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So Invasion 2 - this weekend. A good time was had although I didn't feel much in the mood to boogie at the parties which was a shame 'cos I heard most of the guests were bustin' out their best moves. Mix of Sci-Fi shows - Dollhouse, Stargate Universe, BSG & Caprica and the Guild.  Eliza made it this time so yay.

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Here's that awesome sketch by Georges Jeanty (S8 Artist)   from the Saturday. He uses a couple of A4 reference sheets covered in screencaps of the character in various facial positions/expressions. It was great just to watch him work away at the strokes getting the lines so right, brilliant opportunity although mostly you shut up and watch rather than ask questions so as not to break his concentration.

On Saturday I'd had photoshoots with Summer, Adam and Tom (I'd actually missed my previous chances to get a photo with Tom at earlier cons so I had to go for it this time)  All the guests looked great - hee! Denis the Menace jumper Tom, I've scanned the pics here.

It's always tough to get up early for photo shoots especially with parties and such.(I was being good and avoiding red wine all weekend in favour of vodka).   It get's tougher every con. Needless to say Zach, Dichen, Miracle and Felicia all looked bright and sparkly.
Sunday Morning Service ... ) Dollhouse ladies take the stage... )

Chuck V The Sandwich  )
You can't take the sky from me..... )

Parting is such sweet sorrow )

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Phew lots of photos to sort through.  And muddled brain to rack - acrazywench took shorthand notes of the Q&A 's but I tried to remember things from the Meet and Greet & autograph sessions.

Awesome group shot from Starfury - love the 'whodunnit ' montage. Especially Summer and Felicia's poses.  To see all the photos click on the Guests names to go to the page in the text under the cut.

Day One - Opening ceremony and the Meet and Greet  )

Day Two - Q&A's Q&A's and autograph sessions. )

ETA : All the photos are up you have to click through the links on the site

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Hi - I'm back. And an awesome Convention it was indeed.  

I'm going through the photos,  but I'll add a few teasers here.  Amazing guest list (surprises were Dichen Lachman & Tom Lenk - Thomas Dekker had to cancel the day before). Fantastic to meet these guests again and see some new faces.

Took part in the fan invasion and mass purchase of subway sandwiches  (yes, Zach served behind the counter) great fun. Howled out loud  when whiskey vision cam was revealed - Jonathan once again putting a new spin on his  'Sunday morning special' slot. Watched in awe as the most amazing Miracle Laurie  lead Dichen  and Felicia in a Hula dance, accompanied by her fiance Chris on the ukelele. Not before giving two impromptu performances on the uke herself in earlier Q&A . 
  All the guests were  entertaining and upbeat despite all three shows represented, were at that 'waiting for the sword of damocles news on next season pick up.  Once I've sorted the photos I'll post a proper convention report.


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