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Title : Run Boy Run
Fandom: Harry Potter (All films)
Music: Run Boy Run by WoodKid
Length: 3mins 38 seconds
Description: 'Run boy run, this race is a prophecy'. Harry has little choice but to run and find the horcruxes.
Download Tiny WMV 14mB  Medium AVI 72mB   or HQ Avi 177mB  
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It's amazing how much for granted I took living near London.  A 20 minute train ride and you'd be there. Now we have to jaunt to the rellies and stay over night. This Easter El nagged us to go to London - she's been several times before but remembers little of it, so we have to revisit some places.  Top of her list was Madame Tussauds. Then Science Museum and anything else we could fit in before we keeled over with exhaustion.

Madame Tussauds  )

After lunch we staggered out and caught a River boat down to St Katherine's quay near Tower Bridge. I used to work near here many, many years ago, so I know this part of London quite well. Or did, more to the point. Of course in true British fashion the unseasonal warm weather ended just before the Easter break so it was a bit fresh.  Grabbed a pint at the Dickens Inn and walked back to the Tower Hill station.  That part was fairly enjoyable. A bit of sun would have made a world of difference.  Got a chance to see 'The Shard' near 'The Gherkin'  - just loving these names.

Science Museum  )

The best trip of the whole holiday by quidditch pitch was the  Harry Potter Studio tour ! - I'd booked this the day the website opened last year and what a fantastic place. About the same price as Madame Tussauds but including a digital guide and Souvenir Book, it was far more enjoyable and none of the crush and hassle.  If you are a fan of the books/films and are interested in film making etc then I can highly recommend.  We're a family of HP geeks really. If we are passing a film location we'll stop and take photos and soak up the atmosphere. This place didn't disappoint.  My favourite sets were The Great Hall, Diagon Alley and Dumbledore's office but the others were charming too. So much detail and things to see. I could have really done with a two day pass and spread the experience, by the end of the day we were a little tired.  I wanted to spend so much more time just looking at every single tiny detail.  The scale model of Hogwarts is stunning and photos don't do it justice.

Diagon Alley )

A nice touch at the end of the tour was the wand room (a bit like Ollivanders) Over 4000 wandboxes each labelled with the name of every single person who contributed to the 8 films.
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Fandom : The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (2005), Edward Scissorhands (1990)
Harry Potter (2,3,4, 5 & 6) Legend (1985), Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) , Red Riding Hood (2011)
The Lord of the Rings:The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) The Golden Compass (2007)
Title : Snow
Length 5:52 mins
Music: Waltz of the Snowflakes from The Nutcracker by Tchaikovsky
Description : Oh! the snow, the beautiful snow, Filling the sky and earth below. -  Thomas J Watson. Take a trip to the enchanted Land of Snow -  find adventure with swords and sorcery, fairy tales, magic and fantastical beasts. Multifandom film vid.
Download : Tiny WMV 21mB      Med AVI 96.8mB   HQ AVI 181mB    Embed under the cut.

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Vidder Notes - Self indulgent? most definitely. I wanted to make a snowy vid - and here it is.  I love the Nutcracker ballet but as this piece isn't in the shorter 'suite' it tends to get overlooked. 
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Fandom : Harry Potter (Deathly Hallows Pt 1)
Title : 'Silent Night, Broken Night'
Music :  'Silent Night, Broken Night' Performed by Lisa Hannigan
Description:  It's Christmas Eve, Harry and Hermione remember absent friends and family.
Warnings: None
Length : 2.19mins
Download : Tiny WMv 7.6mB, Small AVI 45mB , HQ AVI 61mB   (files zipped)  Embedded under cut.
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Vidders Notes - Another vidlet in my seasonal series. I have a few more ideas left, we'll just have to see if I have the time. That said though I've enjoyed making the two so far, even if their tone is very melancholy. Christmas isn't all tinsel and fairy dust - it's a tough time for many so I think there's room for some angst.  I've seen a couple very effective vids to this heartbreaking song and it struck me earlier this month that it may work for the Godric's Hollow scene in Deathly Hallows Part 1.  I make no apologies but this part of Deathly Hallows always brings a tear to my eye. Hermione you are so loyal and Ron you are such an arse twit, Thank goodness for Dumbledore and the deluminator.    Godric's Hollow is based in part on Lavenham - a beautiful Suffolk village near to where we used to live so I love seeing it recreated here. It's worth a visit if you are ever passing.  The church however is different - the one in Lavenham is far grander than the one in the scene but it reminds me much of the church opposite our house.  

