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So 2016.  Been pretty shit so far with the loss of David Bowie and Alan Rickman.

I was a Bowie fan from the age of 11 yrs old,  I remember pulling down all the Osmonds posters so I could stick up the Bowie ones (hee! - poor Mum must have wondered what had happened for such a change) Bought everything I could get my hands on - had all the albums on vinyl up to Scary Monsters, but they were lost in the division of the spoils in the divorce. After that I had tape/CD's.  Came so close to seeing him in concert in MK (My best friend did go but the ass-hat ex wouldn't pay the touts for tickets.)  Sadly kind of lost touch with his work from Tin Machine onwards which is a shame.

He was only 69 as was Alan Rickman. Gone too soon, a loss to us all.  Couldn't call myself a 'hard core fan' of Alan Rickman but really loved his work & feel for all the potterheads. Those of us in the Whedonverse know how it feels.

In other news, I'll be going over the vids posted here to replace all the Vimeo embeds as they wiped the account back in Autumn sometime. That's what you get for not passwording your entries I guess. YouTube have done a content sweep and now just about every vid has copyright notice on it ( I assume some change/ monetization is planned?) The new flags are all Fox etc, at least they've not been taken down....  yet .  

Bought a new camera but need to spend time finding out how it works. Only had it a couple of days but the Automatic mode is nifty. Perhaps I'll post some photos of the Lake District (we're there this weekend) if any are worth seeing.
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Those of you who use viddler will know that they stopped offering new free accounts quite some time ago. Well this morning was the email telling  us to upgrade to a reasonably priced basic account -  pay 25$ a month or piss off.

Guess which option I'll be choosing.

I have everything on there as a back up streaming option but many of the older vids are only on viddler. The good thing about Viddler was that they don't block vids due to copyright, but the playback isn't the best. I shall most likely now upload those vids solely on viddler to a combination of youtube/vimeo.  Don't want to overload vimeo and risk having the whole account pulled though.    At least most of the old videos are tiny and won't take long to move.
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Song long irritating streaming site that really didn't want vidders.   Simplify the site indeed - yeah, no-one on there.

They've been slowly eroding the joy of being a member, the  ads,  'not available videos' , unable to embed and now can't upload and everything is going to be dumped on the 30th.  *sigh*  Personally I have always offered downloads of my vids, but I do understand that some people cannot download and/ or much prefer to see them streamed. 

I do have a vimeo account but have never published any link to to the few i have put up on there, they really don't want us so I can't be arsed to put in the effort to do that.   I am already a member of BAM Vid Vault which is shaping up to be a fab place and the creators/admins are vidders. I hope they can cope with the inlfux from imeem.  My only regret is you have to be a member to watch the vids so it's not casual viewer friendly. 

I will also be checking out and the possibility of streaming direct from my site to here. But it's on the list and there are lots of other things already on it.

Ooh random note - points to new banner - I felt like having a fine art banner (Waterhouse - one of the pre-raphaelite Brotherhood, my favourite school of art)  I've been playing with some more manips using fine art (yes I am strange) I'll post some soon, and you can marvel at the weirdness that is me. 

Right, I better get uploading then.
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Oh flippin' heck.  Now Imeem is being a pain.  There are so many vids that I now can't watch either because I'm UK or some music dispute.  

I'm not even sure that anyone outside of Uk can see my vids either.  Someone on BamVidVault, where I have the imeem vids embedded  just messaged me to say they could get one to work so it's possible that only a few, if any are visible. 

If anyone on my flist outside of UK has tried and failed to view  any over at Imeem could they comment please?  I think I may have to upload more onto either BuffyTube or Bam.

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Ok right now I am fucking furious. I am being single white femailed (they claim to be from my own town and hail from the same county as me too) by some idiot on youtube who says they are my niece and is uploading and claiming my vids, even describing some as 'iffy' and the music is a bit 'old' - Bloody nerve.

Let's hope they don't live in Lincoln cause I might start seeking revenge.

Comments and messages have been left. Let's see if I get a response. Best possible case the vids will disappear.

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