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So another election then. When all forms of opposition are busy self destructing.

And not wanting to panic you all but my hubs is out of the country again for this one. Last time it was the US election, before that EU referendum. With that form,  we'll get a massive Tory majority. Bollocks.

Remind me to upload a face/palm icon for such occasions.
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Was out early to vote in the referendum.

It feels like the common sense that I always thought the majority of British people had, is being drowned out with the politics of hatred. Nasty, nasty campaign, many showing in their true colours.

Never been this wound up by a vote  ever. General elections come and go, we can fix the mistakes made.  but this time we cannot.  Are we really going to do this?  I think I'll be opening a bottle tonight, either way to drown sorrows or celebrate sanity prevailing.
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We splurged on a new camera. Our old pentax had taken a fall or two and was clearly showing it’s age with dodgy metering & lens that would not focus until you’d missed the shot.

The new baby is a full format and it has really quick focus, excellent low light performance and  chock full of features that I can’t wait to learn how to use.

Going to have to brush up on my aperture/exposure knowledge. With all the automation these days I’ve forgotten so much since the old manual film SLR 25 years ago. Will hopefully shoot some landscapes in the Lakes this weekend.
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So 2016.  Been pretty shit so far with the loss of David Bowie and Alan Rickman.

I was a Bowie fan from the age of 11 yrs old,  I remember pulling down all the Osmonds posters so I could stick up the Bowie ones (hee! - poor Mum must have wondered what had happened for such a change) Bought everything I could get my hands on - had all the albums on vinyl up to Scary Monsters, but they were lost in the division of the spoils in the divorce. After that I had tape/CD's.  Came so close to seeing him in concert in MK (My best friend did go but the ass-hat ex wouldn't pay the touts for tickets.)  Sadly kind of lost touch with his work from Tin Machine onwards which is a shame.

He was only 69 as was Alan Rickman. Gone too soon, a loss to us all.  Couldn't call myself a 'hard core fan' of Alan Rickman but really loved his work & feel for all the potterheads. Those of us in the Whedonverse know how it feels.

In other news, I'll be going over the vids posted here to replace all the Vimeo embeds as they wiped the account back in Autumn sometime. That's what you get for not passwording your entries I guess. YouTube have done a content sweep and now just about every vid has copyright notice on it ( I assume some change/ monetization is planned?) The new flags are all Fox etc, at least they've not been taken down....  yet .  

Bought a new camera but need to spend time finding out how it works. Only had it a couple of days but the Automatic mode is nifty. Perhaps I'll post some photos of the Lake District (we're there this weekend) if any are worth seeing.
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So I did have internet access while I was in Europe. Unfortunately it wasn't the kind of internet that could cope with umm.... images, video anything other than words so I failed to visit LJ and I return to a swathe of VVC vids from my flist.

I will be checking them out now I am at home. Be assured.

Holiday was wonderful. But marred by sad news. An elderly relative passed away - she'd been in hospital a while. And sadly one of our cats (Lynxie) was killed/found dead three days before we returned. Possibly knocked down, can't tell. He was always the one who used to greet us when we returned and stuck around home. His brother Loki, who always was out and about has taken on this role and hasn't moved an inch from our side.

RIP little tinker. lynxlokifastasleep
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So according to Channel 4's twitter - their Gods of Scheduling (I suspect they are Asgardian and actually Gods of Mischief) have not yet decided on a slot for Marvel's  Agents of SHIELD's return in 2014.

And they wonder why ratings get hit.  Call me jumpy, but I haven't forgotten what a hatchet job they did back in the day on Angel the Series.

We're on a bloody cliffhanger dammit!
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No not mine - you lot!

I've been mostly absent from LJ the last two weeks and there's been a creativity explosion on my flist. Vids from Vividcon and Art and such. What a busy lot you've been. It'll take me a while to look at them all though.

Busy blowing up the washing machine with the holiday washing. My creativity will have to wait.
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So we're back briefly from our 4 days of Culture in London. We stayed with a niece who has a place in East Croydon - only 15 minutes from London Bridge and it was perfect for zipping in and out. They've both lived/studied  in London for some years and her fiance Niro knows the transport system inside out. I'm a bit rusty on anything outside of the core section of the Underground plus they've built so much since I haunted the area in the late 70's & 80's.

