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Well, I was going to just post a fly by update about how well 'Signal to Noise' was going after about 2 long days of vidding. I'm at 2.34mins of a 5.30mins song, I quite like what I see so far (is it me or are the colours in 'Serenity' intense?? which I love) and even hubs so jaded and weary of watching my efforts liked what he saw too.

The last render/save crashed at 43% - the file is corrupt *insert suitably pathetic wimpering here*

After much titting around, and no real editing for the last two hours the culprits appear to be two clips from part of a chapter which means I'll probably need to rerip the source tomorrow before I can continue. I hope to God it fixes the problem.
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Ok so we went down/across to Milton Keynes this morning to Collectormania 9 to see Ron Glass & Alan Tudyk - Getting there early was a good move and managed to meet both BDH's, chat and take some snaps.

Of all the guests, they seemed among the busiest.It was great to see Browncoat support and Jayne Hats bobbing amongst the crowds. Really regret not being able to attend the talk and screening of Serenity tomorrow but the next Convention is just 2 weeks away so reserving energy and funds for that.

Just how cool is Alan?, and Ron is so warm and friendly. You could hear Alan talking prequel to Browncoats and Ron laughing said "oh, he's making it all up".

Also had a chance to meet up with [ profile] fresley_forever for the first time - hope I didn't scare you :D See you at NFA in a couple of weeks!

More Ron & Alan pic spam here )

Of course when I sift through all the pics I will update my site, and add the link to this.
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See lyrics in the entry line... Best I could come up with really.  The Easter break has started here, so I have company which is great.  Why is it that kids get up early when they don't have an elsewhere to be??

Planning to go shopping together tomorrow and do fast food.  Did Ice Age II last night,  cinema full of kids and I get the 10yr old boy who is a 'heckler in training'  in front of us. Yep,  we all told him to ' zip it' several times.  

The 'Wash' portrait went quite well - Alan Tudyk has such expressive eyes. But you will note, dinosaurs not a strong point with me. I copied the colours from screencaps rather than go with some of the illustrated impressions I came across.  . I think I may do a couple of sketches next before progressing onto Book.    Take a look at the results )

New Vid

Nov. 6th, 2005 03:34 pm
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Just a bit of silliness - New Vid

15.4mB WMV - Jayne and his hat(s).  Any feedback appreciated as usual.


ETA : New link here where you can download or watch stream

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