Enough rambling. I hope you enjoy it. Feedback is love.
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So that's the wand that chose me over at Pottermore. I like that it's ebony as anyone who knows me well will understand that it is the perfect accessory for 99.9% of my wardrobe, which is black.    I thought momentarily that it was the same as Lucius Malfoys, but his was elm and very long - 18" make of that what you will ;)

Both Ellie and I were sorted - she had rushed on ahead and was put into Slytherin (initally very upset but is now going for it with gusto).  I really thought I would either go there or perhaps Hufflepuff but to my shock I was sorted into Gryffindor. I don't feel brave, but I am crap at potions and Ellie has to help (she has all the Nintendo/Wii Gaming skills so is good with these things.) . If anyone on my flist is registered then look me up user FangBlood170.   If you are a fan of the books I would recommend at least having a look when it goes on full release in October.  JK Rowling has released lots of new notes, backstories and information she had been hoarding since she started writing the series.  If you are a fan of Minerva McGonagall you will love her backstory.

Going to attempt to upload one of my new sites tonight (there will be language) - I am so used to using FrontPage it's been a while since I FTP'd anything.  Perhaps if it all goes to batcrap I'll go to Pottermore and read some more tidbits from JKR.
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You know what's great for losing track of time?  Pottermore.  My beta email arrived this weekend and I'm loving the site so far but I really don't need yet another activity spent at a computer desk :(

Especially as I am in process of creating new sites to replace those that may go wonky when Yahoo hosting pulls FrontPage support in less than 6 days. I'm planning to split up the existing site into several new domains. At the moment I'm using some free software to create code - haha that's a laugh. It's much slower than using FP which I am so used to now, but it's quicker than trying to learn Dreamweaver from scratch in a week and according to J creates a lot less bad language and computer rage.

No way I'll be even to begin to consider my next vid project which makes me sad. 
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Can't wait until tomorrow when we get to see Deathly Hallows Part Two. Mum's with us and we have been watching all the other films on the run up to the final part.  She's forgetful at the best of times , found it tough get a handle on the plot Plan is to watch the film and then I'll explain what happened afterwards. Ellie hasn't read the final book so I think there will be tears - Fred and George are probably her favourites and she loves Tonks too so you can imagine. We're going to need a drink afterwards.

So continuing in full on Harry Potter mode since last week's live streaming of the premiere in London  -  we had a blast at the London Film and Comic Con event. I have possibly turned my neice and nephew into Geeks (very little encouragement needed) . Just the look of pure amazement when they saw Darth Vader, Chewbacca and some storm troopers walking the queues out side was worth the admission fee. 

The HP guests were all kinds of awesome with the kids, kind, chatty and very accommodating with photos at the autograph  table.  Georgina Leonidas (Katie Bell)  was very sweet and we had a chat about the mega-premiere in London which she attended. Alfie Enoch (Dean Thomas) is all smiles and very funny, kids could not get over how tall he was or indeed how small Devon Murray  (Seamus Finnigan) was too. Harry Melling (Dudley Dursley) had lost about 4 stone and Stanislav Ianevski had been working out (oh Viktor - what big arms you've got!) but Natalia Tena stole our hearts as just one of a kind. Sporting the hat of awesomeness she was a total laugh. I spoke to her about Game of Thrones and agreed that it was definitely 'Put the kids to bed, pour a glass of wine and settle down to enjoy the show'.  There was a shortish Q &A with them on the main stage and all in all we had fun playing spot the Doctor and Amy Pond,  and how many superheroes can you see.  At one point we had a big 'Fett -off' with at least 8 Boba Fett types posing with the kids.

