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Title: Fell on black Days
Fandom : Willow - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Music : 'Fell on Black Day's by Soundgarden
Length: 3mins 44 secs
Description "Whatsoever I've feared has come to life, whatsoever I've fought off, became my life"
Download  Tiny WMV 14.1mB  
                  Med AVI 96mB
                HQ AVI 152mB

Vidders notes & stream below the cut.
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So I guess if I had waited a while I'd have been able to have submitted those valetines day icons for this challenge but they were already posted so look! I made some more.

Made for 'Love is in the Air' Challenge 12 over at  [ profile] whedonland.   Just canon ships for now.

Wallpapers   Gunn and Gwen 


1280 and 1680 resolution.

Another banner and icons under the cut
this way  )

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 Made five of the Drusilla icons for a slayalive contest, but thought I'd make a few more and some Dark Willow ones to go with.

All snaggable - credit would be nice.

The rest are under a cut here )
Yeah, I got a thing with colour right now, can you tell?   Resources are all as my site here
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Title: Sing
Source:  Buffy Episode Once More, With Feeling (including the previously teaser at the beginning) 
Music: Sing by Travis  Lyrics
Length: 3mins 56sec
Description: For the love you bring, won't mean a thing, unless you sing, sing, sing, sing. Episodic of Once More, With Feeling.
Download  Tiny WMV 14.1mB     Med AVI 89mB    HQ AVI 194mB    

Embed under the cuthere )

Notes: I used clips from the episode and the 'previously on BtVS scenes' shown just before the titles roll. This musical episode really is a tour de force. A strong reminder of why I love this show so much.  The song was earmarked for vidding for over three or four years. Yes I know from the title it's the bleedin' obvious, but the lyrics seemed to reflect the sorrow that runs throughout.   I was always wary (until now ) of vidding this episode,  when there is such strong tie to other (fantastic) music - but I gave it a shot anyway because I am foolish.   Pleased with the outcome  and I hope you ejoy it too. Feedback loved.
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I'm currently working on other things based on "Once More With Feeling"  but just have to say that I love the vibrancy and intensity of the colour  throughout this episode - and of course those wonderful songs. Always a pleasure to wallow in a rewatch of this televisual masterpiece.  Talking of television I did post about my current viewing habits but it appears to have been eaten by el-jay. Oh well perhaps I'll re do it when I am on holiday.

Anyhow I was inspired to make a wallpaper. I suppose you could have at least one piece of artwork for each routine/song, perhaps I'll make a few more. And icons too.

Other sizes are   1024 cropped    1280 and 1680 (I also have a 1920 so if anyone would like that just comment)  Resources credited as per my site page here .

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A couple of posts back I made some bannersets for the lovely [ profile] angearia  and I kind of liked the caps I chose so I kept them kicking around until I had time to make wallpapers. 

In these resolutions 1680   1280  and cropped 1024

In these resolutions  1680    1280   and cropped 1024

And also this Vampire Willow Wallpaper, bannerset and icon (for Slayalive forum contest) 

In 1680  and 1280

Want. Take. Have -but credit would be nice ;)  

I can't decide  )
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Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Title : Oh My God
Music : Oh My God by the Kaiser Chiefs
Characters : Ensemble with heavy focus on Buffy, Willow and Spike.
Warning/Rating : This is Season Six so there's violence and sex.
Download links  for Med AVI (77mB)  and HQ AVI (130mB)  and embed under cut. 
Description: BtVS S6 Overview - Oh My God I can't believe it, I've never been this far away from home. Everyone has lost their way.

Notes : I was only really familiar with the Kaiser Chief version of this song until recently, and feel that the harsh piano cords  at the introduction and mood throughout this recording suits Season Six perfectly, Lily Allen would be too chipper.   Anyhow this focuses on  how, after Buffy's return, things just go from bad to worse.  I had made half of this vid already when I stopped to make the SPN vidlet 'Happy Together' - something I have never done before,  so I was concerned about picking up the timeline again. However the change of mood helped no end  as  by the time I got to the last stages of this vid I felt very emotionally disturbed by the events from Episode 6.18 onward  I don't hate season Six but damn, those were dark, dark times.  Well I hope you enjoy the vid but you know, not 'enjoy' it. Comments welcome.   Now off to cuddle some kittens.  embed here  )

