2 trailer will show with the film, will we get our first glimpse of Loki?

In other news I need to update the LJ layout - it's wintry and although we did have snow this week, perhaps if I change it we may get a taste of spring.
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I know that many people hate this festival day, but I thank my lucky stars that some bloke at work gave me a card 23 years ago, life changing I tell you.

I made some shippy cards - I still feel very rusty in the photoshop department but it'll only improve if I practice!

Thumbnail teasers and click links for full sizes
Full size front and inside cover

Full size front and inside cover

inaramalval2th inaramalval1th
Full size front and inside cover

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It's been a while since I made any new art. I'm very rusty so bear with me.

Thor - Odinson of Asgard

Click on the thumbnail to see 1280 resolution   -  links here to 1620  and 1920 . You may notice I used pictures from the 'hooble' telescope as part of the background, heh.

And a handful of icons to go with


I'd like to tackle all the Avengers cast including S.H.I.E.L.D members in anticipation for Iron Man 3. I have deliberately avoided the latest Iron Man trailer. I'd rather not know until I'm watching the film thanks.
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Fandom: Avengers (2012)
Title : Feeling Good
Length: 3mins15sec
Music: Feeling Good performed by Muse
Description. Loki of Asgard burdened with glorious purpose to cause mischief, mayhem and murder, as he attempts  to conquer Midgard. 'It's a new dawn, It's a new day, It's a new life, for me'  And you know, he's feeling good.
Download : Tiny WMV 12mB   LQ AVI 72mB   Medium AVI 98mB  HQ AVI 166mB 
Embedded under the cut. I will put up another stream tomorrow.

Embed  )
Vidders Notes: The Stuttgart scene was the trigger for this song. Once I'd mentally overlaid that part of the story with this soundtrack it was inevitable that a vid would appear. It may have happened much sooner if not for the recent tech and system issues. Loki is entirely a different 'god' than the one that fell into the Abyss. Like Joss mentions on the commentary ''he's come out the other side' and  this is who we have. Just look how happy he is to be in Midgard causing mayhem, well up to a point.  The song was written by Anthony Newley and Leslie Bricusse for the 1965 Musical 'The Roar of the Greasepaint, The Smell of The Crowd' and seeing as Tony Stark describes Loki as Diva I think this musical number is pretty appropriate.  Also shortlisted for a Loki vid was 'Razzle Dazzle' from Chicago, I doubt I'll do that one though. 

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Seeing as I'm not vidding, at least I could post my latest sketch.  This took far longer than I expected - I guess I didn't factor in that armour and all the details. I'm pleased with the outcome. Next one of Tom (and I may do someone else in between) will most likely be Hal or Henry V.

Full size image here
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I've spent the entire day doing laundry in the wake of the holiday.  The kittehs were pleased to see us and there was little destruction which was a pleasant surprise.

We had a fab time. A little rain on one day in Paris (not cool when it's an open top bus) but a dry hot spell in Tuscany which involved much holding down of sun loungers around the pool.  I listened to part of an audio book read by you-know-who and loved every minute of it (like having your brain carressed by a velvet glove- damn he has a mighty fine voice).  Couldn't really keep up internet wise as the connection was too slow to tumbl

We caught some of the Olympic and tried to watch the closing ceremony with a very enthusiastic Italian commentary. I'm hoping to either iplayer some of it or get links somewhere. We did rather well.   Anyhoo whilst we were away Avengers 2 news was announced, and whilst I am pleased beyond measure about the Joss Marvel deal,  part of me now fears the demise of any of my favourite characters.  Fandom wise I'm in a real slump. I have art to do for a Con in about 4 weeks and a new Loki sketch that I want to finish. I also desperately want to start vidding but don't feel right. I actually started a vid back in July and stopped it after 10 seconds which is a first for me. Not sure I even want to continue with that project just yet, I feel distracted right now and can't see it changing any time soon which makes me a little sad.
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Icons from Avengers and Thor - I haven't done Iron Man/Tony, Agent Phil or Maria Hill yet but will do those in the next batch along with more Cap & Thor.

Teasers :

The rest here  )
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Ok so I've had a yen to sketch Tom as Loki since the Avengers.

Then when it came down to it I picked a screencap from Thor for my first attempt  - I will more than likely do others and hopefully nail the likeness. His face really has a fantastic quality that I'd love to capture, and it was pleasure to do this one.  

