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So I currently have two more ways to suck huge chunks of time out of my day.

Mark the reviewer  'Mark Watches' (currently reviewing BtVS S4 & just starting on AtS S1) and now  'Mark Reads' - A Song of Ice and Fire(I'll probably go onto his other book reviews for those I have read myself)

I love Mark's capslock enthusiam for the show  and general flailing, he'd not seen any of it before now,  so it is wonderful reading the predictions and his reactions to those 'huge' moments. Sometimes he has great love for overlooked episodes and it makes me reassess my own opinion of them. It's a little like discovering the slayerverse  all over again and I never fail to want to rewatch the episode he has just reviewed.   Can't  wait to see what he makes of AtS.  Then I spotted he also wrote book reviews, I am now reading those. 

The other time -suck is Tumblr.  There are some insanely pretty Avengers art/gifs being posted I find totally irresistable, plus a few hilarious banners. One this morning had us both rolling around the office in hysterics almost forgetting to breathe. Plus cat gifs.  I don't feel very creative on tumblr though, just part of a huge machine that clicks and reblogs everyone else's pretty.  I have put up select pieces of original art and the odd con photo every now and then.

I guess it's something to do while I rip source and wait for Book Five of ASOIAF to turn up.
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So this tumblr thing can suck hours out of your day right?   I'm kind of picking random convention photos to post and some banners/cards  I have already made.   I also made a couple of simple pieces the last couple of days to tumble but I thought I would cross post here too.  From my experience so far, tumblr is big on images and small on words but I think that may be as I am not following many peeps/communities over there just yet.

The art work  I see on tumblr is very pretty  - definitely seems to follow a trend/ distinct style of intense colours,  or  sepia monochrome in a portrait format ,   and also plenty o'gifs.  Nice to see they increased the gif limit the ones I make presently are HUGE.

Anyhow I made the River Card for a challenge a long while back over at slayalive. May decide to do other characters just for the heck of it.  The other are new.

Back of Card  )
And then the new pieces

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I opened a Tumblr account thingie late last year and I've only just started posting to it. Feel sure I'm doing it wrong, but who knows.  A bit like Billy no mates right now but I'm curious as to who here also posts there. Do tell.

And if anyone has any hints on how to use, how to make those shiny gifs etc let me know. I'm at randomfandom  
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