Couple of photos  - Natalia came on stage eating her lunch (she was digging out chocolate bars from her bag and passing them along) .

Lord Vader of Cheam moves amongst us. These are not the droids  kids you are looking for...

More photos this way )
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Well after watching the highly emotional Harry Potter World Premiere on a  live stream from Trafalgar Square tonight, I'm feeling kind of melancholy about the rapidly approaching end to the Harry Potter Saga. It's going to be strange not to be anticipating a  new film.

I came to the books when the story was complete.  I started reading those after the Deathly Hallows was published,  one  after the other. Ostensibly doing my bit as a conscientious parent but soon came love every page.  I can really understand what an impact this universe must have made on kids that grew up with these characters, waiting for the next instalment is just like the start of a new season of your favourite show,  how they must be feeling right now?   You really don't want it to be over . Just like the slayerverse - Buffy, Angel  -  it leaves a bit of a hole and there's not much that seems to be able to fill it, fandomwise.    I wonder if JKR will be tempted to return to that world, she admitted on stage that writing another book would be easier than saying goodbye to everyone (then immediately said it was a joke)   I hope she does but we'll have to content ourselves with Wizarding World, and whatever comes next.  

I managed to prebook Deathly Hallows Pt 2 for the 16th. The first day had all but sold out ( of the reasonable times) so we went for the next available,  it's booked and we're in. I just know there'll be tears, noisy popcorn snackers and stupid 3D glasses.  I am looking forward to it immensely, and will probably see it more than once.  They're showing all the previous films each day in the run up to  the release of DH pt 2,  I must admit to being really tempted to see at least Goblet of Fire and Order of The Phoenix on the big screen as I never saw those in the cinema.  In fact Half Blood Prince was the first one I saw on a big screen. 

Continuing with our HP theme we're off to London Film and Comic Con this weekend. They have 9 Harry Potter cast signing amongst others and I'm taking Ellie and my niece  and nephew, who are also fans.   Fred & George were at a previous one but we were on holiday so we missed out. I don't think there will be a huge queue to see the cast as many people will be distracted by the appearance of Alex Kingston and Karen Gillan  and lots of other Scifi names and actors.   I always love seeing the Cosplayers at these events and I'm sure we'll have a great time. With a bit of luck I may even post photos if we get any. 

Oh and in other 'news'  so to speak -  so long 'News of The World' you won't be missed Don't let the door hit your phone hacking arse on the way out.  
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Can you guess mine??

List fifteen of your favorite characters from different fandoms, and ask people to spot patterns in your choices, if they're so inclined.

TV and Film/Book  characters

here they are!  )

I could have picked more than just these - quite a few whedonverse characters were left off the list because I needed to spread the choices  over the fandoms
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Don't fall off your seat - yes a Non Whedonverse LJ layout!  Booked our Deathly Hallows Pt1 tickets this morning, we're taking Ellie this time as she insists she will be ok, but I have the feeling that she'll be hiding behind my handbag for some of the scenes. 

It's a big ask of the film makers , I don't think they can ever really  do the books justice but I have loved all the films to date.  Diligently  avoided reviews, trailers  and even stills so I am not spoiled and everything is fresh when I see it. My re-read of the last two books this summer has me chomping at the bit.   Can't wait!!
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Booked to see it tonight :)   Haven't been this excited to see a film since Serenity.  Watched Order of the Phoenix again last night to get ready.

Not expecting it to be as good as the book (when is it ever) but I am sure it will still be a visual treat.    Ellie is not coming with us, she's too young and she is only up to 'Goblet of Fire' in the books (although she has seen Goblet and Order  films)  I know that she will cry. 

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Title: 'Carol of the Bells'
Fandom: Harry Potter - Movies 1- 4
Music: Carol of the Bells Performed by Vienna Boys Choir
Vidder Notes : Seasonal vidlet from the first 4 movies. Made for my daughter. Merry Christmas

Download from here   2.09mins  small 7mb/ HQ 26mB WMV

(Don't all fall over, my first non whedon movie vid).

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