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Bloody hell. I know I’m old and don’t usually do these kind of things, but my husband  & me  adore Muse, so we always promised to book a gig when we got a chance. Last night we saw them at the o2 Arena. First time I’d been there and my first band gig since Ultravox back in the 80′s (I said I don’t do these things…)

I always knew that Muse were Rock Gods & musicians of extraordinary skill but damn, their ‘awesomeness’ was of epic proportions. The light & video show was perfect and Matt was on point vocally, at the keyboards and of course as Guitar God. Chris & Dominic shouldn’t be overlooked and were also spectacular.

The Playlist was as if they had looked in my favourites file and managed to include most, if not all, and of course much of the new album ‘Drones’ . Playlist featured most of the new album & the big numbers like Plug in Baby, Super Massive Black Hole, Hysteria, Starlight (I whooped as I had just finished a vid yesterday to this..) Finishing with Knights of Cydonia (next on the Muse fanvid list ) it was a perfect way to end.

Muse really live up to their name - they have been a source of inspiration for my vidding (Muse geddit?) with my using 4 of their songs to date with a few more on the ‘to do’ list. If you want to check them out clicky below:

Super Massive Black Hole - Angel the Series Gwen Raiden

Plug in Baby - The Matrix

Feeling Good - Loki (The Avengers)

Starlight - The Guardians of Galaxy

Oh and Matt Bellamy for Prime Minister
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Title: Starlight
Fandom: The Guardians of the Galaxy
Music: Starlight - Muse
Length: 4:09mins
Description:  Peter Quill - you may know him as Starlord - adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Edited April 2016
Downloads Med mp4 64mB
HQ mp4 90mB

Embed stream and notes under the cutRead more... )
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So 2016.  Been pretty shit so far with the loss of David Bowie and Alan Rickman.

I was a Bowie fan from the age of 11 yrs old,  I remember pulling down all the Osmonds posters so I could stick up the Bowie ones (hee! - poor Mum must have wondered what had happened for such a change) Bought everything I could get my hands on - had all the albums on vinyl up to Scary Monsters, but they were lost in the division of the spoils in the divorce. After that I had tape/CD's.  Came so close to seeing him in concert in MK (My best friend did go but the ass-hat ex wouldn't pay the touts for tickets.)  Sadly kind of lost touch with his work from Tin Machine onwards which is a shame.

He was only 69 as was Alan Rickman. Gone too soon, a loss to us all.  Couldn't call myself a 'hard core fan' of Alan Rickman but really loved his work & feel for all the potterheads. Those of us in the Whedonverse know how it feels.

In other news, I'll be going over the vids posted here to replace all the Vimeo embeds as they wiped the account back in Autumn sometime. That's what you get for not passwording your entries I guess. YouTube have done a content sweep and now just about every vid has copyright notice on it ( I assume some change/ monetization is planned?) The new flags are all Fox etc, at least they've not been taken down....  yet .  

Bought a new camera but need to spend time finding out how it works. Only had it a couple of days but the Automatic mode is nifty. Perhaps I'll post some photos of the Lake District (we're there this weekend) if any are worth seeing.
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Ready for it?


March 2015 -
When I'm Up I can't get down - Wash  

May 2015 -
Black Melt - Only Lovers Left Alive

Two vids in 2015. Two vids. TWO.VIDS.  I started 10 seconds of an Agent Carter vid and was so frustrated with the logo'd source that I abandoned it in favour of waiting for the DVD's, No real point answering the Meme questions.

Previous years if you're interested :

2013   2012   2011 
2010     2009   2008   2007 

gah.... Real life just wasn't letting me get into the vidding vibe.  I have better hopes for 2016, just need to sort out my machine as it's dying if I attempt anything slightly strenuous.  Here's hoping my enthusiasm will return

Edit: I can't count there were two.
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Title: Black Melt
Fandom: Only Lovers Left Alive
Music: Black Melt - Massive Attack
Length: 4:57mins
Description:  Our Immortal lovers reunion is spoilt by wayward family member.
Edited May 2015
Downloads Med mp4 79mB
HQ mp4 152mB
HQ AVI 117mB

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101 vids since 2004. Yay go me!  (Well I have actually made 102, but one is not online.)

