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So it was a while back but I've only just managed to sort and upload all the photos I took at Starfury Ultimates.

Teasers : Official photograph of the guests with the exception of Hayley who had not arrived yet (They should have taken this in the morning when she was there! )
Just look at Nick & Iain!

Marvel Guest list: Hayley Atwell,Iain De Caestecker, Brett Dalton, Nick Blood, Enver Gjokaj & Bridget Regan   DC Guests: Matt Ryan, Paul Blackthorne, Manu Bennett, Drew Powell, Camren Bicondova & Robin Lord Taylor.

More this way )
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Just got back after a long drive (oh A1 you are awful) from Blackpool.  First con in a while and it was good fun. Have so many photos to sort, it was the new camera so I'll see how it (and more importantly me) performed.

Will come back later with some photos and Con tales.
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So I actually booked for a Convention this year. Problem is, I left it too late following a big announcement which I failed to notice on twitter and had to go with regular ticket as all the Golds had gone.

I was enticed by Starfury's Ultimates in June.  Hayley Atwell and Enver Gjokaj were announced and I thought what the hell.  May be a bit of a punt to get Hayley's auto & photoshoot as she is only there two days but it will be a good opportunity for the new camera to show me what that zoom can do, and in low light as the lighting at those events isn't the kindest to photographers. Plus  I'll be a way back from the stage as a normal punter.  Brett Dalton, B J Britt, Bridget Regan  and Dichen Lachman from Agents of SHIELD/Carter are all booked to appear too. I've had the pleasure of meeting Enver & Dichen before but not the others. Starfury sometimes have surprise guests too so it would be cool if they were more Marvel ones.  Should be fun.

Oh and it's at the Norbreck in Blackpool. I went to my very first Convention (Which happened to be Starfury's End of Days for Angel the Series) there in 2003. Ah happy memories.

Now I need to break out the art materials to do some portraits for autographs.
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So all my photos and also a brief report about the weekend are now posted on my site. It was a lovely time (less party and more relaxing but that's down to me, rather than the event)  and so nice to get to chat to some of my very favourite Whedonverse people (Jane Espenson and Alexis Denisof) in a Convention environment.

Alexis was very chatty and charming at the autograph session which was probably why his line took forever - we were given the chance to have a decent conversation which was a pleasant change. I spoke to him mainly about Much Ado and my cunning plan to convert the rest of the family to Shakespeare lovers- he was delighted and seemed genuinely pleased about the 'part' he played in that.  From the Q&A's you really get a sense that he loves not straying too far from his family, especially at their young age and I can only admire him for wanting to do that over perhaps pursuing more career opportunities. He also told us he hates cancelling events which is why he hardly commits to any. Fair do. Funny story about shooting Avengers and praise for Tom H - struggle with  He and all the guests (with the exception of Tom Lenk who told us at the meet and greet that he was coming down with a cold) attended the parties - they really 'got into it' but I did watch Alexis go round the whole room virtually unnoticed by most of the attendees, until he said hello - he once photobombed  a group cosplay photo and then they noticed him. Then he got on the floor and did the Wesley dance and later encouraged some ladies to get up from the table and led the conga around the entire ballroom for ages. 

I spoke to Jane about how difficult it was to pick a favourite episode of hers - John and I had discussed the night before I went and came up with 'A New Man' which never fails to lighten our moods when we've had a shitty day. Giles always has a worse time of it :)  She told me that one of my favourite lines from the episode ("picked up a tail") was nearly cut by Joss, but he left it in after all which makes me glad. The event organisers have promised to try and bring other writers over to future events.  She ran two writer room sessions with herself and Brad Bell and they were the most popular extra event of the entire conventions. I don't write but would have loved to have gone.

Anyhoo more photos and links to the rest are here :

more photos )

This is the first time in 10 years that I have not been to a Starfury Convention.  I just was not inspired by the guest lists to be honest.  I love the shows he covers but not enough to attend a con.  With Joss making a surprise appearance at Serenity Forever I sure did pick the right year :-(    Now if someone were to add Agents of SHIELD guests (Massive Events said they would try to get some...) then I am so there!
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First things first. Thor :The Dark World.

