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Title: When I'm Up, I Can't Get Down
Fandom: Firefly (Some Serenity)
Music: When I'm Up - The Oysterband
Length: 3:46 mins
Description: 'Wash' piot extraordinaire, Husband, friend and dinosaur wrangler.
Edited March 2015
Downloads Med mp4 55mB
HQ AVI 188mB
HQ mp4 104mB

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 When the pc went kaput I transferred some art files to the laptop and started on some wallpapers - I think not being able to 'create' anything made me want to do it more than ever. 

So I bring you 3 Firefly Wallpapers - This time we have Jayne, Kaylee and Wash - I'll do River, Book, Simon next. Then perhaps new Mal, Zoe and Inara ones last.  Older Zoe and Inara walls are here if you're curious.  I think these have turned out quite nicely.

Cropped 1024   or 1280 or 1680 

Cropped 1024   or 1280  or 1680 

and finally Wash

1280 and 1680

Comments appreciated - resources as per my website here

Oh and happy Birthday to Adam Baldwin for the 27th February - a mighty fine 49! 
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Hey Hey - I'm back from the Convention and I bring teaser photos and a brief run down of events.

On to the shiny guests :


Seriously witty, charming and entertaining people. Tony Head giggling at Alan's antics and face pulling during the photo sessions ( I swear there's a different expression in every photo I've seen) Robin Sachs, charming and a very very naughty man. Sweet and funny Jewel and vivacious Stephanie.  Some more teaser photos:

Briefish report and links to the rest of the photos here Read more... )
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So I'm back from the holiday across the pond.  TStorm Fay did just about everything she could to make us feel well at home with the torrential rain and high winds. Bit like being on a Cornish beach in August. We were lucky though much of Florida was flooded.  But on a serious note I see that Gustav is threatening New Orleans area and my thoughts are with all my flist that may be affected, I was freaked with all the news and tracking predictions for Fay so I cannot imagine how you must be all feeling with a Hurricane on it's way.

Big Damn Heroes. - I miss my shows.  Dr Horrible made me want to sing (eek!) Perhaps Dollhouse will make me want to sketch/paint more. Here's hoping.

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Ok, so I have uploaded the rest of the photos of Alan Tudyk & Ron Glass taken at Collectormania 9 this weekend. Thanks once again to my amazing Hubs for snapping away whilst I was bibbling like an idiot with the famous.

You can see them here scroll down and click on the Collectormania 9 Link.

It is less than 2 weeks away for Not Fade Away - Angel Convention. I need to start on Lindsey - Christian Kane artwork, and possibly some more sketches of Lorne & Fred. I've done Gunn - J August Richards so at least I have that one in the bag. Can't believe how quickly the year is passing. [ profile] acrazywench if you are reading this I will call you soon, I think I have transport to Heathrow sorted :)

Leaf on the wind *awww*
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See lyrics in the entry line... Best I could come up with really.  The Easter break has started here, so I have company which is great.  Why is it that kids get up early when they don't have an elsewhere to be??

Planning to go shopping together tomorrow and do fast food.  Did Ice Age II last night,  cinema full of kids and I get the 10yr old boy who is a 'heckler in training'  in front of us. Yep,  we all told him to ' zip it' several times.  

The 'Wash' portrait went quite well - Alan Tudyk has such expressive eyes. But you will note, dinosaurs not a strong point with me. I copied the colours from screencaps rather than go with some of the illustrated impressions I came across.  . I think I may do a couple of sketches next before progressing onto Book.    Take a look at the results )

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