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to the lovely and talented [ profile] rua1412    and [ profile] nausicaa81

Hope you both have a wonderful day.

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[ profile] whiskyinmind   Happy Birthday hon. Hope you have a lovely day and sending you *hugs*

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Just to say I wish [ profile] charmax the happiest time for her birthday.  This year you get to celebrate on the actual day.

I wish you cakes, kittens and all kinds of sweet things. Hugs to you


Best Wishes

Mar. 1st, 2011 11:19 am
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to the talented, lovely [ profile] charmax 

I don't know whether you celebrate today or did yesterday.  Whichever I hope your day is wonderful.

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 Happy Birthday to two lovely people on my flist [ profile] winterevanesce  birthday today and [ profile] raspberry_splat  tomorrow.

I hope you both have wonderful celebrations and lots of cake! 
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I'm rendering the first Minute of my latest project and I just had to come here and post this...

Happy Birthday to  the wonderful &  gifted  [ profile] messyjessie58   

Congratulations also on the Graduation!!    Doing my Professor Trewlaney stuff,  I've read your tea leaves and I see you going on to do great things in the future. I shall name drop you shamelessly, of course.   Have a lovely day .
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Happy Birthday to the lovely, talented [ profile] leviathan101 .

Hope you have a cool Birthday *hugs* 

*goes back to the artwork*
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I was going to make a long post with updates on RL and just how fast it's been whizzing past my ears but alas,  I haven't had time. 

But I must just stop here now whilst dinner burns and say very very best wishes to one of the nicest, most talented people I know in fandom [ profile] charmax .   You always tend to loose out due to the leap year thing but I hope you have a splendid Birthday. I wish you the very best plus bit more on top.

Card is in the post,  instead of with you already so sorry for that.

Also hugs to another sweetie for the lovely virtual gift of balloons. thanks [ profile] rua1412   *hugs*
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It's a day late and I must have been posting with my eyes closed yesterday...  

Hope you had a lovely day [ profile] jagwriter78 

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My dear friend [ profile] mara_sho    - Hope you had a good day honey, the card is on it's way (or there already)  and here's to a better New Year too.

*big hugs*

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Lots of best wishes to wonderful [ profile] rua1412

And look it's also a birthday for [ profile] nausicaa81

Hope you both have a great day.

Also my clever flist when is More Joy Day in 2010?? Enquiring minds want to know :)
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Wading knee deep through timelines, judging, artwork, school selection and general real life I haven't had a chance to post lately.  This is just to pick up a couple of Birthdays that can't go uncelebrated

Hope [ profile] winterevanesce and [profile] raspberry_splat    both had lovely days.  Two lovely talented people, I wish you both much happiness.  

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Happy birthday to the ever so amiable & talented  [ profile] bradcpu    - I hope you have lots of cake and balloons.  

Earlier this month I missed [ profile] rhoboat  & [ profile] millylicious  birthdays so I hope you two had wonderful days too.

I've been busy vidding. I'll be posting something soon.

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I hope that [ profile] messyjessie58   has a wonderful Birthday.     Have a lovely day my dear :) 
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I've just got back from a day out at Fountains Abbey - hmmm I may bore you with photos later....   but I just wanted to wish the supremely talented and lovely [ profile] leviathan101    a very happy birthday.

I wish you many more and I hope you have a great day.

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Hope you had a lovely Birthday [ profile] fresleyforever

And that you're not too hung over today :)
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I turned around and the whole month has virtually passed. Bloody hell.

I have so much to do, art to sketch, vid(s) to make, emails & messages to answer, memes to post, US TV shows to watch (seriously I've only seen SPN4.01 ) the rest is all waiting to be viewed.

But I just got to stop by and say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [ profile] bananainpyjamas Hope you take the time to enjoy your day!!
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Well I did intend to take the weekend 'offline' for my birthday and catch up on Monday but at lunchtime yesterday the interwebs broke and we were left with nothing - just a random ping & time out message and three companies all pointing the finger at each other when it came to fixing the effing problem.

That was a long and unbearable 24hours without internet. Not nice. Anyway down to more pleasurable business.

A huge thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes/emails from my flist for my birthday. To [ profile] charmax and [ profile] leviathan101 for their virtual lj gifts - I put on my party hat and drank my pint! To [ profile] rua1412 for the lovely card and wonderful DrHorrible Banners.

To [ profile] acrazywench for visiting Friday night with a Fillion fix of 'Waitress'in hand and for my lovely DVD gift. It was great to catch up and watch Act III of DHSAB with you Saturday morning and cheer together at the sound of the Grrr Arrghhh. I have a CD for you btw.

My community flist is awash with DHSAB - It's been too long since any new Joss productions. Ellie now can sing 'Freezeray' off by heart and J wants to know when the next episode is on, so get on with that will you JW? I've barely scanned lj so I am behind with this and email responses. I will get answers to you all soon.

thanks once again everyone. I felt loved! (and seriously overweight after the chinese meal on Saturday)
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So a collection of random things in this post - no, acutally there is a tentative link just bear with me.   

Firsty  sorry I missed your birthday last week [ profile] millylicious    hope you had a good day, and all the best to [ profile] bradcpu   today who is celebrating his birthday.  Wishing you lots of cake etc...

*Points to new layout *    See Dr Horrible/Captain Hammer layout.  Check out the streamed episodes here on the 15th, 17th & 19th this month and support the actors/crew etc by buying the download later(plus I hear DVD & T Shirts) . It's a musical comedy web-based show created by the Whedon siblings ( and fiancee )   Nathan Fillion will be singing  which is going to be awesome plus, it by Joss and OMWF rocked so I'm confident.   

Talking of birthdays and musicals - we did something rather rash/expensive  this year to celebrate mine - Royal Opera House Covent Garden, grand tier box, dinner at the Opera restaurant, Le Nozze di Figaro, 5 star production. 

Well it was meant to be on my birthday but the dates got mixed up and we went last Saturday.   I adore Mozart, particularly this Opera which I listen to frequently. I've seen it before but not by a premiere company so I was super excited and it totally exceeded expectations.  I loved their production,  the farcical comedy raised laughter from the audience which was wonderful(& surprising) to hear and the last act got me all teary.   Sublime, truly.    I think this sets a  precendent  so it's possible that will happen next season.    Now what's on at the proms........


Jun. 21st, 2008 09:31 pm
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I am such a slouch.   [profile] messyjessie58 I missed your birthday - Hope you had a great one, you are one of the most intelligent and talented people I know. You rock.

Also on time I hope - Happy Birthday to [profile] ck2110  have a great one!

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