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So we decided to give it a spin since we changed ISP to a unlimited package that was more 'unlimited' than the last one.    It's mainly for TV series/seasons that we keep missing and I don't want to buy (yet).  In penance I may have to do more time on the exercise bike as the arse is gonna get pretty well couch shaped to go with those square eyes.

Watched the first ep of  'The Thick of It'. Fuckity fuck, Peter Capaldi is going to be a very interesting Doctor.

Oh and this morning we managed to re-book King Lear for April so YAY. National Theatre site kept crashing though so I should imagine most tickets for the remainder of the run will be gone pretty soon. I just have to pass on those February ones now.
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So I booked to see the currently sold out King Lear with Simon Russell Beale (Sam Mendes production) in February. It now appears that they clash with an important (i.e. can't get out of it) black tie family bash.

I was so looking forward to the play and will have to try and get more tickets for later in April/May when advance booking re-opens this Friday. If I thought I could avoid the party without ruffling feathers then I would.

I have two tickets for February 22nd 7.00pm at the National Theatre  Circle . Information on the production is here. It's already had 5star reviews so if anyone wants them please message me or pass info to anyone they think might be interested.
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Title: Iron
Fandom : Prince Hal/ Henry V - The Hollow Crown
Music :Iron by Woodkid
Length: 3mins 40secs
Description  "I’ll so offend to make offense a skill,Redeeming time when men think least I will."  Errant Prince Hal, a source of disappointment to his father has an opportunity to show his mettle in the fight against Hotspur's rebellion and become the warrior King of England.  

Download  Tiny WMV 12.1mB             Med AVI 84mB          HQ AVI 186mB 
Stream & notes below the cut

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I ‘studied’ this play for A -Level English but that was over 35 yrs ago,  so when it was announced that this would be Tom’s return to the Shakespearean stage, I was a little nonplussed. I didn’t remember anything in detail, about the play other than the obnoxious soldier, pushy ambitious mother and it ‘didn’t end well’. Also that  I, like many, had visualized Coriolanus as an older man.

I watched the Fiennes version in the months before the performance and also re-read the text. My god, it’s easier to understand Shakespeare with those extra years under my belt. I saw it with my husband and in the end, my Shakespeare adoring niece who lives in London. The intention was to take my 14yr  daughter, but she can be emotional at violence, gore etc so she bailed & was treated to a tour of London with a friend who knows  all the best places and dim sum in China town.

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thedothatgirl: (coriolanus) Coriolanus has it.

When my thoughts unscramble I'll post some more.
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Many reviews are in and they are great. I can't wait.  I've also booked NT Live tickets for 30th Jan.

Let's hope I survive the performance.
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So we're back briefly from our 4 days of Culture in London. We stayed with a niece who has a place in East Croydon - only 15 minutes from London Bridge and it was perfect for zipping in and out. They've both lived/studied  in London for some years and her fiance Niro knows the transport system inside out. I'm a bit rusty on anything outside of the core section of the Underground plus they've built so much since I haunted the area in the late 70's & 80's.

This time we did a Prom, The Globe and a West End Play,  plus parts of Greenwich and a couple of floors of the National Portrait Gallery.  It was a first time for London plays and concerts for Ellie. She enjoyed them all, but absolutely adored Midsummer's Night Dream ( which was hilarious and IMO perfect)  and it's not often that my cunning plans work, but this time I hit a winner. She was quoting it all the way home.  I really wanted to get her into Shakespeare before the GCSE starts in earnest September.

So we're back home now for two days to grab the beach/surf stuff and we're off to Cornwall for a week.
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Yipee - 3 tickets (band B stalls) secured for Jan. They were disappearing as I was trying to put them in the basket but I got some.  A bit more success than my attempts at seeing Joss at BFI or BAFTA (although someone who I didn't know offered me tickets to BFI at the last minute but I had Mum here so couldn't go, but it was a great gesture)

Wow, don't want to do that again for a while.  I see [ profile] obsessive24 got hers too :D

So yeah, that's great and I think I need to go and sit in a dark room for while.
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So having epic failed on booking the Much Ado Premiere in Glasgow earlier this year and missing tickets for  the Joss Audience at the BFI London next month by 3 minutes (it sold out in 5 minutes for crissakes). I am a woman on mission. To book bloody tickets dammit!

We're in London this summer for a short while and I have a Prom, The Globe and now Dan Radcliffe's new play booked up. Yess I have a credit card and a new purpose in life.  Next stop the Donmar where Coriolanus  tickets will be exchanged for first born children.  Wish me monsters luck
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So Tom Hiddleston returns to the London stage in Coriolanus December through February 2014.  Dammit this is brilliant news - I did Coriolanus for english A Level Lit way back so I've forgotten most of it by now. But I am so there or will be when booking opens.

No one is allowed to book tickets until I have mine 'kay?
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So I have only watched one festivid this year. (I'm a slacker)  But I picked an absolute stunner.

I copped out on the detailed feedback so far, as this took away my ability to communicate. Other than that though,please go watch and shower deserved praise on [ profile] obsessive24 for making this masterpiece.

Somewhere A Clock is Ticking  - Hollow Crown vid.
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So we were away this weekend at my Brother in Law's wedding, but we settled down to watch 'Richard II - The Hollow Crown ' on the iplayer last night. Up to the point where it threw back an error code and would not play the final  40 minutes.  *hulksmash*  

So far  we are really loving this production.  Ben Whishaw gives an excellent performance, and J loves history so what a win/win.   Yeah and I'm so slow to realize that I last saw Ben in 'The Hour'.  With a bit of luck we'll watch the rest tonight.  The Shakespeare season on the BBC has had some excellent programs, Simon Schama - Joely Richardson and Shakespeare in Italy are a few that spring to mind.   This saturday is the start of hiddlefest with Henry IV Pt 1, then pt2 & Henry V over the next two weeks. Bliss.

To top it all we may even get to see Joss Whedon's 'Much Ado' this year.  If Joss does anymore Shakespeare I really hope you know who is involved.

Anyway all this wonderful culture and art  has made me promise myself that we'd book something at the Globe next summer season, and try and get to at least one Prom. It's been too long for sure.
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Well this was great news to wake up to this morning.  There's the usual discussion over at Whedonesque and some prominent suspects       *cough nathancough * tweeted the link. We've yet to see any purple hued comment but if it's not some huge (cruel) and elaborate joke then YAY! 

Sean Maher is scheduled to appear at  Hallowhedon this weekend so I will definitely be asking him about the project at the meet and greet :)

In other news - I've just got Cordelia's hair and shirt to tackle before that sketch is done for signing and this is also a pimp for submissions over at Art of Vidding Awards. If you haven't yet - go on! you know you want to!

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