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Jun. 7th, 2016 05:00 pm
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Starfury Ultimates is fast approaching and as always, I've left it to the last minute to produce artwork for signing (hopefully). It's now going to be bittersweet meeting Hayley as the asswipes cancelled Agent Carter, which I loved. Don't hold out much hope it will continue somewhere else, a shame as there were wonderful characters in the show - Peggy being the best of the lot.

Anyhoo here's the Agent Carter cast I've done so far. Hayley as Peggy & Enver as Daniel.    If I get time I will try and do a simple sketch of Bridget Reagan as 'Dottie'. That's if Iain de Caestecker plays ball - Fitz is proving a little elusive to capture.

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Seeing as I'm not vidding, at least I could post my latest sketch.  This took far longer than I expected - I guess I didn't factor in that armour and all the details. I'm pleased with the outcome. Next one of Tom (and I may do someone else in between) will most likely be Hal or Henry V.

Full size image here
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New wallpaper of - guess who?  Yeah no apologies. Click thumbnail to see full size and alternative resolutions below

Cropped 1024      or   1680   & 1920
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Ok so I've had a yen to sketch Tom as Loki since the Avengers.

Then when it came down to it I picked a screencap from Thor for my first attempt  - I will more than likely do others and hopefully nail the likeness. His face really has a fantastic quality that I'd love to capture, and it was pleasure to do this one.  

Bigger here

I have some other things I need to do  - and then I think I'll make a new lj layout and some Avenger icons. Hurry up Avengers DVD release I wanna get my hands on shiny caps and source for other things.
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I did this one last Autumn for the Hallowhedon 3 Convention.

A bit bigger here 

Talking of conventions - I've only got the one booked so far this year.  I'm going to Invasion 2 because *crosses fingers* Eliza will turn up for that one. There's a  fair few BSG/Caprica other SciFi guests along with Morena Baccarin and Felicia Day but it's not really heavy on the whedonverse front. 

The 3rd Vampire Ball has a repeat of last years True Blood guests (ok but I've met them already) and now James Marsters & Juliet Landau. Whilst I love James & Juliet I'm not sure I really want to go yet. So holding off booking that.  The only guest I want to meet for Hallowhedon 4 is Kristine Sutherland - their guests have been thin on the ground so IDK and I really don't like the way they run their cons - overstretched I think.   I've met Sean Maher a few times and Nick Brendon at least four times now, so unless they come up with a rare guest then I'll probably skip that one too.   
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This was a really quickish sketch for the 2nd Vampire Ball in September - Clare Kramer as Glory (with Mimosa). Clare loved it so much I gave her the original.   I liked drawing the bubbles for some reason.

Click the small image above to see a bigger version.    I have a half finished Echo montage that I need to complete for Invasion  2 this April. Eliza has shifted her postponed appearance from last year to then (crosses fingers) that's if I can dig my way out of the huge pile of icky tissues, flippin' cold.

On the vidding front the latest project feels very very long ... I'll get there but it may take a while and then you will all be shaking your heads wondering why I bothered no doubt ;-)

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Fruit Punch anyone?

Ok so this was for the Vampire Ball signing. Mark was very sweet about the sketch - I thought I'd post this to get everyone in the mood for Halloween which is fast aproaching. 

I've just started on a new Cordelia 'You're Welcome' sketch for next weeks Convention Hallowhedon 3,  where Charisma is scheduled to appear.   I've have a trio montage featuring  Adam Busch - Warren from 6 years ago awaitng the completion of the  signatures, and as I've already have a couple of Amber Benson and Sean Maher signed art pieces,  it's the watcher's guides for them.  Unless I change my mind and suddenly have lots of time to kill before then (unlikely).
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I can't believe I forgot to post this.  Anyway - drawn for the Vampire Ball Convention last year but Julie had to cancel so I did not take it for signing. But I thought I'd share.

Medium sized here . I'll link the HQ one once I've loaded to the website.  HQ version here

When this episode - The Girl In Question -  first aired I wa so full of woe at the impending canelleation/series finale that I didn't enjoy it at all. In fact I was quite annoyed that Mutant Enemy were daring to make me laugh when I all I wanted to do was mourn Angel The Series.  Now it ranks amongst my favourites, it gives us some of the very best Spike/ Angel moments of the slayerverse and this wonderful scene with ravished Drusilla and Darla.

I miss my show.
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Sketched for the recent Hallowhedon II convention. The wonderful 'Lilah Morgan'

Click the thumbnail to see a biger version

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This is for the Hallowhedon II Convention - for ASH to sign - not SMG as I very much doubt she'll ever attend anything like this and I can understand that.. Early (and young) Giles and Buffy. 

Click thumbnail for the bigger picture.   Comments are loved.

I've already have an Alan Tudyk sketch squirrelled away from a previous Con that he cancelled, but have still to do the gorgeous Stephanie Romanov as  Ms Lilah Morgan. If there's going to be more guests I hope they hurry up and announce them - just in case there some newbies I want to do. I hate to rush these things. 
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Quite pleased with the way this one has turned out.  As usual bigger image can be seen by clicking the thumbnail.

Onto to Tahmoh now.  If time permits I'd like to do Enver/Victor too - here's hoping there will be some surprise guests...
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So I have been busy honest...    Click the thumbnail for the larger image.

I have Tahmoh and Frans still to do and the Convention (Echo-1) rapidly approaches.  I also note from the Starfury forum that Sean Harry said Olivia  /Adelle was the surprise guest for the Con and she had to pull out for work commitments *pouts*   

Still hoping for any other members of the cast though. Enver ???  please? 

