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Awards are posted for Rd 20 of the Art of Vidding Awards.  Check them out here. Thanks to my co-conspirator and judge [ profile] whiskyinmind for her help as always.

It may not have been a very big round in number of entries but in terms of competition, some categories were brutal. And I don't think we've ever had so many vids in contention for Music/Action or Editing Rounds.  It seemed a shame to just to have two judge's choices each but we had to stop somewhere.  Check out the winning vids - you won't be disappointed.

Not sure when the next round will happen. There's a definite decline in interest for these vidding competition so we may have a rethink and any thoughts are welcome in the comments.
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Yes, that's how I cope with Christmas and the holiday season. A daily drizzle of brandy. No actually mine would be a nip of Glenfiddich 18yr old single Malt. And before I get jumped on by the Single Malt snobs... I hate the Islay ones, just too peaty for me, so no apologies here for my choice.

The cake has just gone into the oven - I'll be able to look at it in 4 hours to see how it's going. Then we'll tackle mincemeat and Christmas puddings probably next week.

And this boozy segway leads into a message for  [ profile] whiskyinmind to say the AvA nominee disc is en route to you hon. I'll begin my judging this weekend. I hope to have awards posted before the Christmas break.  It's probably our smallest round yet, I think enthusiasm for Vidding Contests has definitely waned. 

If anyone would like a Christmas/Holiday card from me this year please leave a comment which are screened - I have only old addresses for a few of you on my flist so I will no doubt be sending you messages.

*note to self- update theme*
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Well after what feels like the longest hiatus ever, the Art of Vidding Awards new round is now open.  Hopefully we'll get to 30  submissions and if you haven't entered a contest for a while I hope you'll consider taking part in ours.


Click the banner to go to the main page.

Please spread the word,  read the rules and then submit. 
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All the judges awards and the viewers Choice Banners are now posted at the Art of Vidding Awards.

Congratulations to everyone. Now I'm going to have a lie down after making all of those graphics.
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Just a reminder that the polls for you to pick your favourite fan vids closes on 20th May. We've not been overwhelmed with votes - 9 polls have more than two ties and one has a 4 -way split - so it would be great to have more votes please.

Please boost the signal on this and if you haven't already, place your votes here Viewers Choice Polls

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We've posted the nominations (including wildcards ) from the last 6 normal rounds for our Best of The Best III. Viewer's choice polls are also open, please feel free to snag a code from here and promote your vids - or the polls generally.  Anyone have a problem with links / polls etc please let me know.

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Wow LJ is really quiet at the moment is everyone over at Tumblr in the land of perpetual scroll?  

Anyhoo awards are posted over at The Art of Vidding Awards. Congratulations to all - many categories resulted in fisticuffs between the same 3/4 vids which were just stunning.

If you are looking for recs you can't go far wrong to check out the Best Video & Editing Categories and the runners up in those sections. 

Pretty soon I'll have the nominations list for the third Best of the Best round, along with the viewers choice polls and promotion codes. I'll post here when all is revealed.  Then I have to decide on the future of the contest.
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The last normal round before our 3rd 'Best of' round closes on the 15th February.

If you were thinking of submitting but haven't yet do pay us a visit - we'd love to see new and familiar vidders. 

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New Round is now open at Art of Vidding Awards. This is the last round before our third Best of the Best round.

We look forward to receiving your entries :)
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Finally!    Not a huge round in terms of number of entries but tricky all the same.

Some ties this round and can I recommend that you check out the winners.- Super vids to be seen.

Can you believe Art of Vidding Awards has been going for 5 years? We opened on 1st December 2006. So bearing that in mind I'd like to thank my partner in crime and co-judge [ profile] whiskyinmind  and all the vidders who submit to the competition.
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*waves* Hello all.

Just two more days left to submit in Round 18 at Art of Vidding Awards

It would be great if we could get to 30 entries this round.

