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Title: Boogey Man
Fandom: Angel the Series (All 5 Seasons)
Music: I'm your Boogie Man - White Zombie
Length: 4:30 mins
Description:  Angel Investigations face their demons. A look at all the 'monsters' over the whole show. He's gonna get ya... Happy Halloween
Edited October 2014
Downloads Tiny WMV 16.7mB     Med AVI 108mB      Med mp4 69mB HQ AVI 205mB     HQ MP4 133mB
Embed and notes under the cut
I'm your Boogey Man )
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Title : Heads Will Roll
Fandom; Sleepy Hollow
Length 3:21mins
Music: 'This Is Halloween' performed by Vitamin String Quartet
Description:  Ichabod Crane tries to be brave but heads are rolling everywhere.
Download tiny WMV , Medium AVI 75mB or HQ AVI 152mB
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Warning:  Rated 15 - this film has an over abundance of decapitation.

Heads rolling here )
I re watched this film for the first time in ages and laughed my head off from beginning to end. The very blackest of comedy and visually beautiful.  Happy Halloween everyone.
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I've been back about an hour now from Hallowhedon Convention. Fun weekend but a little more low key and well behaved than some events. Still I had a good time - got to meet with some whedonverse actors I'd not previously seen.

 Asked ASH about the Shakespeare play and what happened re casting. Marvelled at just how much  Charisma Carpenter actually *is* Cordelia and how much Adam Busch *isn't* Warren. Phina was hilarious and  Amber was very sweet too :)   Full report and photos follows when I've finished carving pumpkins.  Happy Halloween everyone and don't eat too much candy.
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Title : Monster, Monster
Fandom : BtVS (all seasons)
Music : In The Hall of The Mountain King- From the Peer Gynt suite by Grieg.
Description: Seven Seasons of monsters, courtesy of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.
Download 8.8mB WMV   Stream under the cut. 
Notes : I made this back in '08 on WMM (ha!) but when I briefly mentioned it on lj I didn't even give it a post of it's own so I am dusting it off and giving it an airing now just so I can say Happy Halloween from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. 

'Cause Halloween ain't the same without a little Buffy.  Next year I will do a new whedonverse Halloween vid.

ETA: New stream link which shouldn't be blocked in Germany here

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So the guest list for Hallowhedon is changing daily like a pair of smelly socks. I won't be able to ask Sean Maher now about Much Ado production  :-( but I will be able to ask Tony Head why he couldn't appear in it as Leonato - as originally cast, seeing as he is now going to be at Hallowhedon on the Saturday.  They have also announced Phina Oruche (Olivia in Buffy ) for the Sunday so it kind of makes up for Sean cancelling.  These one day only appearances whilst some consolation, make me think that they couldn't afford fees  for the three days? 

I am not impressed with the lack of updates and late guest announcements from Massive Events for this year's convention. They did say attendance was only 300 so I think poor ticket sales may have impacted on who they afford to sign up. It's chicken and egg though as a good guest will sell your tickets for you. The whedonverse is now four shows - I'm sure they could have found at least another guest or a writer/crew member of interest.   I understand totally about cancellations but they left a guest list with three names on it since February and couldn't even give the party themes until two weeks prior.  So feeling sorely neglected and it will have to take a pretty good guest next year to get me to commit.  I'm sitting on my hands a little trying not to bitch too much on their forum but I'd rather they didn't run these things like they are doing us a favour, we do expect something for our cash. 

{/ rant}   On a positive note I finished the Cordy sketch and am just pulling out the watcher's guides for signing.

As Halloween falls on Monday I'll actually be home this year which is nice.  Sweets are here and the pumpkins are waiting to be carved. Ellie hasn't decided on her outfit yet  - we've got the decorations out of the loft and will sort through those later.
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I would have loved to post a halloween vidlet this year after failing last - but alas as before, still no time, no time.  I did put together a couple of new wallpapers.  I glanced through the caps for 'All The Way' but nothing leapt out at me so I haven't done one for that episode.  

Available in  1024    1280     1680

and this one in 1280   and 1680

And last years wallpapers ,icons etc are here 

Have a great Halloween weekend, and remember  "There is no problem that can not be solved with chocolate" 
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It's taken a bit longer than I expected. Lots of photos to sort out.  Here's some teasers


There's more shiny HQ photos on my site here.  If you'd rather not look through them all,  James Marsters here and here , Nicholas Brendon and here, Mercedes   & here, James Leary   & here, Mark Lutz   and here - with group shots here & here. 

And if you want to know what went on read the report,  it's hidden under a cutclicky )
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I would have loved to have a new Halloween vid/vidlet to post this season but I didn't even attempt to do one (no time,no time)  So here's some pretties  or uglies ;)  instead.     3 Walls and some icons.  I nearly finished the sketch of  Harry Groener (Mayor Wilkins III) for the Hallowhedon Convention and then I find out he has cancelled :(      The line up at the moment is James Marsters, Nic Brendon, James Leary, Mercedes McNab and Mark Lutz.  I've met everybody previously but that's still an entertaining weekend ahead methinks.  

And what about DollhouseS2.04 ??  Damn,  that was great.  And to quote someone from whedonesque discussion  thread I would have liked to see Kennard killed more.  No more new DH until December and then it's double episodes - omg alliteration broadcasting  'its a double Dollhouse December'  I'm toying with the idea of making character/genre vidlets of the show as teasers over November and posting them just about everywhere.  

Teaser Icon & Wallpaper Thumbnail

      More this way... )
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 I've been sick since I got back from VidUKon.   Typical - a virulent form of 'woman flu' (yeah twice as bad as the man one) and I feel like crap.   So I owe fb to those wonderful premieres shown this weekend, email responses, AVA judging notes, VidUKon reports  etc. etc.

I will get to it all, honest.

In the meantime I'd like to wish all my flist Happy Halloween with a small offering of a vidlet.

Monster Monster - In the Hall of the Mountain King.  Just a silly Monster parade I put together, what can I say? I like editing to classical music.

Check it out here
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Hah! I am a vidding fool - been at this latest one since Saturday afternoon with just a shortish pause for Sunday lunch. Hubs is out until past midnight tonight and girlie is vegetating with Sponge Bob square thingie. Life is grand.

I love Cole Porter - I love nekkid Angel. Now the two things have come together (omg if I say anything more it will be digging the hole deeper - yep see what I mean?) I am really loving making this vid so much that no-one, apart from my sad self, will probably find it funny and I just don't care.

It's for halloween but I may just put it on LJ only for a few days. Ok back to it.

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