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I've booked three Conventions this year (!!) and the first one is Echo- 1 (Dollhouse)  in May.  We have Dichen, Miracle Laurie, Fran Kranz and Tahmoh Penikett confirmed so I thought I'd better pull my finger out and start sketching. I'm crossing everything in the vain hope that we'll have a surprise guest in the shape of Enver/Olivia/Harry (or even Eliza?)    oh, anyone on the cast really.    It's likely I'll do a montage of 'dolls' and 'rossum employees' to cover all eventualities.

Bigger image linked here .  Comments welcome.
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It's been a while since I posted any new original art so here's the latest.  James as Spike - I started, did about two thirds of this sketch when I was on holiday, anticipating lots of free evening time. As things worked out, it was far better to laze around and do nothing drink wine  so I finished it off this week. 

  All things being equal I'll be able to ask James to sign it at the Convention at Halloween :D   Nick Brendon is also due to appear so I'll start on his one next - right after I finish the Dr Horrible montage from the last Con...

It's all go!  Click the thumbnail to see the bigger picture.

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So a while back I had a tinker with some photoshop manips.  Nothing ' dangly'  or NSFW because I'm not that proficient ;) -  this was initially due to a contest prompt at [ profile] still_grrr  and then I was reminded  recently when lovely [ profile] rua1412  updated her layout with some fine art.    So I went and dug out some paintings by Artists of which I am particularly fond and here we are!   The whedonverse meets the art world.

A little taster  'Echo' (or Faith if you prefer) as Isabella and the Pot of Basil (Holman-Hunt)  I was very fortunate to attend the massive Pre-Raphaelite Exhibition (twice) at the Tate back in '84 and saw this amongst others and can say that it certainly left an impression Click the thumb to see full size.

More under the cut this way.... )

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A very happy belated birthday to [profile] halcyon_shift  at the weekend - sounds as if you had a great time.   

A very special birthday hug with an extra side order of bekilted (is that a word-  I'm sure [personal profile] mara_sho  will correct me)   Nathan Fillion for my con buddy [ profile] acrazywench .  One day the Captain'll visit these shores again my friend, and we'll be there fangurling like only we know how :D 

Kind of a rambling to do list, this is where I am at with fandomy things - We're still deliberating over the final placings for the Art of Vidding Awards BOTB (the return) round.   I have started on award templates so something is happening there, I promise.   I've still to write up the Day 3 of the T1 convention,  probably get it done tomorrow.   I'm two thirds into a movie vidlet which I wanted to 'get out of my system', and also starting to clip for the next whedonverse vid.  Really looking forward to the Dollhouse finale this weekend (by the time I get it) and ever the optimist I still hold out some hope that they may get another season (or half). I've actually got a Dollhouse vid bunny (nothing complex - this is me, remember?) and I can't see me wanting to wait until the DVD is out.    I've just finished another art piece and I will post the Convention sketches real soon. 

I think that's it. Now off to watch Bones.

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I've not been sitting on my hands honest!  

So a couple of more things I wanted to achieve are finished and / or well underway.  Yay go me \o/

Firstly - The Best of the Best Round (the return) is now open at the Art of Vidding Awards.   We've some wildcard entries too. Please feel free to check out the list of incredibly awesome vids and pick up a code to pimp it.   Next job is to put together the polls for the ' Viewers Choice' voting.


If I've not uploaded your links correctly, or you have questions etc contact me.  I'll give everyone notice when polls open.  If we get the level of votes that we had in the first BOTB then I shall be truly pleased.  After this things will change (for the better IMO) over at Art of Vidding Awards.

Secondly,  it's been a little while since I posted some new art. This was for the [ profile] winter_of_angel  comm - my day for posting  today.  Yes, another sketch of my 'dear boy'. What can I say, he's pretty.    Click the thumbnail.    I have a Dollhouse/Dr Horrible convention in April - not so far away - I guess I'll be starting on some group montage for those very soon.

What I still have to do is watch some vids from my flist - [ profile] leviathan101   I think after next weeks Bones here in Blighty  I'll be able to watch your latest - I'm really looking forward to it!   Also [ profile] frivolity65  you posted some too.  I will get there.    I also need to go back to the vid I was a 3rd of a way through - hoping  I can find the flow and get stuck in quickly. I have some other ideas that I'd like to start, but I hate half finished projects. 

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So one of the things I was going to do at some time was post the other Collectormania 14 sketch -  this......

Amber really seemed to like it too, so that was great :)  It's not as detailed as the Mercedes portrait but I kind of like the simple feel to it. 

In other news )
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Hey, so here's the piece that I asked Mercedes to sign the other day.

I think now is a good time to mention that the Sweet Charity Auction is still underway.  I'm currently very cheap :) 

I will do RL subjects along with fandoms other than whedonverse, you know.  
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So I'm back from the holiday across the pond.  TStorm Fay did just about everything she could to make us feel well at home with the torrential rain and high winds. Bit like being on a Cornish beach in August. We were lucky though much of Florida was flooded.  But on a serious note I see that Gustav is threatening New Orleans area and my thoughts are with all my flist that may be affected, I was freaked with all the news and tracking predictions for Fay so I cannot imagine how you must be all feeling with a Hurricane on it's way.

Big Damn Heroes. - I miss my shows.  Dr Horrible made me want to sing (eek!) Perhaps Dollhouse will make me want to sketch/paint more. Here's hoping.

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