This time we did a Prom, The Globe and a West End Play,  plus parts of Greenwich and a couple of floors of the National Portrait Gallery.  It was a first time for London plays and concerts for Ellie. She enjoyed them all, but absolutely adored Midsummer's Night Dream ( which was hilarious and IMO perfect)  and it's not often that my cunning plans work, but this time I hit a winner. She was quoting it all the way home.  I really wanted to get her into Shakespeare before the GCSE starts in earnest September.

So we're back home now for two days to grab the beach/surf stuff and we're off to Cornwall for a week.
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So having epic failed on booking the Much Ado Premiere in Glasgow earlier this year and missing tickets for  the Joss Audience at the BFI London next month by 3 minutes (it sold out in 5 minutes for crissakes). I am a woman on mission. To book bloody tickets dammit!

We're in London this summer for a short while and I have a Prom, The Globe and now Dan Radcliffe's new play booked up. Yess I have a credit card and a new purpose in life.  Next stop the Donmar where Coriolanus  tickets will be exchanged for first born children.  Wish me monsters luck
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Ah, my better half is out today so I won't hear his daily 'tech' rant until later. Bless

So to keep up the tradition here is mine.

High winds knocked the sky dish of kilter. No signal. No GoT last night or re-run of the MTV Movie awards to watch this afternoon  :(    Aerial man has not called back yet.

Stupid DVD stuck in my PC drive which I was trying to play after burning home movie.  :(

Not so 'Smart' TV suddenly won't play Ep 6 of Vikings on a USB drive.  Doesn't support the format, well not today but it did on the three previous episodes.

*le sigh*

The tech, don't you just love it. 
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Ok so here are a few of the paintings from the exhbition 
This way )

Paintings this way )

The images here really do not do them justice. I could cheerfully sit in front of these each for a good half hour and just wonder at the beauty. There were a few more which I'll find and post again.
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So I got to the new PRB exhibition at the Tate this weekend.

An exhibition of a 150 works of art (a good deal less than the PRB exhibition also at the Tate held in 1984, which was a monumental 250 pieces). I thoroughly enjoyed it, wasn’t quite so mighty, although missed some of my favourites that I saw last time. There were some notable omissions which were actually owned by the Tate so I wonder what prompted that decision.

 I have to say that John Everett Millais and William Holman Hunt are my top choices, with Ford Madox Brown a close third.   Back in the 80’s I used to prefer Rossetti’s work, but now I find it’s mostly too stylised for my taste.   I can't say that I really relate to some of themes depicted (after all it is of another era and applying modern sensibilities to it seems a little strange) but the artist in me just marvels at the intense colour, techniques and photographic realism some of the PRB have created in their paintings. I went with my niece who is a graduate from Goldsmiths and we had a blast discussing the various aspects, and generally being in the way when we got up close and personal to see all the minute detail. 

 I’ll be posting some personal choices/ highlights from the event, the exhibition closes January 13th so if you’re interested (highly recommended) get yourself down to Tate Britain.

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So I am thankful to be here, to do it all again in 2013.  A very Happy New Year to all of my flist and anyone passing by or stumbling on this journal. 

I've just waved off my brother and his family who were with us to celebrate New Year's Eve and today. He's recovering from a triple bypass so we're just all pleased to be together.   I don't have any profound or uplifting message but I am looking forward to what this year brings.

[ profile] whiskyinmind  has posted a great message from Neil Gaiman so there's no way I can top that but I do wish you all Health and Happiness for 2013.
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[ profile] whiskyinmind   Happy Birthday hon. Hope you have a lovely day and sending you *hugs*

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Yes, that's how I cope with Christmas and the holiday season. A daily drizzle of brandy. No actually mine would be a nip of Glenfiddich 18yr old single Malt. And before I get jumped on by the Single Malt snobs... I hate the Islay ones, just too peaty for me, so no apologies here for my choice.

The cake has just gone into the oven - I'll be able to look at it in 4 hours to see how it's going. Then we'll tackle mincemeat and Christmas puddings probably next week.

And this boozy segway leads into a message for  [ profile] whiskyinmind to say the AvA nominee disc is en route to you hon. I'll begin my judging this weekend. I hope to have awards posted before the Christmas break.  It's probably our smallest round yet, I think enthusiasm for Vidding Contests has definitely waned. 

