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Title: Nothing Else Matters
Fandom: Crimson Peak
Music: Nothing Else Matters by Apocalyptica
Length: 4:09mins
Description:  The truly gothic romance between Sir Thomas Sharpe&  Edith . Some gore & adult scenes.
Edited Oct 2016
Downloads MP4 Zipped 86mB

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Title: Starlight
Fandom: The Guardians of the Galaxy
Music: Starlight - Muse
Length: 4:09mins
Description:  Peter Quill - you may know him as Starlord - adventures with the Guardians of the Galaxy.
Edited April 2016
Downloads Med mp4 64mB
HQ mp4 90mB

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Title: Black Melt
Fandom: Only Lovers Left Alive
Music: Black Melt - Massive Attack
Length: 4:57mins
Description:  Our Immortal lovers reunion is spoilt by wayward family member.
Edited May 2015
Downloads Med mp4 79mB
HQ mp4 152mB
HQ AVI 117mB

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101 vids since 2004. Yay go me!  (Well I have actually made 102, but one is not online.)

66 Whedonverse shows (or related) vids

35 Films and other TV show vids

It’s kind of encouraged me to crack on with my latest project which has stalled a little under real life pressures.

Looking back over these 10-11ish years the vidding scene has changed so much. No streaming, only downloads that took forever on dial up,  Fond memories of all the talented Buffy Vidders that inspired me to take up this activity, a little sadness that so many vidding sites have since disappeared, the rise and fall of Awards competitions other than YouTube. The forums where I used to spend most of my time when I wasn't actually vidding.

I don't regret one minute of it.
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Title: When I'm Up, I Can't Get Down
Fandom: Firefly (Some Serenity)
Music: When I'm Up - The Oysterband
Length: 3:46 mins
Description: 'Wash' piot extraordinaire, Husband, friend and dinosaur wrangler.
Edited March 2015
Downloads Med mp4 55mB
HQ AVI 188mB
HQ mp4 104mB

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More for my own benefit as reference, I’m certain no-one out there is really interested in my vidding year.

Previous Years

2013   2012   2011
2010     2009   2008   2007 

Vids edited 2014

January             Iron – The Hollow Crown –Prince Hal/Henry V

May                  Mister Booze – Multi Whedonverse

June                 Counting Stars – Tony/Pepper (IM1,2,3 & Avengers)

July                  Coriolanus  - Donmar Production (Pt 1)

 October          Golden Boy – Thor,Thor:DW, Avengers. Thor according to Loki
                        Boogey Man – Angel the Series
                        Teddy Bears Picnic - The Cabin in the Woods

December        Must Be Santa – Bad Santa

This year started off pretty unproductive and then had a strong showing at the end  which I suppose is a hopeful sign. Two more vids than last, although Coriolanus is still does not have a concluding part 2. I may or may not do that this year if I can find the music I wish to use. And it’s been the songs/music as stumbling blocks to new projects. I do have shows/films that I love but lack the ‘right’ song.

Favourite Vid
Hmm can’t decide between Counting Stars and Golden Boy. The MCU has my heart currently so either of those.

Least Favourite
Coriolanus, only because it is basically just half the story.

Most Successful
In terms of comments I think Counting Stars garnered the most comments, and hits on YouTube too.

Most Under appreciated, IMO.
I think I grossed everyone out with Bad Santa as this remains totally uncommented to date. Not possible to post on YouTube due to audio issues.  Vids posted elsewhere never get much attention.

Most Fun to make
I always enjoy the funny vids and there were three/fourish this year, Mister Booze and Boogey Man were a pain to clip for, but Teddy Bear’s Picnic and Bad Santa were great fun and not a clipping nightmare.

Biggest Vid fail.
Sony Vegas still sits in the box waiting to be installed. I’m pretty useless really.

Hardest to Make
Iron and Coriolanus were tough just due to the amount of dialogue to clip out, plus  subtitles. I’d never vidded theatre source before so I guess Coriolanus may win out this category.

Kick Ass/Sexiest
Was there any this year that you could describe as Kick Ass? There is some action in Counting Stars and Golden Boy but not all out. Not a lot of sex in them either.

Unintentionally telling video.
Using a nursery rhyme for a horror film. There may be issues & don’t wish to discuss.

Things I've learnt this year
Nothing technically. Generally there are  ‘good’ years creatively and pretty ‘lean’ ones.

Things to work on
Make more vids. Be a little more creative with sourcing music.

Vid Projects that I want to finish
I started clipping a Firefly vid that I’d like to make the next project.

