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Hello flist. Just a quick wave to the gallery before I disappear back into the bowels of award making,  review writing and general site/computer  stuffness.

What's the frack is up with my email?  [personal profile] bradcpu  your mail arrived this morning?  Then, it was only after I answered that I noticed the date.  I guess I was too late so I would like to say GAH!!  and sorry, I would have loved to have helped in anyway. 

Round Six of the AvA's has been the tightest we've had yet - especially in the categories - so there will be extra awards with ties and the like. A good spread of fandoms too which meant that there Six different Fandom group awards. Huh?  where did they all come from.  Not complaining but it makes us judges work, but all's good we're down to picking the last two main awards and [personal profile] mara_sho  is still talking to me.  A major achievement in itself if you've ever had the misfortune to receive one of my emails that goes on and on and on (and just doesn't know when to shut up)   The Special Theme Round 'At The Movies' is still open until midnight GMT  30th June - click, read, run and go enter!!

Best of The Best Round next - it will be all the category & fandom winners plus some wildcards thrown in -  it will be us judging for the most part and then   a couple of polls for fun.  There will be prizes too I was thinking of throwing in a piece of original art and perhaps there'll be other stuff , belly button lint, sticky toffee.

Geek treat of the week was the pictures linked over at Whedonesque showing the Firefly & Serenity DVD's floating around the ISS - Extremely cool if I say so myself.  

Finally -  the random subject ? First contact with computers was  as 'surly office girl' in an Electronics company. Working for this clever but creepy guy who taught me a fair bit about computers (this is the VDU - this is the keyboard)  and I just remembered  the password for booting up the 'tardis' (the mainframe) was 'slartibartfast'.   I think it was the fjords that nailed it.
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