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jonathan2 arabella1 childemass

arabella2 faery2 vicin

jonathan3 norrell2 ladypole
More under the cut )

With the wrapping of Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter this season, my new favourite is this show. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. It's a joy to watch and when it's finished I'll read the book. Feel free to use them.  I may even make a new LJ layout.
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Black Widow 'Monsters and Magic'

1024 cropped       1280    1680    1920  

Resource credits as per my site here

And a tutorial rec here - I'm going definitely have a crack at the wonderful tutorial  [ profile] whiskyinmind posted earlier. Looks brilliant.
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I know that many people hate this festival day, but I thank my lucky stars that some bloke at work gave me a card 23 years ago, life changing I tell you.

I made some shippy cards - I still feel very rusty in the photoshop department but it'll only improve if I practice!

Thumbnail teasers and click links for full sizes
Full size front and inside cover

Full size front and inside cover

inaramalval2th inaramalval1th
Full size front and inside cover

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It's been a while since I made any new art. I'm very rusty so bear with me.

Thor - Odinson of Asgard

Click on the thumbnail to see 1280 resolution   -  links here to 1620  and 1920 . You may notice I used pictures from the 'hooble' telescope as part of the background, heh.

And a handful of icons to go with


I'd like to tackle all the Avengers cast including S.H.I.E.L.D members in anticipation for Iron Man 3. I have deliberately avoided the latest Iron Man trailer. I'd rather not know until I'm watching the film thanks.
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New Wallpaper available in various sizes

1024 cropped    1280    1680  and 1920

and a few icons to go with...

0177loki lokicursed lokilookup lokimischiefmanaged nosnowloki

All snaggable if anyone is interested.   One day I may make something that doesn't feature Tom. Maybe, maybe not.
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Made for a whedonland challenge have some Mal icons:

The rest are under a cut to save my flist here
here )
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Art made for a [ profile] whedonland Challenge MultiMedia Bingo   - Each prompt needed at least two icons or wallpaper. I didn't go for the picspam, drabble,mix or vid options.

Favourite Episode

Guest star



Your choice

Favourite Moment


Out of Character



full sizes are 1024   1280   or 1680
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So I guess if I had waited a while I'd have been able to have submitted those valetines day icons for this challenge but they were already posted so look! I made some more.

Made for 'Love is in the Air' Challenge 12 over at  [ profile] whedonland.   Just canon ships for now.

Wallpapers   Gunn and Gwen 


1280 and 1680 resolution.

Another banner and icons under the cut
this way  )

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Selection of shippy icons for Valentines day.

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I made the Angelus one ages ago for a slayalive contest. It's VERY pink. But I still like it.  And as I don't favour any particular ship these days I also made a new Spuffy one. I shall probably make some more later.

     and inside   

and Spike/Buffy one

  and inside

And in January a birthday card for Buffy which I forgot to post here.

Click the thumbnails to see full size.
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Weee! Just won 1st place with this episode poster over at [ profile] whedonland in a Challenge.  :D

Surprised and really pleased sums it up

Click the thumbnail to see the full size

I have some icons to post for the next challenge - most probably Thursday. 

On the vidding front I've felt a bit out of sorts - I know I was going to do a season overview but I can't face all that source at the moment so I have decided to do a film overview just to get me back into the swing of things. It may not be a full on comedy but I'm hoping there'll be a little humour in it.
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I had hoped to do more and icons so perhaps if I get a bit of free time tomorrow...

And a 'Sleigh Ride one to go with the latest vidlet
here )

And a Buffy wall with that touching scene from The Body

in 1024 cropped, 1280  or 1680
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in sizes 1280 and 1680

cropped  or 1280  or 1680

I'll be making some more walls, banners and icons very soon :)
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I made a few 'demon' icons for a contest at slayalive and added a few extra.  I made the 'Master' ones last night. I will be starting on some artwork including the Master for the Convention at the end of this month.

The rest are under the cuthere )
In other random news Yahoo is withdrawing support for frontpage for website production and publishing so my site may look a little weird(er) and perhaps not function  too well . I am planning on taking out more hosting elsewhere and splitting things up a bit, It's a bloody pain but the site needed an overhaul and a change.  Trying to look at this as an opportunity. I just wish I knew how to code. Ah well.
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 Made five of the Drusilla icons for a slayalive contest, but thought I'd make a few more and some Dark Willow ones to go with.

All snaggable - credit would be nice.

The rest are under a cut here )
Yeah, I got a thing with colour right now, can you tell?   Resources are all as my site here
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I'm currently working on other things based on "Once More With Feeling"  but just have to say that I love the vibrancy and intensity of the colour  throughout this episode - and of course those wonderful songs. Always a pleasure to wallow in a rewatch of this televisual masterpiece.  Talking of television I did post about my current viewing habits but it appears to have been eaten by el-jay. Oh well perhaps I'll re do it when I am on holiday.

Anyhow I was inspired to make a wallpaper. I suppose you could have at least one piece of artwork for each routine/song, perhaps I'll make a few more. And icons too.

Other sizes are   1024 cropped    1280 and 1680 (I also have a 1920 so if anyone would like that just comment)  Resources credited as per my site page here .

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I made some of these for a challenge over at  I only needed five but didn't stop there.

The rest plus a few random ones under the cut this way )
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So I've finished the final 'character' wallpapers for Firefly. If you missed them when  I posted the others earlier , Simon, River & Book  here    and Wash Kaylee and Jayne here.

cropped 1024   1280   1680  

cropped 1024   1280   1680  

cropped 1024   1280   1680  

1024cropped    1280   and 1680

I've been very much wearing the browncoat lately what with the recent vids and these wallpapers. I've enjoyed making them and threaten to do something similar for the other whedonverse shows.  But for now I'm all wallpapered out.

I do have some icons to post later in about a week or so, I'll mix the fandoms up a little most likely.
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Continuing on from the walls I posted here - I've made three more - Simon, Book and River.  I'll be making the final four (I'm including Serenity in the character line up) in a week or so.


Available in cropped 1024  or   1280 and 1680

1024     1280   and    1680

and River

1024     1280  and   1680

Resources are as per my site here and thanks to Hubble for the Orion Nebula images :)   Comments are always loved.

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