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Title: Boogey Man
Fandom: Angel the Series (All 5 Seasons)
Music: I'm your Boogie Man - White Zombie
Length: 4:30 mins
Description:  Angel Investigations face their demons. A look at all the 'monsters' over the whole show. He's gonna get ya... Happy Halloween
Edited October 2014
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I'm your Boogey Man )
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So this tumblr thing can suck hours out of your day right?   I'm kind of picking random convention photos to post and some banners/cards  I have already made.   I also made a couple of simple pieces the last couple of days to tumble but I thought I would cross post here too.  From my experience so far, tumblr is big on images and small on words but I think that may be as I am not following many peeps/communities over there just yet.

The art work  I see on tumblr is very pretty  - definitely seems to follow a trend/ distinct style of intense colours,  or  sepia monochrome in a portrait format ,   and also plenty o'gifs.  Nice to see they increased the gif limit the ones I make presently are HUGE.

Anyhow I made the River Card for a challenge a long while back over at slayalive. May decide to do other characters just for the heck of it.  The other are new.

Back of Card  )
And then the new pieces

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I can't believe I forgot to post this.  Anyway - drawn for the Vampire Ball Convention last year but Julie had to cancel so I did not take it for signing. But I thought I'd share.

Medium sized here . I'll link the HQ one once I've loaded to the website.  HQ version here

When this episode - The Girl In Question -  first aired I wa so full of woe at the impending canelleation/series finale that I didn't enjoy it at all. In fact I was quite annoyed that Mutant Enemy were daring to make me laugh when I all I wanted to do was mourn Angel The Series.  Now it ranks amongst my favourites, it gives us some of the very best Spike/ Angel moments of the slayerverse and this wonderful scene with ravished Drusilla and Darla.

I miss my show.
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I've been trying to tidy up my tags and I noticed that there are a few wallpapers that I may have put on my site or posted over at [ profile] still_grrr  but not in my own journal *doh*   So here they are.  Where there are various resolutions links are next to the thumbnail.  If just in one resolution click the thumbnail.

1024   1280


1280  1680  or 1920

1024   1280  1680

1024   1280   1680

1280 1680

1280 1680

 1280    1680

1024  1680

Phew that ended up being a lot more  than I originally thought.... I may have some 1920 x 1080 resolution versions of some of these if anyone wants one in particular.  Hope you like them, comments are loved.

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Title: Those Were The Days
Song: 'Those Were The Days' performed by Mary Hopkins
Length : 3.22mins
Notes : Just me having a bit of fun. An idea which I blame on Angel's comment about not being cheap and my being old enough to remember this song. Definitely a case of Angel using sepia tinted glasses to remember the past. There are lyrics somewhere I just haven't had time to sort them out yet.  Hope you enjoy!
Download Tiny WMV 12mB Zipped here    
                 Med Xvid AVI 62mB Zipped here
                 HQ AVI 140mB Zipped Here
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Comments loved.
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Title: Reason Is Treason
Music : Reason is Treason by Kasabian
Fandom: Angel The Series Seasons 1 & 2
Length: 4.24mins
Notes : Lindsey McDonald character study. Ambitious, amoral, sometimes conflicted, Lindsey doesn't always tow the company line. He wants to destroy Angel and falling for Darla just complicates things. This vid just focuses on the First two seasons.
Downloads - Various sizes of Xvid AVI and WMV from my site here. Streamed at Youtube (some copyright blocks)  the viddler stream embedded under a cut here.Read more... )

[ profile] whiskyinmind and I had spoken long time ago about this song for Lindsey and after being included on her excellent fanmix I decided that I really ought to put this vid bunny to rest. Now after all this time I've done it and it is dedicated to her. Thanks my dear, hope it is what you envisaged.

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