Bigger here

I have some other things I need to do  - and then I think I'll make a new lj layout and some Avenger icons. Hurry up Avengers DVD release I wanna get my hands on shiny caps and source for other things.
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I saw 'Avengers (Assemble) last night. Just in 2D with the family.

The cinema was packed and the audience well behaved - laughing at appropriate moments and gasps at all those  'other' times.  All I can say is I want to see it again very soon - but this time I may chance the two pair glasses for 3D. 

My heart wasn't crushed and re-inflated like with Serenity (we had so much riding on that film ) and that will always have a very special place there,  but damn Avengers was awesome.  Now I can go read all those reviews that I have avoided.
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So... finally got to see it last night as Mum was here teensitting.

brief thoughts  )

Booked Avengers for Tuesday evening - taking Ellie and Mum - We watched Iron Man last night as part of the Avengers  'prep'  with Mum - I tell you it was a pure delight to see her perched on the edge of the sofa occasionally shouting instructions to the TV :) 
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So Team Angel took the Apocalypse over at[ profile] whedonland . This was my first experiencec of a land community and hopefully next time round I won't have so many dumb questions... Hopefully.   I did good though lookee at the pretties :)

And I was 5th overall across the teams :D   If only I could write then I might do better.

Would dearly love to see 'Cabin in The Woods' this weekend. Anyone fancy babyteensitting ?  I daren't leave it too long or I'll be spoilt something rotten. I've steadfastly avoided all the trailers and anything spoilerish. Shopping in town yesterday with Ellie she kept nudging me everytime  a double decker bus slid by with a massive CiTW advert on it. And there were loads of them.   I've been stuffing fingers in my ears and lalalaing during the TV spots too.

As for Avengers I watched the Joss interview and the  Cast assembling on stage at the Premiere, but not all the interviews - there seems to be so many promo's clips and trailers that the whole damn film will be released before it's released.  I have a feeling my mother is going to be staying with us around release time so she'll just have to come along too - She loved Firefly, Buffy and Angel so I think she'll enjoy a good Superhero romp.
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So I currently have two more ways to suck huge chunks of time out of my day.

Mark the reviewer  'Mark Watches' (currently reviewing BtVS S4 & just starting on AtS S1) and now  'Mark Reads' - A Song of Ice and Fire(I'll probably go onto his other book reviews for those I have read myself)

I love Mark's capslock enthusiam for the show  and general flailing, he'd not seen any of it before now,  so it is wonderful reading the predictions and his reactions to those 'huge' moments. Sometimes he has great love for overlooked episodes and it makes me reassess my own opinion of them. It's a little like discovering the slayerverse  all over again and I never fail to want to rewatch the episode he has just reviewed.   Can't  wait to see what he makes of AtS.  Then I spotted he also wrote book reviews, I am now reading those. 

The other time -suck is Tumblr.  There are some insanely pretty Avengers art/gifs being posted I find totally irresistable, plus a few hilarious banners. One this morning had us both rolling around the office in hysterics almost forgetting to breathe. Plus cat gifs.  I don't feel very creative on tumblr though, just part of a huge machine that clicks and reblogs everyone else's pretty.  I have put up select pieces of original art and the odd con photo every now and then.

I guess it's something to do while I rip source and wait for Book Five of ASOIAF to turn up.
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Fandom: Iron Man i & II
Title: Everybody Loves Me
Length: 3:41mins
Music: Everybody Loves Me by One Republic
Lyrics : Here
Description: Action oriented character study of Tony Stark, his alter-ego Iron Man and his ego.
Download: Tiny WMV 13mB      Med AVI 81mB      HQ AVI 183mB
Streaming: Under the cut

embed this way  )

Vidder Notes: I really  enjoy watching Super Hero/Comic hero films. Most of them anyway, except Green Lantern that was just awful.  I guess I'd say my favourite would be Tony Snark Stark/ Iron Man, because Robert Downey Jnr is just brilliant.  Then the Thor film with Loki & Thor and all the others bringing up the rear (!)   And pretty soon I shall be able to include the entire Avengers as part of the Whedonverse when they assemble in May (YAY!)  And then they start shooting Iron Man 3.  This is supposed to be a bit of fun, and some cool action too, to a song that I love and still enjoy hearing.  I had felt a little uninspired in January to do anything and this seems to have got me back into the vidding swing.  Hope you all enjoy it.

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