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Title: Boogey Man
Fandom: Angel the Series (All 5 Seasons)
Music: I'm your Boogie Man - White Zombie
Length: 4:30 mins
Description:  Angel Investigations face their demons. A look at all the 'monsters' over the whole show. He's gonna get ya... Happy Halloween
Edited October 2014
Downloads Tiny WMV 16.7mB     Med AVI 108mB      Med mp4 69mB HQ AVI 205mB     HQ MP4 133mB
Embed and notes under the cut
I'm your Boogey Man )
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I did this one last Autumn for the Hallowhedon 3 Convention.

A bit bigger here 

Talking of conventions - I've only got the one booked so far this year.  I'm going to Invasion 2 because *crosses fingers* Eliza will turn up for that one. There's a  fair few BSG/Caprica other SciFi guests along with Morena Baccarin and Felicia Day but it's not really heavy on the whedonverse front. 

The 3rd Vampire Ball has a repeat of last years True Blood guests (ok but I've met them already) and now James Marsters & Juliet Landau. Whilst I love James & Juliet I'm not sure I really want to go yet. So holding off booking that.  The only guest I want to meet for Hallowhedon 4 is Kristine Sutherland - their guests have been thin on the ground so IDK and I really don't like the way they run their cons - overstretched I think.   I've met Sean Maher a few times and Nick Brendon at least four times now, so unless they come up with a rare guest then I'll probably skip that one too.   
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The Usual Suspects - Phina Oruche was only there Sunday so she is not in the group shot.

Finally typed up the brief notes from Saturday's Q&A (I didn't bother for Sunday) and tweeked the photos.

Here are a couple of teaser photos.

Charisma (really that pose is  so Cordy)  and Amber

Adam and Tony.

All the photos are on my website  - you'll find links in each Q& A text.

Bit of an disappointing preamble to this event. Over extended organizers had not announced any new guests since February after Amber, Adam and Charisma were on board. Sean Maher was confirmed as late as 7th October and then by 27th he had cancelled.  Late replacements were the awesome Anthony Head (but just one day) and Phina Oruche on the Sunday only too.  Considering a year in the making this was a very light guest list and didn't hold up to promises made at the earlier two events. But that's not to distract from the guests who were there, because they were great - I just felt we should have had a couple more at least. I cannot understand how those who had paid at least £895 for the VIP pass ever felt that they had value for money.

Radisson Edwardian Hotel in Heathrow is far more upmarket than the usual venue - The Thistle,  however the main Hall is far narrower making the rows smaller and the views more restricted/distant even when you had low number Gold tickets like myself. I think the Renaissance across the road had better rooms for the events.

 For some strange reason Massive Events had decided to put intense stage lights straight onto the guests and drop the rest of the hall in darkness. No-one could see the audience and in the Q&A's who was actually asking the questions despite many comments from the guests especially Charisma that the lights were awful and needed to be lowered. Reference to gestapo and torture were also made, but to no real effect. If you seen some pained expressions in the photos some of that is as result of the lighting.

Held up in traffic on the M4,  Tony was not part of the 'Opening Ceremony' and we just had Amber and Charisma so that was very low key. Personally I would have hoped they would have held on until Tony arrived and just start late. Other organizers have done this to no real impact on the rest of the evening.  The meet and greet was a washout and the worst at Hallowhedon to date.  Held in the pretentious and pretty useless Atrium in the Radission (a series of illuminated bridges and large decorative pools which take all the space) large groups of ticket holders huddled round tiny glass tables and struggled to hear/see the guests for the very brief time they spent trying to talk to us. Just two guests mind you so there needed to be plenty of free wine which thankful, there was so I spent most of that evening drowning the disappointment. Apparently Tony arrived just after the Meet and Greet was declared over. I don't know why they just don't sit the attendees around proper tables in well lit rooms so we can all at least get to know each other before the guests get to the table.

Charisma Q & A Here  Gorgeous Charisma gets younger not older )
Tony Heads Q & A hereMuch Ado about Nothing?  )
Amber Benson Q & AIs there anything Amber can't do?  )
Adam Busch Q & AWould have been great to have Common Rotation play at the event... )

Group Q & A photos here
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I've been back about an hour now from Hallowhedon Convention. Fun weekend but a little more low key and well behaved than some events. Still I had a good time - got to meet with some whedonverse actors I'd not previously seen.

 Asked ASH about the Shakespeare play and what happened re casting. Marvelled at just how much  Charisma Carpenter actually *is* Cordelia and how much Adam Busch *isn't* Warren. Phina was hilarious and  Amber was very sweet too :)   Full report and photos follows when I've finished carving pumpkins.  Happy Halloween everyone and don't eat too much candy.
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Fruit Punch anyone?

Ok so this was for the Vampire Ball signing. Mark was very sweet about the sketch - I thought I'd post this to get everyone in the mood for Halloween which is fast aproaching. 