66 Whedonverse shows (or related) vids

35 Films and other TV show vids

It’s kind of encouraged me to crack on with my latest project which has stalled a little under real life pressures.

Looking back over these 10-11ish years the vidding scene has changed so much. No streaming, only downloads that took forever on dial up,  Fond memories of all the talented Buffy Vidders that inspired me to take up this activity, a little sadness that so many vidding sites have since disappeared, the rise and fall of Awards competitions other than YouTube. The forums where I used to spend most of my time when I wasn't actually vidding.

I don't regret one minute of it.
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Title: When I'm Up, I Can't Get Down
Fandom: Firefly (Some Serenity)
Music: When I'm Up - The Oysterband
Length: 3:46 mins
Description: 'Wash' piot extraordinaire, Husband, friend and dinosaur wrangler.
Edited March 2015
Downloads Med mp4 55mB
HQ AVI 188mB
HQ mp4 104mB

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More for my own benefit as reference, I’m certain no-one out there is really interested in my vidding year.

Previous Years

2013   2012   2011
2010     2009   2008   2007 

Vids edited 2014

January             Iron – The Hollow Crown –Prince Hal/Henry V

May                  Mister Booze – Multi Whedonverse

June                 Counting Stars – Tony/Pepper (IM1,2,3 & Avengers)

July                  Coriolanus  - Donmar Production (Pt 1)

 October          Golden Boy – Thor,Thor:DW, Avengers. Thor according to Loki
                        Boogey Man – Angel the Series
                        Teddy Bears Picnic - The Cabin in the Woods

December        Must Be Santa – Bad Santa

This year started off pretty unproductive and then had a strong showing at the end  which I suppose is a hopeful sign. Two more vids than last, although Coriolanus is still does not have a concluding part 2. I may or may not do that this year if I can find the music I wish to use. And it’s been the songs/music as stumbling blocks to new projects. I do have shows/films that I love but lack the ‘right’ song.

Favourite Vid
Hmm can’t decide between Counting Stars and Golden Boy. The MCU has my heart currently so either of those.

Least Favourite
Coriolanus, only because it is basically just half the story.

Most Successful
In terms of comments I think Counting Stars garnered the most comments, and hits on YouTube too.

Most Under appreciated, IMO.
I think I grossed everyone out with Bad Santa as this remains totally uncommented to date. Not possible to post on YouTube due to audio issues.  Vids posted elsewhere never get much attention.

Most Fun to make
I always enjoy the funny vids and there were three/fourish this year, Mister Booze and Boogey Man were a pain to clip for, but Teddy Bear’s Picnic and Bad Santa were great fun and not a clipping nightmare.

Biggest Vid fail.
Sony Vegas still sits in the box waiting to be installed. I’m pretty useless really.

Hardest to Make
Iron and Coriolanus were tough just due to the amount of dialogue to clip out, plus  subtitles. I’d never vidded theatre source before so I guess Coriolanus may win out this category.

Kick Ass/Sexiest
Was there any this year that you could describe as Kick Ass? There is some action in Counting Stars and Golden Boy but not all out. Not a lot of sex in them either.

Unintentionally telling video.
Using a nursery rhyme for a horror film. There may be issues & don’t wish to discuss.

Things I've learnt this year
Nothing technically. Generally there are  ‘good’ years creatively and pretty ‘lean’ ones.

Things to work on
Make more vids. Be a little more creative with sourcing music.

Vid Projects that I want to finish
I started clipping a Firefly vid that I’d like to make the next project.