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Title: Must Be Santa
Fandom: Bad Santa (2003)
Music: Must Be Santa performed by Bob Dylan
Length: 2:50mins
Description:  Meet Willie, the drunken, safe cracking Department Store Santa.    Warning for some adult content and poor taste . spoilers for the film.
Edited December 2014
Downloads Med AVI 94mB
HQ AVI 163mB
MP4 83mB

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Title: Teddy Bears Picnic
Fandom: The Cabin In the Woods
Music: Teddy Bears Picnic performed by Henry Hall
Length: 2:58mins
Description:  If you go down in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise.   Trigger warnings Extreme gore and violence. Plus complete spoilers for the film.   Happy Halloween
Edited October 2014
Downloads Med AVI 61mB  
HQ AVI 120mB
HQ MP4 85mB
Med MP4 43mB
Embed and notes under the cut
( For every bear that ever there was ) )
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Title: Boogey Man
Fandom: Angel the Series (All 5 Seasons)
Music: I'm your Boogie Man - White Zombie
Length: 4:30 mins
Description:  Angel Investigations face their demons. A look at all the 'monsters' over the whole show. He's gonna get ya... Happy Halloween
Edited October 2014
Downloads Tiny WMV 16.7mB     Med AVI 108mB      Med mp4 69mB HQ AVI 205mB     HQ MP4 133mB
Embed and notes under the cut
I'm your Boogey Man )
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Title: Golden Boy
Fandom: Thor, Avengers & Thor: The Dark World (MCU)
Music: Golden Boy by Natalie Merchant
Length: 4:04 mins
Description:  Thor & their relationship as seen through the eyes of his 'brother' Loki. I know my place, Stick to my lines, Stay in your shadow, Don't block your light
Edited October 2014
Downloads Tiny WMV 14.7mB     Med AVI 98mB      mp4 119mB    HQ AVI 164mB

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Title Counting Stars
Fandom: Avengers & Iron Man trilogy (MCU)
Music: Counting Stars by One Republic
Length: 4:25 mins
Description Tony, like the Mk 42 is falling apart. Pepper is the one thing he can't live without. Pepper/Tony vid Song performed by One Republic
Edited June 2014
Downloads Tiny WMV     Med AVI 82mB      mp4 166mB    HQ AVI 169mB

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Title: Mister Booze
Fandom : Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel the Series, Dollhouse, Firefly
Music :'Mister Booze' performed by the cast of Family Guy
Length: 4mins 01 secs
Description: Don't mess with Mister Booze.
Downloads Tiny WMV 14.8mB       MP4 63mB       Med AVI 81mB     HQ AVI 157mB
 Stream & vague notes  under the cutHere )            
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So I tend to make gif sets frequently  these days and never post them here, only on tumblr - mainly whedonverse and some Tom Hiddleston Film related. Would anyone be interested if I posted here too?  They tend to be textless and plain. Comment if you want to see some.

In the meantime I made a very few Kate icons for a buffyverse appreciation thing on Tumblr

kate18 kate12 kate13

kate14 kate16 kate17

Feel free to snag away.

In the meantime I have nearly finished uploading old vids off viddler and onto Youtube (the site that blocks) and Vimeo.  I just have the whedonverse interviews/con appearance snippets to do. So if you see vids posted on Sunnydale Herald they are the old ones made on WMM and hence have squiffy A/R,stray frames and talky face.
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Title: Iron
Fandom : Prince Hal/ Henry V - The Hollow Crown
Music :Iron by Woodkid
Length: 3mins 40secs
Description  "I’ll so offend to make offense a skill,Redeeming time when men think least I will."  Errant Prince Hal, a source of disappointment to his father has an opportunity to show his mettle in the fight against Hotspur's rebellion and become the warrior King of England.  

Download  Tiny WMV 12.1mB             Med AVI 84mB          HQ AVI 186mB 
Stream & notes below the cut

embed )
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Not sure if anyone really reads these things but it's handy for me to look back on and despair.

Previous Years

2012   2011 2010 2009   2008   2007 2006  

Vids edited 2013

March - Born To Kill - Faith Lehane (BtVS / AtS)

May - Run Boy Run - Harry Potter (Film)

May - Goodnight and Go - Unrelated. (Film)

June - Captain Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean (Film)

September - Serenade in Blue - The Deep Blue Sea (Film)

December - Fell on Black Days - Dark Willow. (BtVS)

My god. Just.Six.Vids. I thought last year was pretty low output,  but this is the least I have made since I started editing. Although not memed on LJ in 2005 (10 vids) and From Aug 2004 I made 6 in 6months. To be perfectly honest the last one was a struggle. This makes me sad and not helpful in terms of motivation.