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I would have loved to have a new Halloween vid/vidlet to post this season but I didn't even attempt to do one (no time,no time)  So here's some pretties  or uglies ;)  instead.     3 Walls and some icons.  I nearly finished the sketch of  Harry Groener (Mayor Wilkins III) for the Hallowhedon Convention and then I find out he has cancelled :(      The line up at the moment is James Marsters, Nic Brendon, James Leary, Mercedes McNab and Mark Lutz.  I've met everybody previously but that's still an entertaining weekend ahead methinks.  

And what about DollhouseS2.04 ??  Damn,  that was great.  And to quote someone from whedonesque discussion  thread I would have liked to see Kennard killed more.  No more new DH until December and then it's double episodes - omg alliteration broadcasting  'its a double Dollhouse December'  I'm toying with the idea of making character/genre vidlets of the show as teasers over November and posting them just about everywhere.  

Teaser Icon & Wallpaper Thumbnail

      More this way... )
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So a while back I had a tinker with some photoshop manips.  Nothing ' dangly'  or NSFW because I'm not that proficient ;) -  this was initially due to a contest prompt at [ profile] still_grrr  and then I was reminded  recently when lovely [ profile] rua1412  updated her layout with some fine art.    So I went and dug out some paintings by Artists of which I am particularly fond and here we are!   The whedonverse meets the art world.

A little taster  'Echo' (or Faith if you prefer) as Isabella and the Pot of Basil (Holman-Hunt)  I was very fortunate to attend the massive Pre-Raphaelite Exhibition (twice) at the Tate back in '84 and saw this amongst others and can say that it certainly left an impression Click the thumb to see full size.

More under the cut this way.... )

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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who celebrate 'The Ritual Sacrifice, with pie'.   

I made a vidlet to celebrate and indulged myself with Spike's history lecture at the end, just because it's so good.

Click the banner to go to the page.  I'll be adding imeem stream at some point. 

ETA : Stream here

One day I may make a serious vid that exceeds 2 minutes in length. In the meantime you'll be subjected to my silly short vidlets to strange song ideas. 

Have a good holiday everyone.

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So one of the things I was going to do at some time was post the other Collectormania 14 sketch -  this......

Amber really seemed to like it too, so that was great :)  It's not as detailed as the Mercedes portrait but I kind of like the simple feel to it. 

In other news )
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Title: 'Venus in Furs'
Fandom:Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Characters: Angel, Willow, Drusilla
Song: Venus in Furs by the Velvet Underground
Length: 02:09
Type of file: WMV Zipped
Rating: PG13
Copyright: Property of Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox
.Notes: My baby's got me locked up in chains.....Inspired by 'Venus in Furs'   this is a brief musing on the 'preferred torture puppy' and his two mistresses. Let's hope he remembers the safety word.  Anyone with a fear of excessive holy water spillage, finger bending and other such nastiness are hereby warned.   I edited the song greatly otherwise the squeaky violins from hell would have become torture in themselves.
Download:   Small 8mB Zipped or Bigger 16mB Zipped  here 
There may be streaming if I can get the audio in sync.

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OK just so you all know I have signed up to a couple of things of the last few days

1. I'm up for the latest Sweet Charity Auction - its an A4 sketch of whatever you fancy (aww come on within reason!)  So if you want an original scribble get a 'bidding'.   Find out more here [profile] sweetcharityho   If you don't fancy bidding for me please look at all the other fantabulous peeps who are putting it out there. *cough* so to speak.

2. I've done that   great vidding truth meme thing.   It is your chance to leave some anoymous feedback or concrit on my vidding efforts/my vids. Many great vidders are  there  so you can comment for them if it takes your fancy.  

And finally I've made this for [personal profile] rua1412 who was feeling blue the other day.  It's my first attempt at splicing people together - I know I said Angel/Willow but perhaps this will do. I just loved the photographs.  Hope you like it.  And words fail me for these things so if you have some particular text/quote/lyric you want on this just say I can easily add etc.

ETA: Texture by the lovely [personal profile] charmax plus other resources by various as per credits on my site  ...

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