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Title: Nothing Else Matters
Fandom: Crimson Peak
Music: Nothing Else Matters by Apocalyptica
Length: 4:09mins
Description:  The truly gothic romance between Sir Thomas Sharpe&  Edith . Some gore & adult scenes.
Edited Oct 2016
Downloads MP4 Zipped 86mB

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I promised some new wallpapers so here you go. They're based on the beautiful new Gothic Romance (With added Ghosts) Film from Guillermo Del Toro 'Crimson Peak' Such a visually stunning film, which I adored.

Cropped detail with links to full size below . I have one more after these an a photoshop manip which I will post later.  And I need a Crimson Peak icon don't I?

1680   or 1920

1680   or 1920

1680 or  1920
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Title: Black Melt
Fandom: Only Lovers Left Alive
Music: Black Melt - Massive Attack
Length: 4:57mins
Description:  Our Immortal lovers reunion is spoilt by wayward family member.
Edited May 2015
Downloads Med mp4 79mB
HQ mp4 152mB
HQ AVI 117mB

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Title: Golden Boy
Fandom: Thor, Avengers & Thor: The Dark World (MCU)
Music: Golden Boy by Natalie Merchant
Length: 4:04 mins
Description:  Thor & their relationship as seen through the eyes of his 'brother' Loki. I know my place, Stick to my lines, Stay in your shadow, Don't block your light
Edited October 2014
Downloads Tiny WMV 14.7mB     Med AVI 98mB      mp4 119mB    HQ AVI 164mB

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So I only saw this Jarmusch film once at the Gala premiere in London where Tom showed up. It is glorious visually, great soundtrack and funnier than you'd expect. Tom and Tilda a just beautiful together. Yin to Yang. We don't get our hands on the DVD in the UK  until September but expect a vid soon after that because I'm not going to be able to resist.

I made two walls - one Adam the other Eve. Soon I'll do another of the two together.


  1680 or 1920


1280 1680 or 1920

If you get the opportunity to see this film - don't miss it.
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Title: Iron
Fandom : Prince Hal/ Henry V - The Hollow Crown
Music :Iron by Woodkid
Length: 3mins 40secs
Description  "I’ll so offend to make offense a skill,Redeeming time when men think least I will."  Errant Prince Hal, a source of disappointment to his father has an opportunity to show his mettle in the fight against Hotspur's rebellion and become the warrior King of England.  

Download  Tiny WMV 12.1mB             Med AVI 84mB          HQ AVI 186mB 
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I ‘studied’ this play for A -Level English but that was over 35 yrs ago,  so when it was announced that this would be Tom’s return to the Shakespearean stage, I was a little nonplussed. I didn’t remember anything in detail, about the play other than the obnoxious soldier, pushy ambitious mother and it ‘didn’t end well’. Also that  I, like many, had visualized Coriolanus as an older man.

I watched the Fiennes version in the months before the performance and also re-read the text. My god, it’s easier to understand Shakespeare with those extra years under my belt. I saw it with my husband and in the end, my Shakespeare adoring niece who lives in London. The intention was to take my 14yr  daughter, but she can be emotional at violence, gore etc so she bailed & was treated to a tour of London with a friend who knows  all the best places and dim sum in China town.

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thedothatgirl: (coriolanus) Coriolanus has it.

When my thoughts unscramble I'll post some more.
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Many reviews are in and they are great. I can't wait.  I've also booked NT Live tickets for 30th Jan.

Let's hope I survive the performance.
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So there's been some wonderful HQ stills posted from the film - can't wait for caps of the rest when they release the DVD/Bluray.

New Wallpaper

1280   1680 and 1920    Credits are as per my site here.

Oh this film - seen it three times now and I love it (in a different way to the first which is still really fine) I have a feeling this was a Joss penned scene (one of  the last to be filmed) And funny enough when I was watching Henry IV Pt1 last night as Hal appears chastised before the King, Tom does the almost exact same footstep as he approaches - just as if he is standing to attention.
I think Chris Hemsworth does an excellent job too - it's rather a shame he is overshadowed by the media Loki attention.   There's much to be said for the Thor & Loki dynamic being greater than the sum of the parts. I shall more than likely be making more wallpapers. Next up a few Agents of Shield Icons I think.
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First things first. Thor :The Dark World.

I can hardly wait. I booked for tomorrow night instead of tonight (don't ask me why) so we're off to see it then. I am so looking forward to this and have only seen two trailers. I've avoided all the extra TV spots, behind the scenes, extra scenes etc etc as best I can,  so there is some film left to see anew. I have a good feeling about this one. But I do know I am easy to please so there is that. I shall probably see it once more on my own after the shock wears off.