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Title: Teddy Bears Picnic
Fandom: The Cabin In the Woods
Music: Teddy Bears Picnic performed by Henry Hall
Length: 2:58mins
Description:  If you go down in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise.   Trigger warnings Extreme gore and violence. Plus complete spoilers for the film.   Happy Halloween
Edited October 2014
Downloads Med AVI 61mB  
HQ AVI 120mB
HQ MP4 85mB
Med MP4 43mB
Embed and notes under the cut
( For every bear that ever there was ) )
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Title: Boogey Man
Fandom: Angel the Series (All 5 Seasons)
Music: I'm your Boogie Man - White Zombie
Length: 4:30 mins
Description:  Angel Investigations face their demons. A look at all the 'monsters' over the whole show. He's gonna get ya... Happy Halloween
Edited October 2014
Downloads Tiny WMV 16.7mB     Med AVI 108mB      Med mp4 69mB HQ AVI 205mB     HQ MP4 133mB
Embed and notes under the cut
I'm your Boogey Man )
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This has to be the most astonishingly brilliant, clever and stunning vid I have ever seen.

After the joy of watching this subsided,  the angst of never wanting to open another editing program hit hard.
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Title Counting Stars
Fandom: Avengers & Iron Man trilogy (MCU)
Music: Counting Stars by One Republic
Length: 4:25 mins
Description Tony, like the Mk 42 is falling apart. Pepper is the one thing he can't live without. Pepper/Tony vid Song performed by One Republic
Edited June 2014
Downloads Tiny WMV     Med AVI 82mB      mp4 166mB    HQ AVI 169mB

Embed of stream and brief notes under the cutHouse party protocol this way )
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Title: Mister Booze
Fandom : Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, Dollhouse, Firefly
Music :'Mister Booze' performed by the cast of Family Guy
Length: 4mins 01 secs
Description: Don't mess with Mister Booze.
Downloads Tiny WMV 14.8mB       MP4 63mB       Med AVI 81mB     HQ AVI 157mB
 Stream & vague notes  under the cutHere )            
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Those of you who use viddler will know that they stopped offering new free accounts quite some time ago. Well this morning was the email telling  us to upgrade to a reasonably priced basic account -  pay 25$ a month or piss off.

Guess which option I'll be choosing.

I have everything on there as a back up streaming option but many of the older vids are only on viddler. The good thing about Viddler was that they don't block vids due to copyright, but the playback isn't the best. I shall most likely now upload those vids solely on viddler to a combination of youtube/vimeo.  Don't want to overload vimeo and risk having the whole account pulled though.    At least most of the old videos are tiny and won't take long to move.
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Title: Fell on black Days
Fandom : Willow - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Music : 'Fell on Black Day's by Soundgarden
Length: 3mins 44 secs
Description "Whatsoever I've feared has come to life, whatsoever I've fought off, became my life"
Download  Tiny WMV 14.1mB  
                  Med AVI 96mB
                HQ AVI 152mB

Vidders notes & stream below the cut.
This way to embed )
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I'm vidding again! For the second time this year (which seeing as we are now in May - pretty poor show for my usual rate).  I had a hell of a time getting started but I think I've now got into the swing of things and I had to shut it down Tuesday and Wednesday night as I was getting tired and that leads to sloppy.

And I still love the song and  the source is just magical.  Who knows I may even get it done over the weekend.
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So I have only watched one festivid this year. (I'm a slacker)  But I picked an absolute stunner.

I copped out on the detailed feedback so far, as this took away my ability to communicate. Other than that though,please go watch and shower deserved praise on [ profile] obsessive24 for making this masterpiece.

Somewhere A Clock is Ticking  - Hollow Crown vid.
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Awards are posted for Rd 20 of the Art of Vidding Awards.  Check them out here. Thanks to my co-conspirator and judge [ profile] whiskyinmind for her help as always.

It may not have been a very big round in number of entries but in terms of competition, some categories were brutal. And I don't think we've ever had so many vids in contention for Music/Action or Editing Rounds.  It seemed a shame to just to have two judge's choices each but we had to stop somewhere.  Check out the winning vids - you won't be disappointed.

Not sure when the next round will happen. There's a definite decline in interest for these vidding competition so we may have a rethink and any thoughts are welcome in the comments.
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Vidding Round Up Meme

As I'm not going to produce any more so late in the year, I thought I would do this.

