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This has to be the most astonishingly brilliant, clever and stunning vid I have ever seen.

After the joy of watching this subsided,  the angst of never wanting to open another editing program hit hard.
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I started mentally putting together a vid Rec list for all those joyous, silly, crackish, and generally fun vids I've encountered over the past few years - I'm sure there will be something in here that will raise a smile.

So in no particular order

[ profile] charmax       Try Smile - BtVS /AtS,    Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood - Shrek ,  Angel with An Attitude - Pushing Daisies
[ profile] dualbunny   I'll be there for you - Black Books
[ profile] littleheaven70  Flagpole Sitta - Stargate
[ profile] halcyon_shift  I put you there - BtVS (Collab with [ profile] laurashapiro )   Star Trek in 60 Secs
[ profile] bradcpu  Mortal Kombat - BtVS ,  Sexy Hell - Garth Marenghi's Dark Place
[ profile] bananainpyjamas  Zero To Hero - Spider Man
[ profile] buffyann  Starlight - Multifandom Dance  , Le Manege - Pushing Daisies
 [ profile] mranderson71   Just Like Perfection - Zoolander,    Happy Feet   - Happy Feet
[ profile] sockkpuppett  Too Drunk - Family Guy
[ profile] winterevanesce  Womanizer - Dr Horrible 
[ profile] talitha78  Fireflies - Up
[ profile] jagwriter78   Anything the Doctor Can Do - Dr Who (Collab with [ profile] rhoboat )
 [ profile] ageless_aislynn   10th Doctor is Tigger  - Dr Who
Becca - C'mon C'mon - Chuck

There were some others  too but I couldn't find active links so I didn't want to be a tease ;)    If I remember any more I'll add them to the post.

Enjoy and if you liked them, let the vidder know
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I'm back.

Wonderful holiday, lots of lazing in the sun by the pool (melt! ) a sprinkling of wandering around medieval tuscan towns and cities,  and some much needed one on one time with my dear friend.   She really had an annus horribilus in 2008 and I found myself wishing that I wasn't so remote, so I could be more supportive. I think she has turned the corner now and have promised to keep in touch via email more often.

I did have limited internet access so I would briefly check emails but didn't have time to respond to lj things other than to scan posts briefly. I did notice that there are a whole swathe of new VVC vids from my flist that I want to watch.  I am looking forward to those  - One that I did manage to see when I was away and I can recommend to any vidder/fan/browncoat/ Firefly fan is[ profile] bradcpu and [ profile] laurashapiro  collaboration 'Hard Sun'.   This works on many levels as a statement on fandom/vidding and the show. It's is beautiful, touching and should not be missed.

I also  read some very insightful/interesting  posts from my  flist  on the 'vidding fandom/community/ Vividcon' late last night - perhaps not the best idea as I was tired and there was a touch of 'huh?' as if I'd missed something -  but that aside  some interesting observations were made and it was good for getting those thinky thoughts going.(sorry, but that is about as descriptive as I can manage right now). And as for vidding  I will go back to the next vid project I was tweaking before holiday, it's Firefly to a brief song and hopefully I can rediscover the vidding momentum I had a month or so ago.   

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2nd day of this 'New To Me' vidwatching challenge - Any vidder whose work I have not watched before is fair game so I went with a couple of fandoms that I am quite familiar with but totally different styles of vids.

A Dr Who  vid - Winter in My Heart   a collaboration by [personal profile] leviathan101 HumanRSuperior and Raspberry_splat.  I was drawn by the fact that this was one of the Vast tracks I had mentally shortlisted to vid sometime this year  but to a BtVS relationship.  Great use of filters and overlays to set the mood, wonderfully chocked full of angst and good use of an excellent song. 

In contrast to that, but also skilfully edited was [profile] aj2k   Lose Control   Bruce Lee  compilation with emphasis on rage rather than control . Bruce was the man when I was young. My brother still has his own nunchukkas.  Full of action fight scenes synched with the beat,  careful use of special effects so as not to overload the senses and Chuck Norris getting kicked around. What more could you want.

Hmmm now what to watch tomorrow.

Oh and this is still going on.  I am currently very affordable so ......

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Now that was a wicked tag from [ profile] shoopdancer  - pick your top buffyverse vids made in 2005 that you have seen -  but just five   FIVE?? can't I Have ten?  Ok then no. Here they are in no particular order - just the ones that left an impression the most on me this year.  

1. 'Scooby Road' by . [ profile] sockkpuppett  - The Beatles and Buffyverse vid epic created with such skill, insight, emotion and humour - It's all in there and if you know Abbey Road well,  it'll have you singing along and weeping at the same time.  

2. 'Let the Bodies hit the floor' by [ profile] sweetiejen  and John.  Full on screaming and action edited so tightly it cuts off your circulation.  It was a tough choice because I think Sweetie and John have made a whole raft of wonderful buffyverse vids in 2005, but this one still stays with me.

3. 'Everyday' by  [ profile] sassykittenjess  - Again a tough choice from all the greats like Rockstar , Relax, redredred  but this again pulls on the heart strings and the clip choice and effects are perfect.

4. 'Strange and Beautiful' by [ profile] charmax  Winning combination of song and story, a soft, dreamlike melancholy feel to this vid creates such sympathy for poor  Xander ( who never looked so good or so sad.) 

5. 'Emotion Sickness' by [ profile] obsessive24   Synchronised violence, great song and fautless use of overlays and effects just where it matters.  Tough choice between this and Hand that Feeds.

And if anyone knows when [ profile] millylicious  made 'Counting Bodies' then add that to the list because it is an extraordinary vid. 

    I think after seeing [ profile] shoopdancer  and [ profile] messyjessie58 lists there is some catching up to do.  Some of those I haven't seen yet!.

I'll be back with a top Firefly Vid list later....


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