Secondly my short trip to London was super fun. The weather held out and both 'events' were fabulous. I only wish I had time for more.So what happened at Marvel Meet the FilmMakers )
And then with J to the London Film Festival Cult Gala to seeOnly Lovers Left Alive )
And if that wasn't enough this weekend I was in Birmingham for Hallowhedon 5 - A fun time was had by all. I'm going to save that for another post but in the meantime here's a teaser or two

hw5group hw5ad1

I am just sifting through the remaining photos and I will be back with a post.
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1280 1680 or 1920

Credit screencaps from

So we've had 3 episodes of A.o.S in the UK now.  I've seen a bit of criticism and praise too, but I am loving the show. It's not 100% whedonesque but I never expected that. This is primarily a Marvel show and is aimed at family audience. As such I'm finding that it's a lot of fun and highly entertaining.   Not everything has to be/ or should be dark/deep/disturbing. I have a whole list of shows that already fill that quota and this makes a refreshing change.

We all watch it together on Friday night and it's a good reason to make a huge bowl of popcorn and have a glass or three to celebrate the start of the weekend. It's a great way to do that. Ellie thinks Melinda May is beyond awesome too.

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Title: Serenade in Blue
Fandom : The Deep Blue Sea (Film 2011 )
Music : 'Serenade in Blue' by Glenn Miller (Vocals Pat Friday)
Length: 3mins 40 secs
Description "And as we danced the night away, I hear you say forever more, And then the song became a sigh, Forever more became goodbye"  Hester is caught between passion that does not  last and a return to a loveless marriage, she tries to escape.
Download : Tiny WMV 13.6mB    Med AVI 48mB HQ AVI 172mB
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I couldn't get online on Friday and Saturday as I had events and most of my family taking over the whole place for a Mexican- Chilli/taco night  (and the whole place I mean only the Kitchen and the bathroom did not have anyone sleeping in them overnight).

After they had all eaten their way through a zillion pancakes on Sunday morning they departed (bless 'em) and I was left to catch up on Panels and stuff going down over at SDCC.

BLOODY HELL. So this happened in Hall H  Talk about an entrance.


This isn't the full speech but it's easy to find more vids on Youtube.

In summary - I'm going to have to medicate heavily for the Coriolanus gig because, boy does the dude love the stage (and it loves him right back too)

I also had a groovy time watching Nathan and Alan at a NerdHQ conversation and there's tons more to enjoy over the next few days.
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Yipee - 3 tickets (band B stalls) secured for Jan. They were disappearing as I was trying to put them in the basket but I got some.  A bit more success than my attempts at seeing Joss at BFI or BAFTA (although someone who I didn't know offered me tickets to BFI at the last minute but I had Mum here so couldn't go, but it was a great gesture)

Wow, don't want to do that again for a while.  I see [ profile] obsessive24 got hers too :D

So yeah, that's great and I think I need to go and sit in a dark room for while.
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Title: Goodnight and Go
Fandom: Unrelated (2008)
Music: Goodnight and Go by Imogen Heap
Length: 3 mins 39 secs
Description:Joining the family of an old friend on holiday, forty-something Anna is drawn to the attractive but manipulative young Oakley. Soon falling for his charm in the hope that this might lead to something more.
Download Small WMV 13mB   Medium AVI 79.5mB   HQ AVI 186mB
Vimeo Stream (for those blocked by YT)
Embed & vidder notes under the cut
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So having epic failed on booking the Much Ado Premiere in Glasgow earlier this year and missing tickets for  the Joss Audience at the BFI London next month by 3 minutes (it sold out in 5 minutes for crissakes). I am a woman on mission. To book bloody tickets dammit!

We're in London this summer for a short while and I have a Prom, The Globe and now Dan Radcliffe's new play booked up. Yess I have a credit card and a new purpose in life.  Next stop the Donmar where Coriolanus  tickets will be exchanged for first born children.  Wish me monsters luck
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So Tom Hiddleston returns to the London stage in Coriolanus December through February 2014.  Dammit this is brilliant news - I did Coriolanus for english A Level Lit way back so I've forgotten most of it by now. But I am so there or will be when booking opens.

No one is allowed to book tickets until I have mine 'kay?

Iron Man 3

Mar. 19th, 2013 05:40 pm
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I'm feeling a bit pleased with myself about avoiding all but the first Iron Man 3 trailers.  That one was enough to scare me crapless,  so I thought it may be best.   I've booked the cinema for the following Saturday of the release here in the UK - and they've just announced the UK Premiere for the 17th April. I figure that if I was 20 years younger I'd haul my butt down to scream at RDJ Tony Stark when he turns up for it.  Wonder if they'll invite Tom?   Also Thor 2 trailer will show with the film, will we get our first glimpse of Loki?

In other news I need to update the LJ layout - it's wintry and although we did have snow this week, perhaps if I change it we may get a taste of spring.

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