If anyone would like a Christmas/Holiday card from me this year please leave a comment which are screened - I have only old addresses for a few of you on my flist so I will no doubt be sending you messages.

*note to self- update theme*
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So this time last week during a clipping exercise my baby (pc) collapsed and wouldn't restart in any mode. My wonderful 'go to' guy was in Germany on business so he tried, bless him , to talk me through fixes involving Kapersky rescue disks and what not. He's got the patience of a saint I should add  A couple of trojans were found and zapped but the OS would not boot up.

I do back up but not as often as I ought.When he got back Friday we did an autopsy,mounting the hd and found the files were ok but he had to rebuild baby and put in another 2tbHD. I've been spending the rest of the time copying folders and installing every single thing I can remember. With the weirdest results. I've lost count how many times codecs have been installed/reinstalled and photoshop is still being a bitcha with scratch disks supposedly full (there's effing 2tb of clean space dammit!)   The current issue to address is the streaming video /mozilla issue where I have no audio on either youtube, vimeo, viddler or any of the ning sites.  A whole week just trying to get back to where I was.

At least I managed to get the website & FTP settings on the new machine. I've got a vidding round at AvA to close.

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I've spent the entire day doing laundry in the wake of the holiday.  The kittehs were pleased to see us and there was little destruction which was a pleasant surprise.

We had a fab time. A little rain on one day in Paris (not cool when it's an open top bus) but a dry hot spell in Tuscany which involved much holding down of sun loungers around the pool.  I listened to part of an audio book read by you-know-who and loved every minute of it (like having your brain carressed by a velvet glove- damn he has a mighty fine voice).  Couldn't really keep up internet wise as the connection was too slow to tumbl

We caught some of the Olympic and tried to watch the closing ceremony with a very enthusiastic Italian commentary. I'm hoping to either iplayer some of it or get links somewhere. We did rather well.   Anyhoo whilst we were away Avengers 2 news was announced, and whilst I am pleased beyond measure about the Joss Marvel deal,  part of me now fears the demise of any of my favourite characters.  Fandom wise I'm in a real slump. I have art to do for a Con in about 4 weeks and a new Loki sketch that I want to finish. I also desperately want to start vidding but don't feel right. I actually started a vid back in July and stopped it after 10 seconds which is a first for me. Not sure I even want to continue with that project just yet, I feel distracted right now and can't see it changing any time soon which makes me a little sad.
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So we're off in about 2hrs. We're stopping overnight at Mum's as she is nearer the tunnel,  then this is the itinerary :

Paris 3 Nights
Mont Blanc Switzerland 1 night
Tuscany Italy 10 nights
Innsbruck Austria 1 night
Ravensberg Germany 1 night
Luxemburg 1 Night

Work hasn't played ball by being quiet - we've been struggling to pin down orders and tie up loose ends. It's August and supposed to be quiet ffs. Anyhow. can't wait to go. Kittens are looking a little lost but we're giving them the run of three rooms so one of the last jobs is moving any breakables.  

I have my ipod all ready (Audio book read by Tom to listen to while I roast by the pool) Perfect. 

See you all soon!
ETA: I forgot Luxemburg
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Yes they do spend a lot of time asleep - and then there's about an hour of frenetic activity where they race around the house causing trouble :)




We let them into the new conservatory although the floor is not down yet. They seem to love it as they get to see the great outdoors without the danger. Plus fly chasing - J swears that Loki kept catching a fly and without killing it held in his lips and then let it go so he could catch it again.
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It's been tough chasing these little tykes around the house to try and take photos that weren't dark or blurry.  They settled down lunchtime today on my desk (the desk lamp kicks out a bit of heat ) Now all I need is for them to start getting orders.


This is a bit blurry but the best one I have of Loki so far.

Actually sleeping in their bed rather than behind the sofa.

Their first night here must have been pretty traumatic - we came down in the morning to find them tucked behind bookcases and desks.  We found a pile of fur on the patio outside the room and our neighbour said he heard a real big cat fight around 2am. I guess they must have been scared out of their wits although there's no way anything could have got to them. This morning they were a lot happier.

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