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Title: Boogey Man
Fandom: Angel the Series (All 5 Seasons)
Music: I'm your Boogie Man - White Zombie
Length: 4:30 mins
Description:  Angel Investigations face their demons. A look at all the 'monsters' over the whole show. He's gonna get ya... Happy Halloween
Edited October 2014
Downloads Tiny WMV 16.7mB     Med AVI 108mB      Med mp4 69mB HQ AVI 205mB     HQ MP4 133mB
Embed and notes under the cut
I'm your Boogey Man )
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It always takes me a while to get the photos together but they're up on my site now.


Julie Lee ( Chanterelle/Lilly / Anne)    Ksenia Solo (kenzi Lost Girl)

Allan Hyde (Godric) and Mariana Klaveno (Lorena) True Blood,  Neil Roberts and Brody Hutzler (Landok )


James Marsters and Juliet Landau
Me and Dru, we're moving in.

A good weekend although I did miss Georges Jeanty and Jonathan Woodward, they are great for livening the place up. Nice to see James and Juliet on stage together although I don't know if what James made of us all. He did say he wanted to come back so we'll see. 

One small peeve was that James did not do the meet and greet which  made me wonder why, he's done them before and Starfury M &G's are generally more well behaved, controlled and less in your face than others.   In fact he wasn't at the Fancy dress the following night either. Early to bed perhaps?

The True Blood guests were chipper - as they were last year, and Ksenia Solo must be the tiniest actress I have ever  seen but with excellent taste in footwear.

So  more photos and HQ versions start  here including opening and closing ceremonies.

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Fandom : BtVS ( a little of AtS)
Title : 'Be With Me'
Music : Be With Me By VAST
Description: Be with me, protect me from the darkness of the sun.
Warnings: PG13 biting and a little blood.
Length : 3:59 mins
Download : Tiny WMB 14.4mB, Small AVI 62.6mB , Med AVI 93mB HQ 181mB (files zipped)  Embedded under cut.

embed here )
Vidders Notes : Another relationship vid after I promised myself I would make more this year. I've always been fond of their dark, twisted devotion to each other, well up until that point where you know who became an issue. Spike to me was very loyal to Drusilla despite her physical relationship with Angelus. You'll notice I've tried to keep him out of this, focusing on just these two.  Musically yet again back to ol'faithfull VAST for the song. I really love this band, in my mind they are synonymous with AtS and BtVS, I've vidded five of their tracks to date to these fandoms and I haven't used 'Here' or 'Touched' which were featured in the show themselves. [ profile] sockkpuppett has a beautiful Wes /Angel vid to 'Here' which if you haven't seen yet, Why not?
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 Made five of the Drusilla icons for a slayalive contest, but thought I'd make a few more and some Dark Willow ones to go with.

All snaggable - credit would be nice.

The rest are under a cut here )
Yeah, I got a thing with colour right now, can you tell?   Resources are all as my site here
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I can't believe I forgot to post this.  Anyway - drawn for the Vampire Ball Convention last year but Julie had to cancel so I did not take it for signing. But I thought I'd share.

Medium sized here . I'll link the HQ one once I've loaded to the website.  HQ version here

When this episode - The Girl In Question -  first aired I wa so full of woe at the impending canelleation/series finale that I didn't enjoy it at all. In fact I was quite annoyed that Mutant Enemy were daring to make me laugh when I all I wanted to do was mourn Angel The Series.  Now it ranks amongst my favourites, it gives us some of the very best Spike/ Angel moments of the slayerverse and this wonderful scene with ravished Drusilla and Darla.

I miss my show.
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I've been trying to tidy up my tags and I noticed that there are a few wallpapers that I may have put on my site or posted over at [ profile] still_grrr  but not in my own journal *doh*   So here they are.  Where there are various resolutions links are next to the thumbnail.  If just in one resolution click the thumbnail.

1024   1280


1280  1680  or 1920

1024   1280  1680

1024   1280   1680

1280 1680

1280 1680

 1280    1680

1024  1680

Phew that ended up being a lot more  than I originally thought.... I may have some 1920 x 1080 resolution versions of some of these if anyone wants one in particular.  Hope you like them, comments are loved.

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Just look at these banoonoo guests?

Now that looks more like a Zombie pose than a Vamp one but I don't want to be picky. If you can't quite make out who's who then the line up was as follows : Steve Carlson (Kane)  Georges Jeanty, Dayne Johnson, Brody Hutzler, Clare Kramer, Allan Hyde (True Blood), Keith Szarabajkas, Juliet Landau. and Christian Kane (with a special appearance Saturday evening and Sunday from Jonathan Woodward)  An impressive line up even with the cancellation of Julie Benz and Marianna Klaveno (True Blood)    Both myself and [ profile] whiskyinmind had a super time.  The meet and greet was awesome - we got to meet all the guests who became steadily more inebriated each time (apart from Allan Hyde - aww bless) who was just seriously cute.  Christian Kane I think made [ profile] whiskyinmind  whole weekend regarding her tattoo and a certain guitar pick :) 

Here are teaser photos of the guests. On each of the links there are more notes about what was discussed in the Q&A's and the read throughs. I just didn't have time to cut and paste it all here.