I can hardly wait. I booked for tomorrow night instead of tonight (don't ask me why) so we're off to see it then. I am so looking forward to this and have only seen two trailers. I've avoided all the extra TV spots, behind the scenes, extra scenes etc etc as best I can,  so there is some film left to see anew. I have a good feeling about this one. But I do know I am easy to please so there is that. I shall probably see it once more on my own after the shock wears off.

Secondly my short trip to London was super fun. The weather held out and both 'events' were fabulous. I only wish I had time for more.So what happened at Marvel Meet the FilmMakers )
And then with J to the London Film Festival Cult Gala to seeOnly Lovers Left Alive )
And if that wasn't enough this weekend I was in Birmingham for Hallowhedon 5 - A fun time was had by all. I'm going to save that for another post but in the meantime here's a teaser or two

hw5group hw5ad1

I am just sifting through the remaining photos and I will be back with a post.
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1280 1680 or 1920

Credit screencaps from

So we've had 3 episodes of A.o.S in the UK now.  I've seen a bit of criticism and praise too, but I am loving the show. It's not 100% whedonesque but I never expected that. This is primarily a Marvel show and is aimed at family audience. As such I'm finding that it's a lot of fun and highly entertaining.   Not everything has to be/ or should be dark/deep/disturbing. I have a whole list of shows that already fill that quota and this makes a refreshing change.

We all watch it together on Friday night and it's a good reason to make a huge bowl of popcorn and have a glass or three to celebrate the start of the weekend. It's a great way to do that. Ellie thinks Melinda May is beyond awesome too.

Other fannish events happening )
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I couldn't get online on Friday and Saturday as I had events and most of my family taking over the whole place for a Mexican- Chilli/taco night  (and the whole place I mean only the Kitchen and the bathroom did not have anyone sleeping in them overnight).

After they had all eaten their way through a zillion pancakes on Sunday morning they departed (bless 'em) and I was left to catch up on Panels and stuff going down over at SDCC.

BLOODY HELL. So this happened in Hall H  Talk about an entrance.


This isn't the full speech but it's easy to find more vids on Youtube.

In summary - I'm going to have to medicate heavily for the Coriolanus gig because, boy does the dude love the stage (and it loves him right back too)

I also had a groovy time watching Nathan and Alan at a NerdHQ conversation and there's tons more to enjoy over the next few days.
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So Invasion 2 - this weekend. A good time was had although I didn't feel much in the mood to boogie at the parties which was a shame 'cos I heard most of the guests were bustin' out their best moves. Mix of Sci-Fi shows - Dollhouse, Stargate Universe, BSG & Caprica and the Guild.  Eliza made it this time so yay.

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I did this one last Autumn for the Hallowhedon 3 Convention.

A bit bigger here 

Talking of conventions - I've only got the one booked so far this year.  I'm going to Invasion 2 because *crosses fingers* Eliza will turn up for that one. There's a  fair few BSG/Caprica other SciFi guests along with Morena Baccarin and Felicia Day but it's not really heavy on the whedonverse front. 

The 3rd Vampire Ball has a repeat of last years True Blood guests (ok but I've met them already) and now James Marsters & Juliet Landau. Whilst I love James & Juliet I'm not sure I really want to go yet. So holding off booking that.  The only guest I want to meet for Hallowhedon 4 is Kristine Sutherland - their guests have been thin on the ground so IDK and I really don't like the way they run their cons - overstretched I think.   I've met Sean Maher a few times and Nick Brendon at least four times now, so unless they come up with a rare guest then I'll probably skip that one too.   
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This was a really quickish sketch for the 2nd Vampire Ball in September - Clare Kramer as Glory (with Mimosa). Clare loved it so much I gave her the original.   I liked drawing the bubbles for some reason.

Click the small image above to see a bigger version.    I have a half finished Echo montage that I need to complete for Invasion  2 this April. Eliza has shifted her postponed appearance from last year to then (crosses fingers) that's if I can dig my way out of the huge pile of icky tissues, flippin' cold.

On the vidding front the latest project feels very very long ... I'll get there but it may take a while and then you will all be shaking your heads wondering why I bothered no doubt ;-)

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The Usual Suspects - Phina Oruche was only there Sunday so she is not in the group shot.

Finally typed up the brief notes from Saturday's Q&A (I didn't bother for Sunday) and tweeked the photos.

Here are a couple of teaser photos.

Charisma (really that pose is  so Cordy)  and Amber

Adam and Tony.

All the photos are on my website  - you'll find links in each Q& A text.

