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Title: Nothing Else Matters
Fandom: Crimson Peak
Music: Nothing Else Matters by Apocalyptica
Length: 4:09mins
Description:  The truly gothic romance between Sir Thomas Sharpe&  Edith . Some gore & adult scenes.
Edited Oct 2016
Downloads MP4 Zipped 86mB

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Ok so here are a few of the paintings from the exhbition 
This way )

Paintings this way )

The images here really do not do them justice. I could cheerfully sit in front of these each for a good half hour and just wonder at the beauty. There were a few more which I'll find and post again.
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So I got to the new PRB exhibition at the Tate this weekend.

An exhibition of a 150 works of art (a good deal less than the PRB exhibition also at the Tate held in 1984, which was a monumental 250 pieces). I thoroughly enjoyed it, wasn’t quite so mighty, although missed some of my favourites that I saw last time. There were some notable omissions which were actually owned by the Tate so I wonder what prompted that decision.

 I have to say that John Everett Millais and William Holman Hunt are my top choices, with Ford Madox Brown a close third.   Back in the 80’s I used to prefer Rossetti’s work, but now I find it’s mostly too stylised for my taste.   I can't say that I really relate to some of themes depicted (after all it is of another era and applying modern sensibilities to it seems a little strange) but the artist in me just marvels at the intense colour, techniques and photographic realism some of the PRB have created in their paintings. I went with my niece who is a graduate from Goldsmiths and we had a blast discussing the various aspects, and generally being in the way when we got up close and personal to see all the minute detail. 

 I’ll be posting some personal choices/ highlights from the event, the exhibition closes January 13th so if you’re interested (highly recommended) get yourself down to Tate Britain.

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