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Look at the shiny guests!  There's lots of photos up at Buffy and Angel Art  starting here

Big group hug but you can't see the lovely ladies too well ...  So we've got  Mariana Klaveno from True Blood, stunning Julie Benz (who does not look her 39yrs) and sweet Clare Kramer who loved her  sketch so much that I gave it to her ( I will be posting that later).

The lads are this way  )
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So I'm back from the Second Vampire Ball.  I had a good time despite the disappointment at the late cancellation of Eliza - many tickets were sold on the strength of her appearance which is always risky but at least I had already bought mine before she was announced. It would have been nice to see her though. Ah well. Apparently she has agreed to appear at Invasion 2 in May next year. It's a mix of shows - The Guild, Battlestar, Caprica, Stargate and Firefly.  Whilst I watch all but Stargate I'm not sure I want to go yet.  Morena Baccarin and Felicia Day will be there - but the other guests don't really get me excited.  I think I will mull over buying a ticket until December.

Anyhow new venue Renaissance Hotel was pretty nice - no sticky carpets,  indifferent service or poor food so that was a plus. The DJ at the parties has changed and is much better although you do get a small selection of Convention dance songs ([ profile] whiskyinmind they played House Rules and Whisky In Mind by Kane )   To give Sean Harry his due he got J August Richards at four days notice and Keith (Holtz) Szarabjaka as replacements.  Julie Benz, Nick Brendon, Mark Metcalfe, Clare Kramer, Georges Jeanty, Allan Hyde (True Blood) & Mariana Klaveno  completed the line up. I've some nice photos which I'll post along with a report /artwork later once I've got everything unpacked.

I did miss my con buddies [ profile] whiskyinmind and [ profile] acrazywench  so much. It's not the same without you guys.
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Just look at these banoonoo guests?

Now that looks more like a Zombie pose than a Vamp one but I don't want to be picky. If you can't quite make out who's who then the line up was as follows : Steve Carlson (Kane)  Georges Jeanty, Dayne Johnson, Brody Hutzler, Clare Kramer, Allan Hyde (True Blood), Keith Szarabajkas, Juliet Landau. and Christian Kane (with a special appearance Saturday evening and Sunday from Jonathan Woodward)  An impressive line up even with the cancellation of Julie Benz and Marianna Klaveno (True Blood)    Both myself and [ profile] whiskyinmind had a super time.  The meet and greet was awesome - we got to meet all the guests who became steadily more inebriated each time (apart from Allan Hyde - aww bless) who was just seriously cute.  Christian Kane I think made [ profile] whiskyinmind  whole weekend regarding her tattoo and a certain guitar pick :) 

Here are teaser photos of the guests. On each of the links there are more notes about what was discussed in the Q&A's and the read throughs. I just didn't have time to cut and paste it all here.

Opening ceremony 'Cheers' and Allan is wondering why he's the only one without a drink. More opening ceremony photos here

Brody Hutzler tries to feed Dayne Johnson some Pom Bear crisps he acquired from us in the front row. He tells Dayne that they have cute little faces and 'teddy balls'  More photos on this makeup demo here

More photos of  these guests  including Juliet without the glasses) here and here .  Georges was a demon on the dance floor at the parties by the way - I bought two of his sketch books and the characters he sketched were just the business!  See here here  )

Details of Allan's Q&A & more photos here He will now be forever know to us as 'wee boy' .

Awesome Kane gig where Steve was presented with a replacement guitar by his fans after his was stolen - more pics of the gig are here . Unfortunately Chrisitan wasn't too well and the gig was cut short, he made it to the Convention the next day though.  More Photos of Christian and Steve are here and here .

Keith Szarabajkas brought a couple of scripts that he'd written and we were treated to two read throughs with the other guests playing roles   - It was very enjoyable. More photos of those read throughs are here and here .

Any regular at Starfury events will know what this is all about. We had Brody and Allan both come up during the ceremony too.  [ profile] whiskyinmind  was the first up of all the attendees (of course) and even returned to the stage as 'back up' more than once ;-) 

So that's that. Most of the guests wanted to see snow when they were here. I'm not sure they did but I know for sure that the snow around us can leave any time it likes, I can't get into town to do Christmas shopping.
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Here's that awesome sketch by Georges Jeanty (S8 Artist)   from the Saturday. He uses a couple of A4 reference sheets covered in screencaps of the character in various facial positions/expressions. It was great just to watch him work away at the strokes getting the lines so right, brilliant opportunity although mostly you shut up and watch rather than ask questions so as not to break his concentration.

On Saturday I'd had photoshoots with Summer, Adam and Tom (I'd actually missed my previous chances to get a photo with Tom at earlier cons so I had to go for it this time)  All the guests looked great - hee! Denis the Menace jumper Tom, I've scanned the pics here.

It's always tough to get up early for photo shoots especially with parties and such.(I was being good and avoiding red wine all weekend in favour of vodka).   It get's tougher every con. Needless to say Zach, Dichen, Miracle and Felicia all looked bright and sparkly.
Sunday Morning Service ... ) Dollhouse ladies take the stage... )

Chuck V The Sandwich  )
You can't take the sky from me..... )

Parting is such sweet sorrow )

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Phew lots of photos to sort through.  And muddled brain to rack - acrazywench took shorthand notes of the Q&A 's but I tried to remember things from the Meet and Greet & autograph sessions.

Awesome group shot from Starfury - love the 'whodunnit ' montage. Especially Summer and Felicia's poses.  To see all the photos click on the Guests names to go to the page in the text under the cut.

Day One - Opening ceremony and the Meet and Greet  )

Day Two - Q&A's Q&A's and autograph sessions. )

ETA : All the photos are up you have to click through the links on the site

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