Bit of an disappointing preamble to this event. Over extended organizers had not announced any new guests since February after Amber, Adam and Charisma were on board. Sean Maher was confirmed as late as 7th October and then by 27th he had cancelled.  Late replacements were the awesome Anthony Head (but just one day) and Phina Oruche on the Sunday only too.  Considering a year in the making this was a very light guest list and didn't hold up to promises made at the earlier two events. But that's not to distract from the guests who were there, because they were great - I just felt we should have had a couple more at least. I cannot understand how those who had paid at least £895 for the VIP pass ever felt that they had value for money.

Radisson Edwardian Hotel in Heathrow is far more upmarket than the usual venue - The Thistle,  however the main Hall is far narrower making the rows smaller and the views more restricted/distant even when you had low number Gold tickets like myself. I think the Renaissance across the road had better rooms for the events.

 For some strange reason Massive Events had decided to put intense stage lights straight onto the guests and drop the rest of the hall in darkness. No-one could see the audience and in the Q&A's who was actually asking the questions despite many comments from the guests especially Charisma that the lights were awful and needed to be lowered. Reference to gestapo and torture were also made, but to no real effect. If you seen some pained expressions in the photos some of that is as result of the lighting.

Held up in traffic on the M4,  Tony was not part of the 'Opening Ceremony' and we just had Amber and Charisma so that was very low key. Personally I would have hoped they would have held on until Tony arrived and just start late. Other organizers have done this to no real impact on the rest of the evening.  The meet and greet was a washout and the worst at Hallowhedon to date.  Held in the pretentious and pretty useless Atrium in the Radission (a series of illuminated bridges and large decorative pools which take all the space) large groups of ticket holders huddled round tiny glass tables and struggled to hear/see the guests for the very brief time they spent trying to talk to us. Just two guests mind you so there needed to be plenty of free wine which thankful, there was so I spent most of that evening drowning the disappointment. Apparently Tony arrived just after the Meet and Greet was declared over. I don't know why they just don't sit the attendees around proper tables in well lit rooms so we can all at least get to know each other before the guests get to the table.

Charisma Q & A Here  Gorgeous Charisma gets younger not older )
Tony Heads Q & A hereMuch Ado about Nothing?  )
Amber Benson Q & AIs there anything Amber can't do?  )
Adam Busch Q & AWould have been great to have Common Rotation play at the event... )

Group Q & A photos here
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I've been back about an hour now from Hallowhedon Convention. Fun weekend but a little more low key and well behaved than some events. Still I had a good time - got to meet with some whedonverse actors I'd not previously seen.

 Asked ASH about the Shakespeare play and what happened re casting. Marvelled at just how much  Charisma Carpenter actually *is* Cordelia and how much Adam Busch *isn't* Warren. Phina was hilarious and  Amber was very sweet too :)   Full report and photos follows when I've finished carving pumpkins.  Happy Halloween everyone and don't eat too much candy.
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Look at the shiny guests!  There's lots of photos up at Buffy and Angel Art  starting here

Big group hug but you can't see the lovely ladies too well ...  So we've got  Mariana Klaveno from True Blood, stunning Julie Benz (who does not look her 39yrs) and sweet Clare Kramer who loved her  sketch so much that I gave it to her ( I will be posting that later).

The lads are this way  )
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So I'm back from the Second Vampire Ball.  I had a good time despite the disappointment at the late cancellation of Eliza - many tickets were sold on the strength of her appearance which is always risky but at least I had already bought mine before she was announced. It would have been nice to see her though. Ah well. Apparently she has agreed to appear at Invasion 2 in May next year. It's a mix of shows - The Guild, Battlestar, Caprica, Stargate and Firefly.  Whilst I watch all but Stargate I'm not sure I want to go yet.  Morena Baccarin and Felicia Day will be there - but the other guests don't really get me excited.  I think I will mull over buying a ticket until December.

Anyhow new venue Renaissance Hotel was pretty nice - no sticky carpets,  indifferent service or poor food so that was a plus. The DJ at the parties has changed and is much better although you do get a small selection of Convention dance songs ([ profile] whiskyinmind they played House Rules and Whisky In Mind by Kane )   To give Sean Harry his due he got J August Richards at four days notice and Keith (Holtz) Szarabjaka as replacements.  Julie Benz, Nick Brendon, Mark Metcalfe, Clare Kramer, Georges Jeanty, Allan Hyde (True Blood) & Mariana Klaveno  completed the line up. I've some nice photos which I'll post along with a report /artwork later once I've got everything unpacked.

