Apr. 22nd, 2012

thedothatgirl: (riverbible)

Fandom: Firefly (some Serenity)
Title: Little Bird
Length: 4.08mins
Music: Little Bird by Imogen Heap
Lyrics : Here
Description: River Tam 'Little Bird, Little Bird, Little Bird what do you see?  Character study of River and how the world seems to her. 
Download: Tiny WMV 15mB      Med AVI 96mB      HQ AVI 187mB
Streaming: Under the cut

Vidder Notes : Not much to say really, on the surface a very pretty sounding song from Imogen Heap but with a real undercurrent of creepiness .The idea for a River vid has been on the list since I bought the album almost exatcly two years ago to the day - really sparked by the lyrics and the  overall mood of the song. I wanted to convey how River views her world on Serenity - using overlays as a reflection of the information overload caused by her altered brain. Simon's in there a little as it is hard to keep him out,  but I wanted to try and keep the focus on River and specifically her time in Firefly not Serenity (the Film).  Hope you enjoy. Comments are loved.

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