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I know that many people hate this festival day, but I thank my lucky stars that some bloke at work gave me a card 23 years ago, life changing I tell you.

I made some shippy cards - I still feel very rusty in the photoshop department but it'll only improve if I practice!

Thumbnail teasers and click links for full sizes
Full size front and inside cover

Full size front and inside cover

inaramalval2th inaramalval1th
Full size front and inside cover

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Well this was great news to wake up to this morning.  There's the usual discussion over at Whedonesque and some prominent suspects       *cough nathancough * tweeted the link. We've yet to see any purple hued comment but if it's not some huge (cruel) and elaborate joke then YAY! 

Sean Maher is scheduled to appear at  Hallowhedon this weekend so I will definitely be asking him about the project at the meet and greet :)

In other news - I've just got Cordelia's hair and shirt to tackle before that sketch is done for signing and this is also a pimp for submissions over at Art of Vidding Awards. If you haven't yet - go on! you know you want to!
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Title : Underdog
Fandom: Firefly
Song: Underdog by Kasabian
Length: 4.30mins
Description: Capt Mal Reynolds action oriented character study.  This is Mal from Firefly, no clips from the film Serenity.  Mal wants to keep flying.
Lyrics here
Downloads:  in various sizes AVI/WMV  from my site here     streamed at BAM very soon here and embedded on Youtube under the cut
ETA:  Youtube has blocked this just about everywhere so the embed is now Vimeo - password 'shiny'

here... )

Notes: Made for [ profile] acrazywench  - just as a thank you for putting up with me for all those years, especially when I started vidding. Patiently watching all the vids, helping with clip suggestions and being supportive.  I hope you like it, and that you think I've done the Captain justice.

Comments are always appreciated.
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It's been a while Nathan....

So [ profile] acrazywench  and I (along with J & E) trudged over to Milton Keynes MK Dons Stadium  last Sunday for Collectormania 15.  Want to know how it went? )The rest are on my site here

There were some cute ones of E meeting Costume type folk so I'll post those on a flocked post.

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I return laden with dirty laundry and everything coated in Cornish sand. Bliss.  No seriously it was a  good holiday - we found that if we set up the laptop in the kitchen of the cottage we could use the owners broadband network from nextdoor (we did check that it was ok)  YAY! so I got the chance to check emails and get a little steamed about this  wonderful piece of Buffy news .      I mean aren't the Kuzui's content with destroying the movie the first time round they wan't another shot at it?  *sigh*. 

We also found out that the cottage wasn't let again until this Wednesday, so with the forecast being good we took an extra day and spent our 17th Wedding Anniversary (Saturday) on holiday  (cripes - 17 years and still talking to each other - we must be weird or something).    

Nathan is appearing at Collectormania next weekend. I am going to see him, he is giving a free talk (I hope I can get seats) There will be photos (J is coming and possibly Ellie - she is just dying to meet him) it's been too long since he was in the UK.   Oh and Gene from Life on Mars and some guy named Nimoy or something like that ;)

And finally it's the last day for submitting to the Art of Vidding Awards - Just in case you missed it we are now 'any fandom' Movie /TV etc.  If you haven't already then please take a look and send something in.

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So I'm back from the holiday across the pond.  TStorm Fay did just about everything she could to make us feel well at home with the torrential rain and high winds. Bit like being on a Cornish beach in August. We were lucky though much of Florida was flooded.  But on a serious note I see that Gustav is threatening New Orleans area and my thoughts are with all my flist that may be affected, I was freaked with all the news and tracking predictions for Fay so I cannot imagine how you must be all feeling with a Hurricane on it's way.

Big Damn Heroes. - I miss my shows.  Dr Horrible made me want to sing (eek!) Perhaps Dollhouse will make me want to sketch/paint more. Here's hoping.

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It's done. The song was edited from over 7.30 to 5.40 mins and may not be to everyone's taste. It is a little strange but not Bjork strange if you get my meaning. The vid focuses on Mal and River, their struggles throughout Serenity and it contains major spoilers. A smallish file is up at the moment. I am in the process of uploading a HQ version and will add the link.

To download click here

Of course feedback is wondrous to receive.

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