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So it was a while back but I've only just managed to sort and upload all the photos I took at Starfury Ultimates.

Teasers : Official photograph of the guests with the exception of Hayley who had not arrived yet (They should have taken this in the morning when she was there! )
Just look at Nick & Iain!

Marvel Guest list: Hayley Atwell,Iain De Caestecker, Brett Dalton, Nick Blood, Enver Gjokaj & Bridget Regan   DC Guests: Matt Ryan, Paul Blackthorne, Manu Bennett, Drew Powell, Camren Bicondova & Robin Lord Taylor.

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New Artwork

Jun. 7th, 2016 05:00 pm
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Starfury Ultimates is fast approaching and as always, I've left it to the last minute to produce artwork for signing (hopefully). It's now going to be bittersweet meeting Hayley as the asswipes cancelled Agent Carter, which I loved. Don't hold out much hope it will continue somewhere else, a shame as there were wonderful characters in the show - Peggy being the best of the lot.

Anyhoo here's the Agent Carter cast I've done so far. Hayley as Peggy & Enver as Daniel.    If I get time I will try and do a simple sketch of Bridget Reagan as 'Dottie'. That's if Iain de Caestecker plays ball - Fitz is proving a little elusive to capture.

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So I actually booked for a Convention this year. Problem is, I left it too late following a big announcement which I failed to notice on twitter and had to go with regular ticket as all the Golds had gone.

I was enticed by Starfury's Ultimates in June.  Hayley Atwell and Enver Gjokaj were announced and I thought what the hell.  May be a bit of a punt to get Hayley's auto & photoshoot as she is only there two days but it will be a good opportunity for the new camera to show me what that zoom can do, and in low light as the lighting at those events isn't the kindest to photographers. Plus  I'll be a way back from the stage as a normal punter.  Brett Dalton, B J Britt, Bridget Regan  and Dichen Lachman from Agents of SHIELD/Carter are all booked to appear too. I've had the pleasure of meeting Enver & Dichen before but not the others. Starfury sometimes have surprise guests too so it would be cool if they were more Marvel ones.  Should be fun.

Oh and it's at the Norbreck in Blackpool. I went to my very first Convention (Which happened to be Starfury's End of Days for Angel the Series) there in 2003. Ah happy memories.

Now I need to break out the art materials to do some portraits for autographs.
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It's wallpapers at the moment.I love this show and shall probably make some icons soon.

In the meantime have some awesome Enver Gjokaj as Daniel Sousa.

1280    1680 or 1920
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I know that many people hate this festival day, but I thank my lucky stars that some bloke at work gave me a card 23 years ago, life changing I tell you.

I made some shippy cards - I still feel very rusty in the photoshop department but it'll only improve if I practice!

Thumbnail teasers and click links for full sizes
Full size front and inside cover

Full size front and inside cover

inaramalval2th inaramalval1th
Full size front and inside cover

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I actually got home on Monday but I've had so much to do it has taken me this long  *stretches arms wide* to process all the photos and try to recall some of the Q&A details. [ profile] acrazywench  and I were con buddies as usual. We had a blast - the guests were awesome and nothing much spoilt our fun except the GPS trying to send us round in circles Monday morning as we tried to escape Heathrow.

Firstly new art - here's Tahmoh.  You may remember that I kept on mentioning that I wanted to do Enver just in case? - well RL got in the way and by the time I saw Miracle Laurie's inadvertent twitter mentioning him on Thursday night, it was just too late to get something passable done. Next time perhaps.

This probably had to be the smallest convention I'd attended - around 300+ people but that just made it feel relaxed and stress free, queueing would not be the main activity this weekend.  Full size photos and notes are all on the pages linked below under the cut.

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I made these a week or so ago - the wallpapers out of necessity as I got a super wide monitor for Christmas and needed something 1920 wide :D 

Teaser wallpaper and icon


Links to the rest and more icons under the cut for my flists sake  here )
I'm going to start work on the More Joy Day Icons requests and start posting them to the comments - there's two more slots left....
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Title: Rake It In
Music: Rake It In by Imogen Heap
Fandom: Dollhouse
Duration: 4.00 mins
Notes: Season One (excludes Epitaph One) ensemble overview.   I am here again, tied up in your torture frame,Printed paper, guilty to blame -The story stays the same.
Downloads (available in various sizes) and Streaming Link  here    
Comments welcome.
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You make fan art of course!!!  (and rip clips ' till you're bored silly)   

I've avoided doing too many dollhouse related pieces until I get to see the show which, seeing as the UK are not down for yet (or is that ever?)  will be by nefarious means, no doubt.   

Mostly from promo pics I bring icons and two of walls. Here are a couple of teasers and the rest for the sanity of my flist are behind the cut. 


the rest are here ..... ) In other less exciting news I actually started a new vid project - back on familiar ground, source wise,  but floundering again with an editing program that I am 'revisiting'. Seriously, for all the flack that gets flung around about WMM there are somethings that other programs make so goddamn difficult.  Then again, it might just be me.

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