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Title: Must Be Santa
Fandom: Bad Santa (2003)
Music: Must Be Santa performed by Bob Dylan
Length: 2:50mins
Description:  Meet Willie, the drunken, safe cracking Department Store Santa.    Warning for some adult content and poor taste . spoilers for the film.
Edited December 2014
Downloads Med AVI 94mB
HQ AVI 163mB
MP4 83mB

Embed and notes under the cutWho comes round on Special Night? )
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Yes, that's how I cope with Christmas and the holiday season. A daily drizzle of brandy. No actually mine would be a nip of Glenfiddich 18yr old single Malt. And before I get jumped on by the Single Malt snobs... I hate the Islay ones, just too peaty for me, so no apologies here for my choice.

The cake has just gone into the oven - I'll be able to look at it in 4 hours to see how it's going. Then we'll tackle mincemeat and Christmas puddings probably next week.

And this boozy segway leads into a message for  [ profile] whiskyinmind to say the AvA nominee disc is en route to you hon. I'll begin my judging this weekend. I hope to have awards posted before the Christmas break.  It's probably our smallest round yet, I think enthusiasm for Vidding Contests has definitely waned. 

If anyone would like a Christmas/Holiday card from me this year please leave a comment which are screened - I have only old addresses for a few of you on my flist so I will no doubt be sending you messages.

*note to self- update theme*
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Fandom : The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (2005), Edward Scissorhands (1990)
Harry Potter (2,3,4, 5 & 6) Legend (1985), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) , Red Riding Hood (2011)
The Lord of the Rings:The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) The Golden Compass (2007)
Title : Snow
Length 5:52 mins
Music: Waltz of the Snowflakes from The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky
Description : Oh! the snow, the beautiful snow, Filling the sky and earth below. -  Thomas J Watson. Take a trip to the enchanted Land of Snow -  find adventure with swords and sorcery, fairy tales, magic and fantastical beasts. Multifandom film vid.
Download : Tiny WMV 21mB      Med AVI 96.8mB   HQ AVI 181mB    Embed under the cut.

streaming under here )
Vidder Notes - Self indulgent? most definitely. I wanted to make a snowy vid - and here it is.  I love the Nutcracker ballet but as this piece isn't in the shorter 'suite' it tends to get overlooked. 
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To all my friends and flist I'd like to say Merry Christmas (Or other seasonal holiday) and a Happy New Year. 

What ever you celebrate I hope you have a wonderful time.
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in sizes 1280 and 1680

cropped  or 1280  or 1680

I'll be making some more walls, banners and icons very soon :)
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Fandom : Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows Pt 1)
Title : 'Silent Night, Broken Night'
Music :  'Silent Night, Broken Night' Performed by Lisa Hannigan
Description:  It's Christmas Eve, Harry and Hermione remember absent friends and family.
Warnings: None
Length : 2.19mins
Download : Tiny WMv 7.6mB, Small AVI 45mB , HQ AVI 61mB   (files zipped)  Embedded under cut.
Embed  )

Vidders Notes - Another vidlet in my seasonal series. I have a few more ideas left, we'll just have to see if I have the time. That said though I've enjoyed making the two so far, even if their tone is very melancholy. Christmas isn't all tinsel and fairy dust - it's a tough time for many so I think there's room for some angst.  I've seen a couple very effective vids to this heartbreaking song and it struck me earlier this month that it may work for the Godric's Hollow scene in Deathly Hallows Part 1.  I make no apologies but this part of Deathly Hallows always brings a tear to my eye. Hermione you are so loyal and Ron you are such an arse twit, Thank goodness for Dumbledore and the deluminator.    Godric's Hollow is based in part on Lavenham - a beautiful Suffolk village near to where we used to live so I love seeing it recreated here. It's worth a visit if you are ever passing.  The church however is different - the one in Lavenham is far grander than the one in the scene but it reminds me much of the church opposite our house.  

Enough rambling. I hope you enjoy it. Feedback is love.
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Winter theme for lj - done. Just need to sort out tags now.
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Wriers Block : What is your favourite holiday carol or song?

Fairytale of New York -  Pogues and Kirsty McColl.  Any Christmas song that has the Line 'You Scumbag, you maggot' is ok with me.


As for traditional carol I love Maddy Prior's version of 'Ding Dong Merrily On High'. Live version is here but the album one is my favourite.

Classical seasonal music was tough - torn between Shepherds Farewell by Berlioz and Handel's Unto Us (Messiah)   I go with Berlioz just because it's not performed so often.
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And finally a Dr Horrible Banner and icon.

I hope all my flist have a wonderful Holiday, whatever you celebrate.

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Title : What I want for Christmas
Song: What I want for Christmas by Orba Squara
Length : 3.15mins
Notes: A cute little earworm song used this year by Sky for their HD Movie channel and I thought it would work well for a Multifandom video. Source films are 'Shrek the Halls' , 'The Nightmare Before Christmas', The Polar Express',  'How The Grinch Stole Christmas'  and 'Ice Age'.  Warning : Schmoopy Christmas sentiment .  
Small WMV 12mB Zipped   or   AVI Medium 53mB Zipped  or AVI HQ 125mB Zipped

Merry Christmas everyone - comments are loved.

