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It's the last few hours over at the Sweet Charity Auction.  I'm still very affordable if someone wants some original art work.  

It'd be nice to get a good result for the final auction. 

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I wavered, and then read lovely [ profile] halcyon_shift  post about  the record number of tarts, and how the final auction was so close.  I caved.  Whilst I am not so brave as the talented vidders on my flist who offer up their services (I really wish I could afford any of you this year, we'll have to see how it goes off) I'm offering original art in the final Sweet Charity Auction  

I'm in the auction for one A4 sketch - examples of work are littered through the journal. Most of the flist know I do 'whedonverse' but will tackle other fandoms, kitties, puppy dogs and lanscapish stuff.   You just provide the photos.   Auction starts on 28th March ends 31st March.

Now I must go off and start screencapping for the Convention pieces I need next month, oh yeah and open that timeline too, that vid won't make itself. .

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Hey, so here's the piece that I asked Mercedes to sign the other day.

I think now is a good time to mention that the Sweet Charity Auction is still underway.  I'm currently very cheap :) 

I will do RL subjects along with fandoms other than whedonverse, you know.  
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Just a quick heads up to say I'm available in the latest Sweet Charity Auction.  Well not me, 'cos that would be wrong  - but a piece of artwork :) 

Most of you on my flist have seen the fandom work - just whedonverse I know,  but I will tackle other fandom characters if you like. Or fluffy cats & dogs, small children or a portrait of yourself.    The charity looks like a very deserving one so - get those bids in. I want to be fought over dammit!!

You can check it out here
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I was won by [personal profile] spiletta42 and she commissioned 'Kennedy, The Vampire Slayer'

Here's a sneak peaky now that it has arrived safely.

Clicky thumb takes you to the larger image.    Now I must get started on new Adam Baldwin and Alan Tudyk sketches for next Friday *eep*

And two eljay posts in one day.  Will this cause a rift in the space time thingy? .
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2nd day of this 'New To Me' vidwatching challenge - Any vidder whose work I have not watched before is fair game so I went with a couple of fandoms that I am quite familiar with but totally different styles of vids.

A Dr Who  vid - Winter in My Heart   a collaboration by [personal profile] leviathan101 HumanRSuperior and Raspberry_splat.  I was drawn by the fact that this was one of the Vast tracks I had mentally shortlisted to vid sometime this year  but to a BtVS relationship.  Great use of filters and overlays to set the mood, wonderfully chocked full of angst and good use of an excellent song. 

In contrast to that, but also skilfully edited was [profile] aj2k   Lose Control   Bruce Lee  compilation with emphasis on rage rather than control . Bruce was the man when I was young. My brother still has his own nunchukkas.  Full of action fight scenes synched with the beat,  careful use of special effects so as not to overload the senses and Chuck Norris getting kicked around. What more could you want.

Hmmm now what to watch tomorrow.

Oh and this is still going on.  I am currently very affordable so ......

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OK just so you all know I have signed up to a couple of things of the last few days

1. I'm up for the latest Sweet Charity Auction - its an A4 sketch of whatever you fancy (aww come on within reason!)  So if you want an original scribble get a 'bidding'.   Find out more here [profile] sweetcharityho   If you don't fancy bidding for me please look at all the other fantabulous peeps who are putting it out there. *cough* so to speak.

2. I've done that   great vidding truth meme thing.   It is your chance to leave some anoymous feedback or concrit on my vidding efforts/my vids. Many great vidders are  there  so you can comment for them if it takes your fancy.  

And finally I've made this for [personal profile] rua1412 who was feeling blue the other day.  It's my first attempt at splicing people together - I know I said Angel/Willow but perhaps this will do. I just loved the photographs.  Hope you like it.  And words fail me for these things so if you have some particular text/quote/lyric you want on this just say I can easily add etc.

ETA: Texture by the lovely [personal profile] charmax plus other resources by various as per credits on my site  ...

Pimping Out

Mar. 5th, 2007 07:38 pm
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I have joined  the merry band of ho's pimping out for charity.   It's for a good cause so get  your 'readies' ready for the auction.   Such a huge selection of goodies available too from vids to art to fic, code, knitwear anything you might care to want from some seriously talented people in the fandom.

Go see here

Also We have broadened the Fandom range at Art of Vidding Awards - you can now submit Dark Angel, Due South and Tru Calling Vids. Once I've played catch up I hope to add BSG and Heroes to that list too( in a couple of rounds)

But in the meantime Special Theme Round Three has begun

Wizards, Witches and magic. Go check it out and submit those vids.
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Sweet Charity: Charity Ho

The bidding is underway and I just want to pimp that there are very very talented vidders, artists and fic writers all waiting to do your bidding for bids.....

Ever had a vid idea but not the time/skill to do it? There are ho's who will gladly take on the task for you. There must be a fandom story that you want to read or get some spiffy new icons/headers/graphics.

Go check it out. I know I am going to put in a bid on a few and it all goes to a good cause.
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Ok thanks to the wonderful [ profile] charmax I have signed up to be a charity ho and sell my wares (it's ok artwork not vids 'cos you know....) to the highest bidder

Go check out [profile] sweetcharityho and come bid like bunnies when the time comes

Click here to find out more, go on - it's a good cause.

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