I've just started on a new Cordelia 'You're Welcome' sketch for next weeks Convention Hallowhedon 3,  where Charisma is scheduled to appear.   I've have a trio montage featuring  Adam Busch - Warren from 6 years ago awaitng the completion of the  signatures, and as I've already have a couple of Amber Benson and Sean Maher signed art pieces,  it's the watcher's guides for them.  Unless I change my mind and suddenly have lots of time to kill before then (unlikely).
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I would have loved to post a halloween vidlet this year after failing last - but alas as before, still no time, no time.  I did put together a couple of new wallpapers.  I glanced through the caps for 'All The Way' but nothing leapt out at me so I haven't done one for that episode.  

Available in  1024    1280     1680

and this one in 1280   and 1680

And last years wallpapers ,icons etc are here 

Have a great Halloween weekend, and remember  "There is no problem that can not be solved with chocolate" 
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I would have loved to have a new Halloween vid/vidlet to post this season but I didn't even attempt to do one (no time,no time)  So here's some pretties  or uglies ;)  instead.     3 Walls and some icons.  I nearly finished the sketch of  Harry Groener (Mayor Wilkins III) for the Hallowhedon Convention and then I find out he has cancelled :(      The line up at the moment is James Marsters, Nic Brendon, James Leary, Mercedes McNab and Mark Lutz.  I've met everybody previously but that's still an entertaining weekend ahead methinks.  

And what about DollhouseS2.04 ??  Damn,  that was great.  And to quote someone from whedonesque discussion  thread I would have liked to see Kennard killed more.  No more new DH until December and then it's double episodes - omg alliteration broadcasting  'its a double Dollhouse December'  I'm toying with the idea of making character/genre vidlets of the show as teasers over November and posting them just about everywhere.  

Teaser Icon & Wallpaper Thumbnail

      More this way... )
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Made for the lj comm [ profile] a_decade_of_ats to celebrate the airing of the first episode.

Title: 'Somewhere Else To Be'
Music by Vast
Length: 3.13ish
Description: Season One overview. Is there somewhere else to be?
Download Links small WMV 11mB , med AVI 45mB & HQ AVI 77mB  and I've embedded a Youtube link under the cut which will hopefully will last until it's zapped. The download is best though.
Embed here )
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Fandom: Angel the Series
Title: 'Viva Las Vegas'
Music ' Viva Las Vegas'  - Elvis Presley
Rating: G
Small 11mB WMV Zipped   or  Medium 29mB WMV Zipped  Go here  and streamed soon....
Description:  Episodic of 'The House Always Wins'   - This was the first ever vid I made back in August '04 - hence the blindingly obvious song choice and some very literal lyric/clip matches.  But I loved the song and the episode, so I promised myself that I would look at it again and tweak it a bit.

Read more... )
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Mixing with the beautiful people at Collectormania this weekend.

Look how gorgeous Charisma is - and very sweet too.

More here at my site if you are curious.
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Well hello LJ it's been a while that I have posted anything other than to pimp out AvA or new awards. 

I so wanted to do my top five Vid meme. I may still do it - like 3 months after everyone else.

Juggling with work and hobbies - so far I am still managing to get things done but in stages rather than getting stuck in.  Off to Milton Keynes this Saturday for Collectormania 11 - Some good whedonverse guests (not too many) like James Marsters, Tony Head, George Hertzberg and Charisma Carpenter!   Charisma is the final cast member of Angel I have yet to meet so cross everything that she doesn't cancel. I've booked photoshoots with Charisma, JM & TH so if they show I will get a chance to say hi!!  I will also try and get Charisma to sign this sketch. (The scanner blasts all the detail and colour from the original - Mustek scanner is  really  a piece of A3 sized crapola. I've tried to play with selective colour to return it to original state...)

Also taking tall man to take lots of photos for the site, and a small cheeky blonde girl to sweet talk even the most  miserable guests. .

Also Terry Jones from Monty P will be there and EB from Deadwood so I may check them out too. See if EB's palms are as sweaty as Al says :)

Next sketch will very likely be the Sweet Charity one for Talula (I haven't forgotten) - Artwork during daylight - vidding  at night.

 Have started a silly project using an 80's song. A tragic love triangle that requires comedic touch. If anyone knows how to do mask overlays in adobe prem  (I can't even find what they are called)  then a kick /nudge in the right direction is appreciated.   
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Being less than three minutes long you wouldn't have thought I would have struggled so much with this one - I guess my head just wasn't in the game. Anyway it is done

Light, fluffy vid that you can watch in between epic thoughtful  ones without ruining your appetite !  So if you like the Cordy / Angel ship then have a look send me thoughts/con critique or feedback.  I haven't put it on site yet so I thought I would try yousendit for a change.

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