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Made a wallpaper and a few icons to go with...


and if you want 1024 or 1680 click there


All snaggable with credit.  I'm hoping to have time to start a short seasonal vid/vidlet today and also want to do some Firefly and Dr Horrible Artwork.   If you want any slayerverse seasonal icons and banners then you can find them all here

In other news I've nearly finished the awards for the AvA's current round.
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Have a wonderful time this holiday my lovely flist.  See you around in a couple of days.

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Some brand new - some from last year but I think not posted here before...


The rest are this way  )
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Hey ho Flist.

Hope all's well with you at this rather wonderful and stress inducing time of year. Thanks to all who thought of me with the virtual snowflake cookies - they were a lovely surprise and also *bonus feature* NO CALORIES :D (should I be thanking lj for the oops)

I also received a really sweet snow globe from [ profile] raspberry_splat thank you so much - very pretty. Also big thank you to those who left love over at the fanvid meme. So many new vidders I've not seen before and time permitting I hope to check out these new faces. Wasn't there a thing sometime last year called 'New to Me Vidders' where we checked out and rec'd newly discovered ? I'll shall have to check the memories. I've started clipping for the next vid project which I am really looking forward to starting.

Mincemeat , Decorations, Christmas Cake (but not iced -Ellies job), Christmas Puddings, Cards, Pressies.

I'm starting on my cards tonight. I shall probably do the overseas ones first. Half way through the purchase of the presents. Amazon is my friend this year, well they will be if they don't screw up and deliver on time.

Also [ profile] nausicaa81 I sent you an lj message but I am not convinced it worked. Drop me a comment if you got it?
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So I turn around and it's December 4th. WTF - where did November go?? It's frantic here in a Christmas is a comin' kind of way.

I have family arriving tomorrow so we can go to the Lincoln Fayre together - which is massive and has people travelling from all over the UK & Europe to visit . Craft stalls, food and funfair plus carolling and Cathedral services. It's fun but also pretty manic, good for just chilling and eating everything you see, not so much for actually buying Christmas pressies. Hugs to [ profile] acrazywench who has let me have her parking permit as she lives the 'right' side of town.

The fan vid love meme is blooming - I've done a little bit of commenting but still have more to do - plus like [ profile] littleheaven70 commented to me - so many vidders I don't know, vidding in the fandoms I love, these need checking out and I figure it will take a while but should be fun. I will be getting back to everyone who has left me lovely fb - it goes a long way.

If anyone is has any 'Seasonal' vids that they may want to enter into the Special Round at the AvA's that would be spiffy, it doesn't matter if you have already submitted the vid previously. All the details are here - remember it doesn't have to be a Christmas film but you can also submit vids with Christmas music and any source you please.

And finally I've started clipping etc for the next vid - this one is a present for Ellie - I'm trying to keep it quiet so if it isn't finished in time for Christmas there won't be any disappointment.
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Title: 'Carol of the Bells'
Fandom: Harry Potter - Movies 1- 4
Music: Carol of the Bells Performed by Vienna Boys Choir
Vidder Notes : Seasonal vidlet from the first 4 movies. Made for my daughter. Merry Christmas

Download from here   2.09mins  small 7mb/ HQ 26mB WMV

(Don't all fall over, my first non whedon movie vid).
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Well it's still morning here so not strictly true.  And I am sure mice are definitely  stirring in this house - whilst Ziggy sleeps in front of a fire.

Wow-  my flist are all very productive and posty like.  There's vids and art n'photography and tattoos!  I feel sadly lacking in the creativity front, I just don't have time,  but now I really realllly want to start  a vid so I am going to set aside some time after Christmas and before New Year - I just want to open the timeline and start putting down clips. I'll feel better when that happens.   And I want to pick up the art equipment again too.

So All I want to do now is to wish all my wonderful & talented flist a Very Merry Christmas and A Happy and Prosperous New Year.   Take guys, and read y'all in a couple of days or so.

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To get you in the mood (or just 'a' mood) The Christmas Page is up on site .......

One of the old vidlets is up, I made it when I hadn't been vidding long so (here comes the excuse) it's a little simple. When I pulled the timeline back into WMM I couldn't believe just how long the clips were - haha!. I tweaked it only slightly as I couldn't see the point of a complete rework. 'Santa Baby' will be up hopefully later this week and then I can get to grips with some of the BIG tasks on this list.

1. Seasonal Walls & Banners for the site.
2. Seasonal icons as above
3. Tweak old xmas vids ready to upload
4. Make new Amends episodic vid for Christmas
5. Reverie Santa gifts.
6. Open subs for Art of Vidding Awards
7. Choose vid of the month
8. Overseas Christmas cards
9. Mincemeat
10.Christmas Cake
11.Gift portraits/artwork.
12.Make present lists
13.Rip for the next vid for [ profile] mara_sho slayerversathonthingie
14. New Seasonal LJ Header
15. Buy & Wrap rest of presents.
16. UK Cards.
17. Christmas Decorations (twenty five boxes no less, 4 Christmas trees- it'll be like Santa's Grotty)

Task 3 half way done. 11 Is nearly done too, unless I think of a project that the family is going to get for Christmas.

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