May. 15th, 2009

thedothatgirl: (tv1)
Heee! some finales last night eh?  I love the caplocks, incoherent posts from my flist (thanks for putting spoilers behind a cut ) I'll most likely get the SPN one tonight and watch it.  Bones I'll watch live here in a couple of weeks (or cave in and acquire it). Watched the pilot of 'Lie To Me' last night - Tim Roth is wonderful.  It was good but I was tired and I flagged a little at the end.

Just for the record - I really enjoyed the Dollhouse Finale.  I need to watch the whole thing again from scratch,  I do hope it gets another season or at least a few more episodes.  Ever the optimist with the glass half full,  I guess after Monday we'll know.  I also wish to say that I would like TSSC to be renewed too and don't understand the haters from either fandom (who cares who broke Fox's voicemail- does it really matter)  You can like both shows, you know.   (Oh and Chuck - I bought sandwiches!)  Is that too many wishes for the 'renewal fairy' to handle?

Here's the new sketch of Summer Glau as River. (I used an old Firefly promo shot so she's very young )  Summer told me that she hadn't seen this particular picture before - and then I pointed out that I had just 'done' it this weekend and the realised that it was original.  She is very gracious, even when she was clearly nursing a poor throat.  Her friends (who had come to the Con with her) came and found me in the autograph room so they could have a good look at it too :) 

Click on the thumbnail to get a better view.

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