Previous years
2011   2010     2009    2008    2007    2006

This Years vids : 
January :    Snow  - Multifandom film-verse (fantasy with Snow as theme)

February :  Everybody Loves me   Tony Stark/Iron Man Character study

 March:       Changes      Buffy Season 4 Overview

 April:          Little Bird     River Tam (Firefly) Character study

 September : Blue           Loki Character study (Thor)

 October:     Yellow          William & Peggy (Return to Cranford) Relationship vid

                  Heads Will Roll    Sleepy Hollow overview with focus on Ichabod.

December : Feeling Good   Loki (Avengers ) humour based character overview.

Just eight this year, but no vidlets. Can't say I'm too excited/happy with the output this year. I had wanted to do a Seasonal vid in December but no inspiration at this time.  I hit a wall in May that didn't crumble until September - and I feel I'm still stepping over the 'rubble' to some extent.

Favourite Vid
I thought it would be simple to pick a favourite but after re-watching them all I found it impossible to choose.  I love 'Blue' because Loki (Thor) is fascinating to me, 'Yellow' is very pretty source and guess what, a happy ending! 'Everybody Loves Me ' is a real fun Stark and 'Feeling Good' likewise.  I guess there is no stand out amongst them.

Least Favourite
I feel  'Heads Will Roll' was a little rushed for Halloween and it suffered just a bit for it.  It's still fun to watch, but I'd like to do another Depp film with perhaps more care and time.

Most Successful
Taking into account LiveJournal comments both 'Everybody Loves Me' and then 'Blue' had a good response (comments overall are down anyway). On Youtube is the main streaming site where my vids seem to be viewed the most 'Everybody Loves Me' and 'Yellow' are popular. 

Most Under appreciated, IMO.
Feeling Good has just yet registered one comment on LiveJournal, so that's a little disappointing. Hits for it on Youtube are going ok-ish I suppose.  I thought it perhaps merited a bit more response really.

Most Fun to make
Feeling Good. I'd visualised most of this vid as soon as I heard the vid bunny song and it felt wonderful to get it to come together as I pictured.

Biggest Vid fail.
After having loaded Sony Vegas on my machine last January not using it to make a vid or even play around with at all this year. I do kind of hate change and have to force myself to try these things. It's going to have to be a project next year. Also this year was the first time I have started a vid that I later abandoned. I suspect there is nothing wrong with the idea, i just wasn't in the right frame of mind to continue with the project.

Hardest to Make
From a technical point of view - Snow had the most varied sources and mixed aspect ratios to try to unify.  Blue was a little tricky to start off without crushing the newly kindled desire to vid again.  Other than that none of the vids this year have been particularly taxing or difficult.

Kick Ass/Sexiest
Iron Man or Loki are always kick ass and any that may feature Mr Hiddleston appeal visually to me.  Strong females haven't dominated the vids as they did last year but they do make a token appearance. 

Unintentionally telling video.
Most telling by it's absence. No AtS vids, not even in crossovers. This was 'my show' and I haven't made a vid since April 2011.  Saddening and I don't feel the kind of connection to the show as I once did. I think I need to rediscover it with a re-watch, and find some inspiration.

Things I've learnt this year
Pretty much zip,  except that the muse can disappear easily. Make the most of it while you have it. And you can't vid with cats sitting right in front of your computer screen. Or on your hands as you try to use the keyboard.

Things to work on
Go see last year's comment. I haven't done any of those. Add AtS vid to it perhaps. Anyone suggest some good Sony Vegas on line tutorials - i could wade through the masses that are on Youtube but I think I'd give up too easy.   

Vid Projects that I want to finish
I suppose I should pull out that one unfinished vid just so I don't feel it's beaten me.  I never did real comedy vids this year. I have two silly ideas but one requires many sources (again ) and that always puts me off.

Thoughts or comments are much appreciated.
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Fandom: Thor (2011)
Title : Blue
Length : 4mins 21secs
Music : Blue by A Perfect Circle
Lyrics Here
Description : Loki character study from his discovery of his true origins to his descent into madness. "I  just didn't want to to know"
Download  Medium AVI  65.4mB and HQ AVI  102mB 

Embedded under the cut

Embed  )

Vidder notes  )

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