I did miss my con buddies [ profile] whiskyinmind and [ profile] acrazywench  so much. It's not the same without you guys.
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See? That's me being positive.

So with a combination of DVDFab platinum Ripper , AnyDVD and a *coughtorrentcough* I have now got all of the POTC films in a vidable format.  The final film wouldn't rip at all and repeatedly closed programs down. So I ran up the colours of surrender & found a copy. Now all I need is the time to start my next vid project.

I'm working on sketches for next weeks Starfury convention 2nd Vampire Ball - Eliza Dushku still on course to appear (I hope I haven't jinxed it ) With a bit of luck I'll get her Echo montage finished.  I've sketched the Master (damn those wrinkles) but I am not sure I will do anymore. I've already have lots of Xander art and I may run out of time to do a new Glory/Clare Kramer  sketch.  

As it's Friday I bring random Youtube goodies to get you all dancey for the weekend. In July we were at the London Film and Comic Convention  and some of the awesome cosplayers there made this lip sync vid.  My favourites are Jack (of course ) Kaylee and a dancing Lucius Malfoy.  Jack & Lucius are often at the Starfury Conventions and their costumes are amongst the best I've seen - especially the Johnny Depp roles.

And another favourite - Why is the Rum Gone?

This  mix always blows my mind and now 'Why is Rum Gone' is used constantly in conversation in this house just because.  Have a good weekend one and all.
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So this awesome vid Meme kicked off when we were away on holiday thanks to [ profile] sdwolfpup.  I've loved reading my flists answers and decided I'd do it too. A bit of catchy uppie needed so bear with me. If you're interested all 30 questions are here .

Day 1 – How did you first get into vidding, and what was the first fandom you vidded? What do you think it was about that fandom that pulled you in?  

How did I get into vidding?  I was never much into online fandom..Read more... )

My first fandom - well that would be Angel The Series My first editting attempt Read more... )embedded under the cutRead more... )

What was it about that fandom that pulled me in - Can I say everything? Read more... )

Day 2 – Name the fandoms you've vidded in, and how many vids you've made in that fandom, and if you still vid in it.

TV Angel The Series (16) yes
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (20) yes
crossovers of the whedonverse series (10) yes
Firefly/Serenity (9) yes Dollhouse (2) yes
Supernatural (1) maybe
Deadwood (1) possibly
Blackadder (1) no

Harry Potter (2) yes
Amadeus (1) no
Some Like It Hot (1) no
Wallace & Grommit (1) unlikely
Dracula (1992) (1) no
House of Flying Daggers (1) no
Fifth Element (1) no
Matrix Trilogy (1) would like to make more
Elizabeth (1) no
Avatar (1) no
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Can't wait until tomorrow when we get to see Deathly Hallows Part Two. Mum's with us and we have been watching all the other films on the run up to the final part.  She's forgetful at the best of times , found it tough get a handle on the plot Plan is to watch the film and then I'll explain what happened afterwards. Ellie hasn't read the final book so I think there will be tears - Fred and George are probably her favourites and she loves Tonks too so you can imagine. We're going to need a drink afterwards.

So continuing in full on Harry Potter mode since last week's live streaming of the premiere in London  -  we had a blast at the London Film and Comic Con event. I have possibly turned my neice and nephew into Geeks (very little encouragement needed) . Just the look of pure amazement when they saw Darth Vader, Chewbacca and some storm troopers walking the queues out side was worth the admission fee. 

The HP guests were all kinds of awesome with the kids, kind, chatty and very accommodating with photos at the autograph  table.  Georgina Leonidas (Katie Bell)  was very sweet and we had a chat about the mega-premiere in London which she attended. Alfie Enoch (Dean Thomas) is all smiles and very funny, kids could not get over how tall he was or indeed how small Devon Murray  (Seamus Finnigan) was too. Harry Melling (Dudley Dursley) had lost about 4 stone and Stanislav Ianevski had been working out (oh Viktor - what big arms you've got!) but Natalia Tena stole our hearts as just one of a kind. Sporting the hat of awesomeness she was a total laugh. I spoke to her about Game of Thrones and agreed that it was definitely 'Put the kids to bed, pour a glass of wine and settle down to enjoy the show'.  There was a shortish Q &A with them on the main stage and all in all we had fun playing spot the Doctor and Amy Pond,  and how many superheroes can you see.  At one point we had a big 'Fett -off' with at least 8 Boba Fett types posing with the kids.