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Well this was great news to wake up to this morning.  There's the usual discussion over at Whedonesque and some prominent suspects       *cough nathancough * tweeted the link. We've yet to see any purple hued comment but if it's not some huge (cruel) and elaborate joke then YAY! 

Sean Maher is scheduled to appear at  Hallowhedon this weekend so I will definitely be asking him about the project at the meet and greet :)

In other news - I've just got Cordelia's hair and shirt to tackle before that sketch is done for signing and this is also a pimp for submissions over at Art of Vidding Awards. If you haven't yet - go on! you know you want to!
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So hiatus is over, all the data from the old site is transferred and we're open for business

Please come and submit your vids and - tell your friends!

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I have moved all my fan vids to a new site


All the download links point back to the vids still hosted at Buffy and Angel Art (these should continue to work) but I will slowly be changing these.  I'm currently in the process of adding all the lyrics and awards pages and when that is complete I will be relocating Art of Vidding Awards site there too. 

Buffy and Angel Art will still be my home for original and digital art and all the whedonverse convention photos etc. I think once I've finished Art of Vidding I may (if I'm not driven insane) look at giving Buffy and Angel Art a make over. It's had the same layout since forever.  And whilst I'm talking about websites (of which I know only enough to be incredibly confused/and /or dangerous) any recommendation for gallery sites? Sort of like thosed used by screencapping peeps. I have lots of images that need uploading into thumbnail gallery /full size image things. Not imageshack or photobucket.

And on a random note - I'm loving the album 'Light Me Up' by The Pretty Reckless - but there are some tracks on it  that vocally sound so much like Poe (Ann Danielewski) but it's probably just me.
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Hi guys. The Genre Game Winners have been announced.

The judge's results /Awards plus the Viewer Choice banners from the polls are now posted at the Art Of Vidding Awards. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to everyone who submitted. 

We're on hiatus now until Autumn/ Winter time but I will let everyone know when we open again.
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Polls close on Thursday Midday GMT - Please vote  for your favourites , if you haven't already. There's loads of wonderful vids in this special round that I'm sure you'll enjoy.   Thank you!
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Hey y'all.

I've set up the polls now for the viewers choice in each of the Genre groups.  There's fifty wonderful vids waiting for anyone & everyone to view and then pick their favourite in each genre.  Clicketty click the banner to go to the page.

Spread the word , watch the vids then tick the box.
And note to self , I really need a new AvA icon.

ETA: Although I can see the Space/Scifi poll others cannot. I've re-embedded the poll. Could someone take a peek and see if it shows up yet. If not I will recreate a new one and put that in.
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We are still a few vids short in the following genre groups and we're looking for submissions :) 

Doublet & Hose (period dramas - any movie/tv pre 20th century)

Shock Horror - Any movie/tv show in the horror genre

Dungeons & Dragons -  Legend of the Seeker, Merlin,  Harry Potter, Sword/sorcery stuff , LoTR etc etc

Action /Adventure - Action heavy shows and films, war movies etc

Here & Now - Modern day films/tv shows (last two decades)  such as Glee, Skins, Lip service, Community, Modern Family etc etc Also medical shows now included in this group.

If you'd like to submit or are just curious then click  here .  Round closes on 20th April.

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And we're back! Not with a normal round but something that we're calling 'The Genre Game'.  We have nine TV/Movie genres and ask vidders to submit their relevant vids to be judged against entries in the same group. For this round it's two entries per vidder  but they must be in different genre groups.   There will be a Best Video and runner per genre and any other awards that take our fancy at the time. We need at least five entries per group to be judged.   There may even be a poll for viewers to pick their favourites.  For details and to pick up special codes please go here.

Thanks t
[ profile] whiskyinmind  for the lovely banners :) 
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Hey y'all - Viewer Choice Polls are open at the 'Driver Picks The Music' Awards site.  I have vids Spitfire, Slayer, Underdog and Those Were the Days in the running in a number of categories. So if you like those, please vote for me (or any other vids that you rather). Thanks - it's much appreciated. Also I'll be posting news of the new Round over  at the Art of Vidding Awards any time soon.

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