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Fandom: Firefly (some Serenity)
Title: Little Bird
Length: 4.08mins
Music: Little Bird by Imogen Heap
Lyrics : Here
Description: River Tam 'Little Bird, Little Bird, Little Bird what do you see?  Character study of River and how the world seems to her. 
Download: Tiny WMV 15mB      Med AVI 96mB      HQ AVI 187mB
Streaming: Under the cut

Vidder Notes : Not much to say really, on the surface a very pretty sounding song from Imogen Heap but with a real undercurrent of creepiness .The idea for a River vid has been on the list since I bought the album almost exatcly two years ago to the day - really sparked by the lyrics and the  overall mood of the song. I wanted to convey how River views her world on Serenity - using overlays as a reflection of the information overload caused by her altered brain. Simon's in there a little as it is hard to keep him out,  but I wanted to try and keep the focus on River and specifically her time in Firefly not Serenity (the Film).  Hope you enjoy. Comments are loved.
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So this tumblr thing can suck hours out of your day right?   I'm kind of picking random convention photos to post and some banners/cards  I have already made.   I also made a couple of simple pieces the last couple of days to tumble but I thought I would cross post here too.  From my experience so far, tumblr is big on images and small on words but I think that may be as I am not following many peeps/communities over there just yet.

The art work  I see on tumblr is very pretty  - definitely seems to follow a trend/ distinct style of intense colours,  or  sepia monochrome in a portrait format ,   and also plenty o'gifs.  Nice to see they increased the gif limit the ones I make presently are HUGE.

Anyhow I made the River Card for a challenge a long while back over at slayalive. May decide to do other characters just for the heck of it.  The other are new.

Back of Card  )
And then the new pieces

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I made some of these for a challenge over at  I only needed five but didn't stop there.

The rest plus a few random ones under the cut this way )
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Continuing on from the walls I posted here - I've made three more - Simon, Book and River.  I'll be making the final four (I'm including Serenity in the character line up) in a week or so.


Available in cropped 1024  or   1280 and 1680

1024     1280   and    1680

and River

1024     1280  and   1680

Resources are as per my site here and thanks to Hubble for the Orion Nebula images :)   Comments are always loved.
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Title: 'Puncture Repair'
Music by Elbow
Length: 1m .48sec
Description: Simon and River Tam.   I leaned on you today.     Very simple, brief look at  their relationship in Firefly (no Serenity footage) 
Download Links small & HQ in AVI's, lyrics  from my site here and it's streamed on Youtube 

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Heee! some finales last night eh?  I love the caplocks, incoherent posts from my flist (thanks for putting spoilers behind a cut ) I'll most likely get the SPN one tonight and watch it.  Bones I'll watch live here in a couple of weeks (or cave in and acquire it). Watched the pilot of 'Lie To Me' last night - Tim Roth is wonderful.  It was good but I was tired and I flagged a little at the end.

Just for the record - I really enjoyed the Dollhouse Finale.  I need to watch the whole thing again from scratch,  I do hope it gets another season or at least a few more episodes.  Ever the optimist with the glass half full,  I guess after Monday we'll know.  I also wish to say that I would like TSSC to be renewed too and don't understand the haters from either fandom (who cares who broke Fox's voicemail- does it really matter)  You can like both shows, you know.   (Oh and Chuck - I bought sandwiches!)  Is that too many wishes for the 'renewal fairy' to handle?

Here's the new sketch of Summer Glau as River. (I used an old Firefly promo shot so she's very young )  Summer told me that she hadn't seen this particular picture before - and then I pointed out that I had just 'done' it this weekend and the realised that it was original.  She is very gracious, even when she was clearly nursing a poor throat.  Her friends (who had come to the Con with her) came and found me in the autograph room so they could have a good look at it too :) 

Click on the thumbnail to get a better view.

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Here's that awesome sketch by Georges Jeanty (S8 Artist)   from the Saturday. He uses a couple of A4 reference sheets covered in screencaps of the character in various facial positions/expressions. It was great just to watch him work away at the strokes getting the lines so right, brilliant opportunity although mostly you shut up and watch rather than ask questions so as not to break his concentration.

On Saturday I'd had photoshoots with Summer, Adam and Tom (I'd actually missed my previous chances to get a photo with Tom at earlier cons so I had to go for it this time)  All the guests looked great - hee! Denis the Menace jumper Tom, I've scanned the pics here.

It's always tough to get up early for photo shoots especially with parties and such.(I was being good and avoiding red wine all weekend in favour of vodka).   It get's tougher every con. Needless to say Zach, Dichen, Miracle and Felicia all looked bright and sparkly.
Sunday Morning Service ... ) Dollhouse ladies take the stage... )

Chuck V The Sandwich  )
You can't take the sky from me..... )

Parting is such sweet sorrow )

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Phew lots of photos to sort through.  And muddled brain to rack - acrazywench took shorthand notes of the Q&A 's but I tried to remember things from the Meet and Greet & autograph sessions.

Awesome group shot from Starfury - love the 'whodunnit ' montage. Especially Summer and Felicia's poses.  To see all the photos click on the Guests names to go to the page in the text under the cut.

Day One - Opening ceremony and the Meet and Greet  )

Day Two - Q&A's Q&A's and autograph sessions. )

ETA : All the photos are up you have to click through the links on the site

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So I'm back from the holiday across the pond.  TStorm Fay did just about everything she could to make us feel well at home with the torrential rain and high winds. Bit like being on a Cornish beach in August. We were lucky though much of Florida was flooded.  But on a serious note I see that Gustav is threatening New Orleans area and my thoughts are with all my flist that may be affected, I was freaked with all the news and tracking predictions for Fay so I cannot imagine how you must be all feeling with a Hurricane on it's way.

Big Damn Heroes. - I miss my shows.  Dr Horrible made me want to sing (eek!) Perhaps Dollhouse will make me want to sketch/paint more. Here's hoping.

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It's done. The song was edited from over 7.30 to 5.40 mins and may not be to everyone's taste. It is a little strange but not Bjork strange if you get my meaning. The vid focuses on Mal and River, their struggles throughout Serenity and it contains major spoilers. A smallish file is up at the moment. I am in the process of uploading a HQ version and will add the link.

To download click here

Of course feedback is wondrous to receive.

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