Opening ceremony 'Cheers' and Allan is wondering why he's the only one without a drink. More opening ceremony photos here

Brody Hutzler tries to feed Dayne Johnson some Pom Bear crisps he acquired from us in the front row. He tells Dayne that they have cute little faces and 'teddy balls'  More photos on this makeup demo here

More photos of  these guests  including Juliet without the glasses) here and here .  Georges was a demon on the dance floor at the parties by the way - I bought two of his sketch books and the characters he sketched were just the business!  See here here  )

Details of Allan's Q&A & more photos here He will now be forever know to us as 'wee boy' .

Awesome Kane gig where Steve was presented with a replacement guitar by his fans after his was stolen - more pics of the gig are here . Unfortunately Chrisitan wasn't too well and the gig was cut short, he made it to the Convention the next day though.  More Photos of Christian and Steve are here and here .

Keith Szarabajkas brought a couple of scripts that he'd written and we were treated to two read throughs with the other guests playing roles   - It was very enjoyable. More photos of those read throughs are here and here .

Any regular at Starfury events will know what this is all about. We had Brody and Allan both come up during the ceremony too.  [ profile] whiskyinmind  was the first up of all the attendees (of course) and even returned to the stage as 'back up' more than once ;-) 

So that's that. Most of the guests wanted to see snow when they were here. I'm not sure they did but I know for sure that the snow around us can leave any time it likes, I can't get into town to do Christmas shopping.
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Title: Those Were The Days
Song: 'Those Were The Days' performed by Mary Hopkins
Length : 3.22mins
Notes : Just me having a bit of fun. An idea which I blame on Angel's comment about not being cheap and my being old enough to remember this song. Definitely a case of Angel using sepia tinted glasses to remember the past. There are lyrics somewhere I just haven't had time to sort them out yet.  Hope you enjoy!
Download Tiny WMV 12mB Zipped here    
                 Med Xvid AVI 62mB Zipped here
                 HQ AVI 140mB Zipped Here
Embedded under the cut embed )

Comments loved.
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Title: 'Venus in Furs'
Fandom:Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Characters: Angel, Willow, Drusilla
Song: Venus in Furs by the Velvet Underground
Length: 02:09
Type of file: WMV Zipped
Rating: PG13
Copyright: Property of Joss Whedon, 20th Century Fox
.Notes: My baby's got me locked up in chains.....Inspired by 'Venus in Furs'   this is a brief musing on the 'preferred torture puppy' and his two mistresses. Let's hope he remembers the safety word.  Anyone with a fear of excessive holy water spillage, finger bending and other such nastiness are hereby warned.   I edited the song greatly otherwise the squeaky violins from hell would have become torture in themselves.
Download:   Small 8mB Zipped or Bigger 16mB Zipped  here 
There may be streaming if I can get the audio in sync.

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Fandom: BtVS
Characters: Buffy, Angelus, Spike & Drusilla
Pairings: Combinations of the above
Song: Broken Promise by Placebo
Length: 3.56mins | Various from 14mB/22mB/38mB
Type of file: WMV
Rating: , PG
Copyright: (Property of Joss Whedon, WB, 20th Century Fox)
Description:S2 dark  drama - Angelus inflicts pain, his enemies wait to repay the favour.
Where to Download the video here various sizes/formats

Read more... )
ETA : Streamed here
Feedback welcome.
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Well we left pretty early to get to Milton Keynes for Collectormania 10 - the whole family in tow (bar the cat of course) - bless 'em - I owe them a Sunday morning lie-in so *hugs* to them for getting up and being so great today. Hubs did great with the pics as usual, the full set will go up on the site probably tomorrow but here are a few teasers now straight from the Scum Pits of Ur... )

All in all a good day meeting lots of really great whedonverse actors.
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So Book and Badger are done. I am quite pleased with Book, he looked so stern in the painting I did last time. Ron is not due to appear but I am being optimistic. Super optimism will hopefully give me time to do Gina before the weekend. I'd also like to do another Mal, just because he is so pretty.

Book )

Normally conventions are far better for meeting whedonverse actors than signings but Collectormania 10 is shaping up to be sooo exciting. I have just seen that Elisabeth Rohm has been announced, so I am doing the 'dance of joy'. Along with 'Kate' we will also have 'Holland' Sam Anderson, 'Tara' Amber Benson, 'Jayne' (woot) Adam Baldwin, 'Maggie Walsh' Lindsay Crouse, 'Patience' from Serenity- Firefly and finally 'Drusilla' Juliet Landau. I have only met Juliet so that is a great line up (cross fingers no cancellations).

And finally

My thoughts are with all the people who lost relatives and friends in 9/11. We won't forget.

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