Couple of photos  - Natalia came on stage eating her lunch (she was digging out chocolate bars from her bag and passing them along) .

Lord Vader of Cheam moves amongst us. These are not the droids  kids you are looking for...

More photos this way )
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Just look at these banoonoo guests?

Now that looks more like a Zombie pose than a Vamp one but I don't want to be picky. If you can't quite make out who's who then the line up was as follows : Steve Carlson (Kane)  Georges Jeanty, Dayne Johnson, Brody Hutzler, Clare Kramer, Allan Hyde (True Blood), Keith Szarabajkas, Juliet Landau. and Christian Kane (with a special appearance Saturday evening and Sunday from Jonathan Woodward)  An impressive line up even with the cancellation of Julie Benz and Marianna Klaveno (True Blood)    Both myself and [ profile] whiskyinmind had a super time.  The meet and greet was awesome - we got to meet all the guests who became steadily more inebriated each time (apart from Allan Hyde - aww bless) who was just seriously cute.  Christian Kane I think made [ profile] whiskyinmind  whole weekend regarding her tattoo and a certain guitar pick :) 

Here are teaser photos of the guests. On each of the links there are more notes about what was discussed in the Q&A's and the read throughs. I just didn't have time to cut and paste it all here.

Opening ceremony 'Cheers' and Allan is wondering why he's the only one without a drink. More opening ceremony photos here

Brody Hutzler tries to feed Dayne Johnson some Pom Bear crisps he acquired from us in the front row. He tells Dayne that they have cute little faces and 'teddy balls'  More photos on this makeup demo here

More photos of  these guests  including Juliet without the glasses) here and here .  Georges was a demon on the dance floor at the parties by the way - I bought two of his sketch books and the characters he sketched were just the business!  See here here  )

Details of Allan's Q&A & more photos here He will now be forever know to us as 'wee boy' .

Awesome Kane gig where Steve was presented with a replacement guitar by his fans after his was stolen - more pics of the gig are here . Unfortunately Chrisitan wasn't too well and the gig was cut short, he made it to the Convention the next day though.  More Photos of Christian and Steve are here and here .

Keith Szarabajkas brought a couple of scripts that he'd written and we were treated to two read throughs with the other guests playing roles   - It was very enjoyable. More photos of those read throughs are here and here .

Any regular at Starfury events will know what this is all about. We had Brody and Allan both come up during the ceremony too.  [ profile] whiskyinmind  was the first up of all the attendees (of course) and even returned to the stage as 'back up' more than once ;-) 

So that's that. Most of the guests wanted to see snow when they were here. I'm not sure they did but I know for sure that the snow around us can leave any time it likes, I can't get into town to do Christmas shopping.
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So I am off this weekend to Hallowhedon II Convention at the illustrious Thistle Hotel Heathrow (scary enough in itself).

The organisers have just added Robin Sachs to the line up - already we have Tony Head, Stephanie Romanov, Jewel Staite and Alan Tudyk.   Five guests is ok but again Massive Events have left it to the last minute - I think six would have been more like it.  From this last minute announcement and looking at their event calendar it's no doubt  they have overstretched themselves. Too busy running the events to actually arrange guests to appear?    I shall think long and hard before booking next year plus I'm unpopular at home for abandoning family during Halloween. 

But I'm sue [ profile] acrazywench  & myself shall have a great time as ever, photos and report will follow a day or so afterwards.

The latest round at the Art of Vidding Awards closes on 30.10.10. We've just about reached our cut off of submission numbers any how, just waiting for someone to check the rules.

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This is for the Hallowhedon II Convention - for ASH to sign - not SMG as I very much doubt she'll ever attend anything like this and I can understand that.. Early (and young) Giles and Buffy. 

Click thumbnail for the bigger picture.   Comments are loved.

I've already have an Alan Tudyk sketch squirrelled away from a previous Con that he cancelled, but have still to do the gorgeous Stephanie Romanov as  Ms Lilah Morgan. If there's going to be more guests I hope they hurry up and announce them - just in case there some newbies I want to do. I hate to rush these things. 

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