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It's been a while Nathan....

So [ profile] acrazywench  and I (along with J & E) trudged over to Milton Keynes MK Dons Stadium  last Sunday for Collectormania 15.  Want to know how it went? )The rest are on my site here

There were some cute ones of E meeting Costume type folk so I'll post those on a flocked post.

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I return laden with dirty laundry and everything coated in Cornish sand. Bliss.  No seriously it was a  good holiday - we found that if we set up the laptop in the kitchen of the cottage we could use the owners broadband network from nextdoor (we did check that it was ok)  YAY! so I got the chance to check emails and get a little steamed about this  wonderful piece of Buffy news .      I mean aren't the Kuzui's content with destroying the movie the first time round they wan't another shot at it?  *sigh*. 

We also found out that the cottage wasn't let again until this Wednesday, so with the forecast being good we took an extra day and spent our 17th Wedding Anniversary (Saturday) on holiday  (cripes - 17 years and still talking to each other - we must be weird or something).    

Nathan is appearing at Collectormania next weekend. I am going to see him, he is giving a free talk (I hope I can get seats) There will be photos (J is coming and possibly Ellie - she is just dying to meet him) it's been too long since he was in the UK.   Oh and Gene from Life on Mars and some guy named Nimoy or something like that ;)

And finally it's the last day for submitting to the Art of Vidding Awards - Just in case you missed it we are now 'any fandom' Movie /TV etc.  If you haven't already then please take a look and send something in.

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Collectormania 14 - selected guests.  Look,see all the pretties 



the rest are all here

Back from Milton Keynes, all went well.  Had some artwork signed by Amber and Mercedes (lovely ladies) They said they liked it and call me trusting,  but  I believed them (damn fine actresses both)  ;)  I'll post previews here in a couple of days.

 J snapped a load of photos including some of Morena Baccarin, Mark Sheppard & Jamie Bamber :)  Michael Rosenbaum from Smallville was also there but he was never at his signing desk so no chance to do a paparazzo on him.  I did sneak a peak at some of his photoshoot pictures - OOh he had hair, it was rather strange to see.  Adam (I tend to cancel alot ) Baldwin had, yes you guessed it, cancelled and so had J August Richards.But it was cool as I had not met Mercedes before, hadn't spent time doing pieces for the lads to sign and hey if they are working that's all good for me. 

 Ellie met 'Neville Longbottom' from Harry Potter and he was so nice chatting to her that it really made my day, and hers too.  

 I didn't get much time to chat to [ profile] fresleyforever   - wish I had a chance to sit and catch up with you, but I always seem to have to rush these events for fear of family boredom, not the same as chilling out at a con eh?  Next time I may be solo and we'll do lunch or something.  

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I was going to start vidding tomorrow honest! - I've projects to do, but I've just seen the updated guest list at Collectormania signing at the end of September.

I knew about Adam Baldwin (I'm seeing him again at T1 Convention next April) but look who they've just announced:

Amber Benson (woo! I've met Amber briefly once so I really want to see her again)
Morena Baccarin
Jamie Bamber (now known as ' small but perfectly formed' after Serenity Complete)
Mercedes McNab (wootwoot! the only member of Angel 'regular' cast I haven't met so I've just got to see her - completist much?)

Hoping  [info]acrazywench   can be convinced to join me (Jamie Bamber ! - you know you want to...)


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Mixing with the beautiful people at Collectormania this weekend.

Look how gorgeous Charisma is - and very sweet too.

More here at my site if you are curious.
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Well hello LJ it's been a while that I have posted anything other than to pimp out AvA or new awards. 

I so wanted to do my top five Vid meme. I may still do it - like 3 months after everyone else.