Favourite Vid
Run Boy Run always evokes emotions felt watching the last few films,  so it's kind of special for that alone. There are moments in it that I adore and one day I will make a HP vid that is entirely happy.

Least Favourite
Doesn't seem fair to pick a least favourite. Serenade in Blue was between a choice of two very different songs, curiosity nudges me to try a remake with the other song. Just to see how it works.  It's also a depressing film so you're never gonna feel happy seeing all that misery.

Most Successful
Define successful?- we'll go with popular/most commented.
In terms of comments on LJ - Run, Boy Run had the most - and Goodnight the least. Goodnight wins the YT hits with 2800+ (there's a reason for that possibly)  That said though - commenting isn't what it used to be and I am pleasantly surprised when I get any on LJ.

Most Under appreciated, IMO.
None really. Some had a real slow start but then picked up later in terms of views.  I thought the PotC Jack vid would be more popular on YT but for a while it wasn't available to view on mobiles etc. Run Boy is still prohibited for mobiles & TV. I guess it's a copyright issue?

Most Fun to make
Captain Jack Sparrow. By a mile. I still laugh at the penis/balls metaphor but mind is always in the gutter.  Plus my only vid with a goat,  which is a personal milestone.

Biggest Vid fail.
See my comment last year re Sony Vegas.I didn't even open the program. I don't think it would have helped with the awol muse.  I still see tiny things in most of the vids that I wish I'd fixed.

Hardest to Make
Probably Fell on Black Days. I was all at sea with that one.

Kick Ass/Sexiest
A goodly part of Born To Kill. I liked the atmosphere of that one.

Unintentionally telling video.
If I tell then you'll know and it will be intentional. There's one that feels a little too personal on occasions.  See if you can guess.

Things I've learnt this year
It's possible to go backwards in terms of technical ability and creativity. That's what I think when I reivew the previous couple of years output/efforts. Tumblr is a time suck and I should spend a lot less time there. And most likely I will cross post this to tumblr.

Things to work on
Make vids, doesn't matter if you haven't made an AtS vid for a couple of years. Just make any. Even if they suck. And enjoy it again. 

Vid Projects that I want to finish
Ripping has just started on a new project. I have another old idea that needs a ton of source that I should really just get started on.
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Title: Fell on black Days
Fandom : Willow - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Music : 'Fell on Black Day's by Soundgarden
Length: 3mins 44 secs
Description "Whatsoever I've feared has come to life, whatsoever I've fought off, became my life"
Download  Tiny WMV 14.1mB  
                  Med AVI 96mB
                HQ AVI 152mB

Vidders notes & stream below the cut.
This way to embed )
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Title: Serenade in Blue
Fandom : The Deep Blue Sea (Film 2011 )
Music : 'Serenade in Blue' by Glenn Miller (Vocals Pat Friday)
Length: 3mins 40 secs
Description "And as we danced the night away, I hear you say forever more, And then the song became a sigh, Forever more became goodbye"  Hester is caught between passion that does not  last and a return to a loveless marriage, she tries to escape.
Download : Tiny WMV 13.6mB    Med AVI 48mB HQ AVI 172mB
Embed and Vidder notes below the cut.Read more... )
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Title: Captain Jack Sparrow
Fandom : Pirates of the Caribbean
Music : Score from 'Chosen' and 'Bom Bom' by Sam and the Womp
Length: 3mins 50 secs
Description "You are without doubt, the worst pirate I have ever heard of...   But you have heard of me." Captain Jack Sparrow, one part epic hero, two parts lucky rogue.
Download : Tiny WMV 14.2mB    Med AVI 82mB HQ AVI 172mB
Embed and Vidder notes below the cut.Read more... )
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Title: Goodnight and Go
Fandom: Unrelated (2008)
Music: Goodnight and Go by Imogen Heap
Length: 3 mins 39 secs
Description:Joining the family of an old friend on holiday, forty-something Anna is drawn to the attractive but manipulative young Oakley. Soon falling for his charm in the hope that this might lead to something more.
Download Small WMV 13mB   Medium AVI 79.5mB   HQ AVI 186mB
Vimeo Stream (for those blocked by YT)
Embed & vidder notes under the cut
Read more... )
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Title : Run Boy Run
Fandom: Harry Potter (All films)
Music: Run Boy Run by WoodKid
Length: 3mins 38 seconds
Description: 'Run boy run, this race is a prophecy'. Harry has little choice but to run and find the horcruxes.
Download Tiny WMV 14mB  Medium AVI 72mB   or HQ Avi 177mB  
Stream Youtube (may be blocked for Germany)
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