Juggling with work and hobbies - so far I am still managing to get things done but in stages rather than getting stuck in.  Off to Milton Keynes this Saturday for Collectormania 11 - Some good whedonverse guests (not too many) like James Marsters, Tony Head, George Hertzberg and Charisma Carpenter!   Charisma is the final cast member of Angel I have yet to meet so cross everything that she doesn't cancel. I've booked photoshoots with Charisma, JM & TH so if they show I will get a chance to say hi!!  I will also try and get Charisma to sign this sketch. (The scanner blasts all the detail and colour from the original - Mustek scanner is  really  a piece of A3 sized crapola. I've tried to play with selective colour to return it to original state...)

Also taking tall man to take lots of photos for the site, and a small cheeky blonde girl to sweet talk even the most  miserable guests. .

Also Terry Jones from Monty P will be there and EB from Deadwood so I may check them out too. See if EB's palms are as sweaty as Al says :)

Next sketch will very likely be the Sweet Charity one for Talula (I haven't forgotten) - Artwork during daylight - vidding  at night.

 Have started a silly project using an 80's song. A tragic love triangle that requires comedic touch. If anyone knows how to do mask overlays in adobe prem  (I can't even find what they are called)  then a kick /nudge in the right direction is appreciated.   
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Well we left pretty early to get to Milton Keynes for Collectormania 10 - the whole family in tow (bar the cat of course) - bless 'em - I owe them a Sunday morning lie-in so *hugs* to them for getting up and being so great today. Hubs did great with the pics as usual, the full set will go up on the site probably tomorrow but here are a few teasers now straight from the Scum Pits of Ur... )

All in all a good day meeting lots of really great whedonverse actors.
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So last minute check of the Collectormania site showed that Amber will now only be attending on Sunday. With Adam cancelling she was the next 'big' guest to see so I can't pass up the Chance (no pun intended). Fortunately we are flexible - although Ellie is disappointed that she has to wait another day before she can ask the guests questions.

I managed to sketch out the Groosalug - looking a little precious with the animal skins and long hair - heh! Mark Lutz - Groo ) I remember seeing Mark at the first convention I ever attended - on stage with Andy Hallett and Brody Hutzler - they were all hilarious and Mark's sang the Spider Man theme. Bizarre but unforgettable.

Hubs is checking out cars on line - *wishes for the porsche Boxster*
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Do you know there are very few HQ photos of Elisabeth Rohm as 'Kate' around. Last stop or whatever it is called these days. If not it will have to be screen caps.

Amber Benson is finished clicky here  )

And whilst I am here Happy Birthday to [ profile] bananainpyjamas Hope it's not too late....

*note to self - new LJ theme needed*
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So Book and Badger are done. I am quite pleased with Book, he looked so stern in the painting I did last time. Ron is not due to appear but I am being optimistic. Super optimism will hopefully give me time to do Gina before the weekend. I'd also like to do another Mal, just because he is so pretty.

Book )

Normally conventions are far better for meeting whedonverse actors than signings but Collectormania 10 is shaping up to be sooo exciting. I have just seen that Elisabeth Rohm has been announced, so I am doing the 'dance of joy'. Along with 'Kate' we will also have 'Holland' Sam Anderson, 'Tara' Amber Benson, 'Jayne' (woot) Adam Baldwin, 'Maggie Walsh' Lindsay Crouse, 'Patience' from Serenity- Firefly and finally 'Drusilla' Juliet Landau. I have only met Juliet so that is a great line up (cross fingers no cancellations).

And finally

My thoughts are with all the people who lost relatives and friends in 9/11. We won't forget.
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Ok, so I have uploaded the rest of the photos of Alan Tudyk & Ron Glass taken at Collectormania 9 this weekend. Thanks once again to my amazing Hubs for snapping away whilst I was bibbling like an idiot with the famous.

You can see them here scroll down and click on the Collectormania 9 Link.

It is less than 2 weeks away for Not Fade Away - Angel Convention. I need to start on Lindsey - Christian Kane artwork, and possibly some more sketches of Lorne & Fred. I've done Gunn - J August Richards so at least I have that one in the bag. Can't believe how quickly the year is passing. [ profile] acrazywench if you are reading this I will call you soon, I think I have transport to Heathrow sorted :)

Leaf on the wind *awww*

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